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Hello fellow gamers its forrest the harvest moon fanatic and I'm here to help with 


(1.) Cattle
Cattle are one of the biggest money makers in the game. So when you make enough for 
a cow(might take a while) buy one. They cost 5000G. Remember you need a brush(800G)
to take care of them. So when you have 6000G run down to yodel farm and purchase a 
cow and name it. Oh, and you need fodder so you should have 1000G left spend 200G on 
fodder. Now you have 800G. When you can go to the blacksmith and buy a brush. You 
got past the hard part. Caring is pretty simple. everyday go to your barn and talk 
to her and brush her coat. then go to the fodder bin and put a piece of fodder in a 
feed box. If you have grass growing bring your cow outside to graze.(when you have 
enough buy a milker.)

A chicken is the first animal you should buy in the game. they cost a fair amount of 
1500G. when you have about 1600G go to poultry farm and buy a chicken then name it. 
spend 100G on chicken feed and your ready to care for them. everyday go to your 
chicken coop and pick your chicken up then put him down. Go grab a piece of chicken 
feed and put it in a feed box. Every once in a while let them outside to eat. (don't 
ever buy another chicken. Just put an egg in the incubator.)

(3.) Sheep
Sheep are really good money makers so buy one second. they cost roughly 4000G. buy 
fodder if you're running out. (goes quickly)caring for sheep is basically the same 
as cattle. brush/talk to them everyday, feed them and let them graze in the field. 
When you have enough money buy wool clippers.

(4.) Pets
dog-is with you at start. pick him up every day.
Horse-eventually Barley will give you a pony. if you talk/brush it everyday Barley 
will let you keep him.

(5.) Contests
cow contest-
How to win: the more the cow you enter loves you the easier it is to win.
prize:i think a power berry.

sheep contest-
when: forgot
how to win: same as cow contest
prize: i think a power berry.

Horse races-
when: spring 18; Fall 18
how to win: when your horse is grown up. ride him every day.
prize: power berry

Beach day-
When: Summer 1
how to win: when your dog is grown, [in summer]practice with a frisbee. at mineral 
prize: power berry

Chicken festival-
When: Summer 7
how to win: love your chickens
prize: chicken might lay golden eggs.

(6.) TIPS
1. keep animal medicine handy at all times!
2. make sure you always have enough fodder and chicken feed.
3. love them like crazy(who needs a wife when you have animals)
4. never foget to feed them.
5. always have grass growing
6. don't over feed them or over work them
7. don't leave them out at night

I've said it once and i'll say it again. DON'T PLAGERIZE! i took time to do this and 
if you want to make a faq take your own time(Don't do the crime)

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