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2.This faq will tell how to obtain a few of the legendary pokemon. 

3.Shaymin is obtained trough a special event but if you have an action replay 
ds you can fly to the pokemon leage and go down the wall to your right then 
still using the walk/run through stuff cheat go through route 214 or whatever 
the route is and walk trough the gray rock go over the long path until you 
come to flower paradise NOTE: Shaymin will be at level 30

4.Darkrai is obtainable through a special event but if you use the walk/run 
trough stuff cheat on your action replay and go to fullmoon island go right on 
your screen and you will eventually get to a black area DO NOT GO IN THERE 
instead follow along beside it and you will see a corner of the island NOTE: 
If you dont reach the island in 20 minutes go around again until you see some 
of it Darkrai will be at level 40 you will not be able to take the sailors 
boat to go there you will have to do that every time but he will only be there 
once so so what.

5.Phione is the baby form of manaphy which is obtainable through a special 
event, Pokemon Ranger NOTE: To get Manaphy do the process that lets you 
transfer it then go to any pokemon mart and there will be a guy in green have 
a space in your party and talk to him he will give you the egg or if you got 
it through the event the level 50 manaphy with an item

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