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               Looney Tunes: Marvin Strikes Back
                   For the GameBoy Color        
                   Guide by Chris Smith
                 Version 1.0 last updated 4\17\02 

-----Revision History-----

4\15\02- finished sections 1-4, started the walkthrough
4\16\02- did more of the walkthrough 
4\17\02- Finished

1. Introduction
2. Copyright Garbage
3. General Items
4. My rating
5. Walkthrough
6. Contact information

1. -----Introduction-----
 Welcome to this game, Looney Tunes: Marvin Strikes Back. I love this game, as it is 
challenging, but simple, and is good for all age levels. 
 The story takes place on Earth after Marvin the Martian was defeated by the 
earthling Looney Tunes. Not much later, a movie is made about the defeat of him, 
Marvin being played terribly by Porky Pig with Daffy duck as the hero. Marvin swears 
revenge on the Looney Tunes, especially Daffy Duck!

2. -----Copyright Garbage-----
 This is everyone’s favorite part. Yeah right!
 This guide copyright 2002-2003 Chris Smith and may not be reproduced or 
retransmitted in any form, in whole or part without permission from me. Please don’t 
attempt to make money from this guide, such as posting banner ads on the same page 
as this guide. Please do not modify this guide in any way and call it your own. 
Thank you.

3. -----General Items-----
 NOTE: I will stop this guide in the middle of the walkthrough to give information 
on specific items.
 These are some common items that you will frequently encounter during the game.

  Life atoms- gives Marvin his health back when he is low on energy. Some of these 
are tricks and make you lose an atom, so beware.
Big red heart- These completely revitalize Marvin’s energy.

Gold coins- collect them by jumping on enemies, and find them scattered about the 
land. Collect them to pay for things and also for entrance to special places. 

Sulfur blocks- Use these to power Marvin’s saucer once it gets repaired late in the 

Martian ammo.- {the purple blocks}, are soap refills for the bubble gun that Marvin 
has. Use them to capture things and to shoot levers from a distance.

Earth ammo.-{the green blocks}, is ammunition for Elmer Fudd’s gun when you get to 

Treasure chest- usually filled with coins, but some are traps, so watch out!

Keys- will open doors of the same color as the key.

4. -----My Rating-----

Gameplay- 8-10 I was somewhat dissapointed with the scenes of the second game, as 
they were the same. I found it pretty fun, though.

Graphics- 8-10 Once again, same graphics as last time, great, nevertheless.

Sound\Music- 8-10 I loved the sound and music on Mars. The rest of it’s pretty good 
as well.

Overall-8-10 Eights all around for me.

5. -----Walkthrough-----

 NOTE: my guide shows you how to beat the main game and defeat Daffy duck. It 
doesn’t tell you what side areas to go to or when I tell you to go somewhere, I 
don’t always tell you what enemies are in the way.
 -----Level One: Mars-----
 You start on Mars where you have to get to Earth to get back at the Looney Tunes.
 When you start, get the two boxes of ammunition to your left and right. Go up, get 
the box of ammunition, continue up, and get the life atom. Come back down, wait for 
the zapper thing to turn off, and go left and up. Now press “A” to fire a bubble at 
the alien. Go all the way up and all the way to the right. Now go all the way down. 
You’ll see the battery on the left. You can’t get it yet, so leave it be for the 
time being. Continue following the path right. Go all the way up to find your 
companion, K9, who is a playable character, because he can jump. 
 Switch to K9 and take the other path down and right. Keep right to find the switch 
on the platform in front of you. Jump on it to activate it. Continue up and left. 
Jump over the zapping thing and go down to find the teleporter. Go inside it. Go 
down, right, and up to find the room with the arrow pointing to it. There you will 
find Martian, another of your friends. He will tell you that you need to find the 
four batteries, the radar system, and the map of Earth to fly there. Go back to the 
first room of the teleporter and go up into the room to find the map of earth. Now, 
for the batteries.
 Exit the teleporter and go all the way back to the beginning. Now on the way back 
to the bottom, you’ll find a battery. Use K9 to jump to it and get it. Now go back 
up and to the right. Now if you look down, you’ll see another switch. Change to 
Marvin and shoot it to activate it. The door above you should now be open. Go into 
it to find the Martian radar system. Change back to K9 and continue right and down 
until you find another battery on the platform. Jump to get it. Continue the route 
right to the last section going down on the screen to find another battery. You now 
only need one more battery. Keep going up to where you found K9 and continue on the 
path you’ve been on. Go right and up past the first switch and the other platforms 
and left.
 Above you there should be another door ajar. Go into it and find the last saucer 
battery. Jump back down to where you were and walk back down to the teleporter. Talk 
to the Martian again and he will tell you to put the batteries in the engine room, 
the one with the big cutout around the door. Select the batteries in the inventory 
list and press “B” to put the batteries on the blue platforms. Now talk to the 
Martian again, and you’ll be flown to Earth.

-----Level two: The Fields-----
 It seems that your ship has crashed and you must repair it.
 Follow the path downward and right to find Speedy Gonzalez. You must fight him. He 
charges at you. Just hit him with a bubble a few times to hypnotize him, so he’s on 
your side.

Character: Speedy Gonzalez 
Use him to run quickly or to get through mouse holes.

 Continue from there up. Switch to Speedy to get through the mouse hole. From the 
other side go up, left, and down to find Jose crow to fight. He plays awful music 
notes at you. Shoot him a few times to capture him. Continue downward and through 
another mouse hole to get to the village.

-----Level three: The Village-----
 The store is at the bottom left hand corner of the village. You can buy something 
there, but that’s all you’ll get there.  

-----Level Four: The Desert-----
 From the entrance, go right and up. Go up and right and down all the way and left. 
From there go left and up and left and your first down path and left and up to find 
Daffy Duck. Don’t be fooled when he “gives up,” as the game is far from over. 
Quickly shoot Daffy a bunch of times, and he will trick you and insult you, so be 
prepared when you beat him.

-----Level five: The Countryside-----
 To get there, go back up and right and you will find a leprechaun who’ll give you a 
rainbow to get to the countryside for ten gold coins. If you don’t have enough yet, 
then say no and find more coins and then try this again. If you have enough, then 
say yes and follow the rainbow.

-----Level Six: The Mountains-----
 Go up, left, up, left, up and right, and go into the hole. Here, you’ll find Pete 
Puma and Clyde Bunny. With Pete, you just shoot him until he is hypnotized. Go to 
the left to find Clyde. He doesn’t fight, so shoot him once to capture him. I don’t 
think this hole has an exit so you have to go back out the way you came. Now go all 
the way back to where you were when I showed you how to get to the mouse hole. From 
there go all the way up and left to find the leprechaun again. Do what he says again 
and follow the rainbow again.

-----Level Seven: The Countryside-----
 From the start, head up, take the path on the right, all the way up, and left and 
all the way down to the rabbit hole. Go inside and to the right to find a genie and 
the piece of the teleporter, however you must get him a new oil lamp, hot sand, and 
for you to beat his high score on the arcade machine in the Mexican Shop. He gives 
you a boat in a bottle. Now go all the way back to the rainbow and exit the 
countryside. Also go all the way back to the beginning of the mountains and exit 
that, and finally, go back through the desert and enter the village again.

-----Level Eight: Mexican Village {Again}-----
 Enter the shop and do the puzzle. There is a cheat. Start the game and exit. Do it 
again and the Martian will offer to do it for you. If you say yes, he will. The 
shopkeeper will give you a bottle when you beat the puzzle. It will be on the 
counter. Get it and exit the shop.
 Now go to the place above the shop, where the guy at the counter will offer to 
trade the boat in a bottle for a ticket to the fun fair. Accept the offer, exit the 
place, and you’ll see that on the right the guard that was once there is gone. Then 
enter the desolate place.

-----Level Nine: The Desert Extended-----
 Get the dynamite on the right and go down and right across the platforms. Now you 
see Roadrunner, but you frighten him and he runs away. Use the mouse hole to get 
across the pit. Go left to fight Manual Crow for his bag of seeds. Beat him by 
placing dynamite where you stand and waiting for him to attack, and running away at 
the last second for the dynamite to explode in his face. Do this three times to 
capture him and to get the bag of seeds. Continue left, down, and right to see 
Roadrunner again. Place the seeds here to lure him without having to fight him. 
Road Runner: Runs quickly, and also across pits.
 Switch to Roadrunner, run across the pit, and go down to find the sand the genie 
wants. Use the jar you have to get some of the sand.
 Now go back to the Mexican Village. Also go back through the first desert and the 
leprechaun should be there again. Take the rainbow and go through the mountains and 
get the next rainbow to the countryside again. Go up from the countryside to find a 
rainbow that wasn’t there before. Take it to get to the fun fair.

-----Level Ten: The Fun Fair-----
 Talk to Mama Bear and she will take the ticket and disappear. Go right for the 
first challenge.
 The first challenge is not very hard. Just use Marvin’s gun to hit the yellow zone 
while the ball is there. Do this and then move on to the next attraction. Go back to 
where the rainbow is and take the downward path. Go through the maze to find the 
next challenge.
 You have to play as K9 for this attraction. Collect more than ten coins by jumping 
on the platforms to get them while Junyer throws candy at you. After this, go down 
to find the last challenge to complete. 
Character: Papa Bear- I don’t know. He’s only available in the second part of the 
game{not the main game}
Here, just run around and fetch the oil lamp to win it. That’s it for the Fun Fair. 
Now you must go back to the countryside to give the genie what he wants. Go back to 
the rabbit hole where the genie is.
 The genie will join you without a fight. Grab the piece of the teleporter. The 
Martian gives you a miniature saucer to fly around in, using pieces of sulfur. Now 
exit the hole and go up to see that the guard that was once there is now gone. Enter 
to get to Blue Town.
 -----Level Eleven: Blue Town-----
 Go all the way to the left to find Yosemite Sam. You must use Marvin to talk to 
him, or he won’t tell you anything. He gives you a package to deliver to Eggbert in 
order to use his boat.
 You must now go back to the countryside.

-----Level Twelve: The Countryside {again}-----
 Go up and about halfway down the other side to meet the leprechaun again. Do what 
he says and follow the rainbow again. You’ll be in a new part of the countryside. Go 
down and right to fight Elmer Fudd. Just jump on his head a few times to make him 
run away. Continue all the way right and then up to fight him again. Jump on his 
head a few more times to make him join you. 
Character: Elmer Fudd- Uses his earth gun to shoot at armored men in the Enchanted 
Castle, at also anything else
Now go left to find Eggbert’s house. Go inside and deliver the package and head back 
to blue Town. 

-----Level Thirteen: The ship----- 
Sam now will let you use his boat. Sam Sheepdog tells you to find the ten sheep 
before you can sail. Go right and through the door. Go left through three rooms to 
find sheep number one. Just shoot them with the gun. Go all the way left now to find 
sheep number two. Go up the stairs and right to find sheep number three. Go down to 
find sheep number four. Also activate the switch so the hatch below you opens. Go 
all the way back through the ship to get to the open hatch. From here go left for 
sheep number five. Continue up and then right for sheep number six. Ahead is a dead 
end, so go back to the entrance and go up. Go all the way left and down to find 
sheep number seven. Continue down and then right to find a green key. This goes to 
the closed hatch in the ship. Now exit and go through the door that you originally 
entered for the first of the sheep. In the fifth room to the left the hatch will now 
open with the key. Here go all the way to the left to find sheep number eight. Go 
down to find sheep number nine. Go right and up for the last of the sheep. Now go 
right and activate the switch. The fire on the left will now be out. Go through that 
narrow passage to find Yosemite Sam. You have to fight him. Shoot him a few times to 
let him use his boat. 

-----Level Fourteen: Mystery Island-----
To get to Mystery Island, go down with the boat, take your first right, and then go 
down, where you’ll see a wooden dock. Go there, and you’ll be at Mystery Island. The 
She-devil will tell you to catch the ten crabs and beat the Gruesome Gorilla. Shoot 
the crabs to collect them. Go left for crab number one. Go up for crab number two. 
Take the path going down from the entrance to the island for crab number three. 
Continue down for crab number four. Go down more for crabs five and six. Go right 
for seven. Go down and then left from there for crabs eight and nine. Continue left 
for crab ten. Go up from there to find the Gruesome Gorilla. You have to blow him up 
with the dynamite like you did with Manual Crow. Once he is beaten go up again to 
find the She-Devil again. She will tell you that Daffy is in the burrow. When you 
fight Daffy again, it is another trick when you beat him. At the start of the burrow 
go down and left. Cross the breaking rocks and head down. Continue down again 
through more breaking rocks. Now go all the way down and all the way to the right 
across the breaking rocks to find Daffy again. Exit the burrow the same way as you 
entered. The She-Devil comes with you when you come out of the hole. You must find 
the Enchanted Island, so get back on the boat and go there. 

-----Level Fifteen: The Enchanted Island-----
If you look on the map, it’s on the very far right hand corner of it. From the dock, 
go up, right, down, left, down, right and up to find the castle. From the entrance 
head up. You have to use Marvin’s mini- saucer, so change to Marvin. To use it, 
select “saucer” in the inventory list. Then press “A” to use it over water. Use this 
technique to go over the water on the right. Follow the path until you get to dry 
surface. Collect the yellow key and continue left. Avoid the door on the left for 
the time being. Use dynamite to blow up the rock and enter the room. Go down, left, 
and down the stairs. Make sure you activate the switch below. From here go up, and 
jump onto the narrow path. Go down on it. Jump onto all the platforms. From here go 
left to find the yellow key and Granny. She comes without contest. Grab the key and 
head back to where you first used the dynamite. Use the other key to open the door 
on the left. Fly down from the entrance and then go down the stairs. Use the key you 
just found to unlock the door below the stairs. Go into the room below and find the 
red key. Use it to unlock the door above. In here, you must fight Pepe Le Pew. Shoot 
him into a bubble and then push it over the water as it pops a few times to defeat 
him. Now you automatically exit the castle and must find Nice Town. Head back to the 
docks and sail there by sailing south, taking your first right, and sail south a 
little more to find the dock.

-----Level Sixteen: Nice Town-----
 To find the warehouse, just go up from the dock. Go all the way left and then up. 
Go all the way to your right to find Marc Antony, who wants to defeat the cat.
Character: Marc Antony- Punches things.
 From here go down and punch the crate out of the way. Continue down, punch the 
crate, and go left to fight Claude Cat. He throws rocks at you. You must punch them 
back at him and hit him in the face a few times. He then runs away. From here go 
left, up, right, and there will be the spaceship. Go into the ship and blast off. It 
seems, however, that you’ve crashed again. You now must look for the castle. Use the 
Saucer to fly up to the burrow. Go into it. When you come out, go left and up to 
find the castle, but don’t go in it yet. Instead fly around to the other side and 
get a key. Now go into the castle.

-----Level Seventeen: Bloodcount’s Castle-----
 From the entrance, go up and right and blow up the rock with a stick of dynomite. 
Enter the room and go down and activate the switch. Go back up and exit the room 
right. Continue right in the next room and enter through the door below. Enter the 
room on the left and activate the switch. Now go down and then up the other corridor 
and up the stairs. 
 If you look up you’ll see that the door is locked and you need a green key. So go 
down and fly down and then left to find Sylvester Jr. and the green key. Sylvester 
comes without a fight. Grab the key and head back up and fly through the locked 
door. Go down, left, and up and fall through the floor. Go down and get the yellow 
key and activate the switch. Now you must go through all this again. Go back down 
the stairs on the right and go back to the lava place. Now go back down and unlock 
the door with the yellow key and go down the stairs. Go left, up, and up the stairs. 
Now go all the way down to fight Lola Bunny. You have to use Marc to punch the 
basketballs back at her. From here go down, right, and up to find Bugs Bunny. Once 
again use Marc to punch the bombs back at him. Daffy is now in the forest. You have 
to leave the castle. Go in the lava place and fall through the floor again. Go right 
and then down to exit the castle. Find your way back to the forest.
-----Level Eighteen: The Forest-----
 Now go Left all the way to Witch Hazel’s House to fight her. Just shoot her a few 
times. She tells you to get a spell book, jar of honey, and a box of oats. So go to 
the countryside, then the fun fair, and go to the spot where you played your final 
challenge. Then go left to find the jar of honey. Then leave the fair and go to the 
rainbow that got you to Eggbert’s house, above the fun fair one. Now follow the path 
to Eggbert’s house. There will be the box of oats. Once you have that go to the 
countryside again. Go up and take your first right, all the way to find the book of 
spells. Now go back to the fun fair and to the bears’ house and exit. Then go right, 
all the way up, right and down to get to the haunted house. The witch will open a 
huge burrow for you.
 Once in the hole, go down, right, down, left, and up to exit. 
 When you come out, go up, right, down, left, down, right, and up to meet Daffy for 
the final time. This is it, the final showdown. Just use Marvin to shoot him a bunch 
of times to win. You’ve now completed the main game, anyway. There are several mini-
missions to do afterward, but it requires some trading of characters with another 

6. -----Contact Information-----
 If you have any questions or comments regarding this game, you can contact me at 
[email protected]

                     Thank You!!!

                    -----End of file-----

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