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                 TTTTT H   H EEEEE   L      OOO  RRRR  DD
                   T   H   H E       L     O   O R   R D D
                   T   HHHHH EEE     L     O   O RRRR  D  D
                   T   H   H E       L     O   O R  R  D D
                   T   H   H EEEEE   LLLLL  OOO  R   R DD

                       OOO  FFFFF   TTTTT H   H EEEEE
                      O   O F         T   H   H E
                      O   O FFF       T   HHHHH EEE
                      O   O F         T   H   H E
                       OOO  F         T   H   H EEEEE

                       RRRR  IIIII NN  N  GGGG  SSSS
                       R   R   I   NN  N G     S   
                       RRRR    I   N N N G  GG  SSS
                       R  R    I   N  NN G   G     S
                       R   R IIIII N  NN  GGGG SSSS

                      *** Fellowship of  the Ring ***


T h e  L o r d  o f  t h e  R i n g s: F e l l o w s h i p  o f  t h e  R i n g
                      The Complete FAQ/Walkthrough 1.2
                           For the Playstation2™
                Written, formatted and researched by: Austineze
                 Questions?  Comments? : [email protected]
                        Copyright © 2003 to Austineze

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This FAQ/Walkthrough contains:
	Copyright Info
	Version History
	General Game Help
	Contact Info

                -------------Copyright Info----------------

This guide may be distributed freely, if everything within this file is fully 
intact and proper credit is given. It may not be distributed for profit or any
means of economical gain. Please do not modify this guide in any way, even if 
you find errors, inaccurate information, grammatical problems,etc. In the 
event you do discover any of the previously listed, write me so that I can
correct this, the original.

Playstation 2 and Playstation 2 logos are registered trademarks of Sony 
Entertainment of America Inc.  The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
and all related characters are registered trademarks of Tolkien Enterprises. 
The game was created under lisence by Black Label games & Vivendi Universal 
games.  The author of this document is in no way affiliated with Sony 
Entertainment of America, Black Label games, nor Vivendi Universal games.

                -------------Version History---------------

Verson 1.0
	Completed March 7, 2003.  Includes complete walkthrough and necessary
	maps, as well as a game help section.

Version 1.2
	Completed April 4, 2003.  Includes updates to some of the "boss" 
	fights, and completed the "secret" of Gollum's fish.

                -------------General Game Help-------------

Some helpful insights before we begin. I don't think it is necessary to repeat
all of the instructions that come in the game's booklet, so go read that if you
need to know such things. A lot of this stuff is repeated in the walkthrough, 
but if you're like me, you skip to the parts of the guide that you need.  So 
here are some of the better hints. 

NPCs (Non-player characters) are those friends of yours that run around with
you during certain sections. They can't be killed and can attack creatures. 
This is very handy for a couple of reasons. One, you don't get any benefit 
whatsoever if you get into a battle (win or lose). You can lose health, 
though. If you run up to an opponent, and lure it back to the NPCs (you will
always be faster than the NPCs and usually leave them somewhere behind you), 
they will hack it up and you can stand a comfortable distance away and watch,
throw stones, shoot arrows, cast spells, etc.

Speaking of no benefit to battles (other than satisfying bloodlust), if you 
know what you're doing in a section you can just cut to the chase and run and 
do it. Save all the healing elements for emergencies and boss battles. However,
the game has an excess of these items (especially miruvor for Gandalf) so if 
you have the patience and the need, hack away.

Also, the secondary projectile weapon can be your greatest asset in some 
fights.Frodo's rocks are pretty pathetic as far as damage goes, but they will
get the job done safely if you have patience. Aragorn's arrows are slightly 
better for damage, but still quite effective in keeping him safe. Many of the 
boss battles can be won easily just by switching to first person view and using
the projectile weapon.

The ONE RING is a wasted element of the game. At no point during the game is it
necessary to use this feature. As mentioned above, Frodo can easily run from
danger, so turning yourself invisible to avoid it is moot. In any case, the 
meter that deminishes as you use it drains quite quickly, so you can't use it
for more than a few seconds. This is far too little time to do anything at all.


Really.  The most likely scenario is that you bought this game because:
A: you read the books and loved the story and want to try intereacting with it
B: you saw the movie and loved it and want to try interacting with it
C: (this is piggybacked with either A or B) it was cheaper than the movie-
	version game.

In any case, you should be familiar with the story of Frodo and the Fellowship
of the Ring. If you are not, turn off the computer and/or the PS2 and go get 
the books. Read them, and then you may come back and play this game. Go on, 
I'll wait for you.


The game itself is centered around quests.  You are asked to perform actions,
such as finding things, talking to people, throw rocks at something, etc.  
What I've done in this guide is take all of those quests and list them out 
here, each followed by it's solution.  Some quests in the Shire are there to
add depth and diversion, to let you enjoy the world Tolkien created more 
completely. Finishing these quests aren't necessary to proceed in the game, 
and are marked with an asterick (*) if you decide to skip over them. There 
are still other things you must do in order for the game to progress (mostly
killing something), so these will be included with parentheses.

--- T H E   S H I R E ---

Find the Bag End deed
	This is one of the first three quests that appears as you begin the
	game. The deed is in a chest in the second bedroom (the other bed-
	room's chest holds the ONE RING, but that's for later) of Bag End.

Get the key to Bag End
	The key sits shining on top of a chest in the entrance hallway to Bag
	End. Just pick it up as you leave.

*Find the missing metal pin and return it to Ted
	Ted is by the Hobbiton Mill, just before the bridge to Bywater.  
	Sancho Proudfoot (the kid in green running around Hobbiton) took the
	pin and threw it at a weathervane.  The only one in town is at Number
	Six Bagshot Row, Halfast Hornblower's place.  Go talk to Hal. 
   *Throw a rock at Hal's weathervane
	This quest only appears if you start with Ted,so it is nestled here in
	his quest. Climb up the silo's ladder.  Switch to first person camera,
	then throw a rock at the weathervane.  It will spin when you hit it.
   *Return to Farmer Hal
	Go back and talk to Hal.  He'll give you the pin.

*Find 4 healing herbs in Green Hill Country for Old Noakes
	Cross the bridge and head into Bywater.  Pass all the way through 
	town, and out the other side.  Old Noakes is sitting on a bench under 
	some trees. He needs some healing herbs replaced (Sancho again). 
	Continue on past him into Green Hill COuntry.  The first herb is just 
	to the left, before the second bridge (with the mill worker on it).  
	The second is in a hollow log further down the creek.  The last two 
	are in the pens at Maggot's farm - Remember where this place is, you'll
	need to come back here later. Jump over the broken part in the fence 
	to the left. Whenever your detection meter turns yellow, throw a rock 
	away from direction you want to go (presumably away from the herbs).  
	If you get caught, Maggot just sends you back off of his farm.  Repeat
	the process with the dog through the gate on the right.
   *Return the healing herbs to Old Noakes in Bywater
	He's right where you left him.  He'll give you mushrooms for your 

Sell Bag End to Lobelia Sackville - Baggins
	Lobelia Sackville  - Baggins is standing outside of her house in 
	Bywater. She is worried about wolves.
Ring the warning bell
	(the sheriff, Merry and Pippin are all inside the Green Dragon across 
	the plaza from Lobelia's place. You can go talk to them, but it's not 
	necessary). The bell is in the center of town.  Get near it, switch to
	first person camera, and throw a rock at it.  The sheriff comes out 
	and tells you he doesn't care.  Go back and talk to Lobelia.  She is 
	quite interested in the house now.

Get the ONE RING from Bag End
	Go back to the first bedroom in Bag End.  The chest will open now, and
	you can have the ONE RING.

Take the Bag End key to Gaffer Gamgee at Number 3 Bagshot Row
	When you leave Bag End, it will be night time (Lobelia has already 
	switched the name on the marker for Bag End!). Head to the right, 
	through Bag End's garden.  You will automatically be taken into a 
	sequence with Gaffer and a Dark Rider.  You will then talk to him 
	yourself, and give him the key. I highly reccomend saving right now, 
	as the next sequence can prove difficult and a little frustrating.

Meet Merry, Pippin and Sam at Farmer Maggot's Farm
	Remember where you got Old Noakes' herbs? Head back there; be careful!

Avoid being detected by the Dark Riders
	On your travels back to Maggot's farm, you will come across four black
	riders. If any of them spot you, your game ends. You will need to use 
	the "throw a rock for a distraction" trick again like you did with the
	dogs back at Maggot's farm, but the Black Riders are a little 
	smarter. Okay, here we go. As soon as you have control of Frodo, run 
	to the house just behind you (Number Two Bagshot Row, Daddy Two-Foot's
	place) and stop in the little valley between the house and the short 
	hill. This puts the short hill between Frodo and the road, which is 
	where the two Black Riders are.  Wait until the second one passes you 
	then SNEAK up the big hill/roof next to you.  If you did it right, 
	neither Black Rider will be able to detect you if you just stand and 
	look around Hobbiton up there. When you are clear, sneak down the other
	side of the hill, slightly to the left so that you drop down in another
	little valley between the house and a small hill (this is Number 9 Hill
	Road, Robin Smallburrow's place).  A Black Rider will stop and turn 
	around in front of this house.  As soon as its gone back toward the 
	tree house, run toward the Hobbiton Mill.  When you pass the fork in 
	the road, start sneaking again because there is another Black Rider 
	waiting on the bridge to Bywater.  Sneak to the left of the mill, there
	is a deck behind it you can hide on. While you are standing on the side
	of the mill, throw a rock across the road AND away from the bridge 
	(diagnal, kinda towards the fork in Bagshot Row and Hill Road).  Stand 
	still until the Black Rider rides past and goes to investigate.  When 
	he stops to look, sneak away from the mill and over the bridge.  Once 
	on the other side run until you get to Bywater.  

(Protect the sheriff)
	This "quest" pops up when you come to Bywater.  A wolf attacks the 
	sheriff and you have to go kill it.  Just run up and keep hitting the
	square button until it dies.  If you get nipped, take a mushroom to 
	recover.  This "quest" does not appear in your quest log, but you 
	still have to do it just the same.

(Wolf Attack)
	Again, not a true "quest."  Outside of Bywater, wolves will attack 
	you. The game suggests that you use the ONE RING, but it is completely
	unnecessary.  Just run down the path to Green Hill Country, and the 
	wolves will never catch you.

Avoid being detected by the Dark Riders - Continued
	The final Black Rider sits down by the bridge to Maggot's farm, and he
	isn't as smart as his brothers in Hobbiton.  Run down to the hollow 
	log and hide behind it (I have done this once from inside it, but it 
	was a bit more difficult the throw the rock up the path).  Throw a rock
	back up the path, away from Maggot's farm.  Sneak down the length of 
	the log, and cut over to the creek.  Run down the creek and back onto 
	shore just before the bridge.  Run straight to the doors of Maggot's 
	place where you meet Merry, Pippin and Sam, completing both quests.

Take the ONE RING to Rivendell
	This one will continue through The Old Forest and beyond, to Rivendell.

--- T H E   O L D   F O R E S T ---

Find Merry
Find Pippin
Find Sam
	All three of your friends are lost in the forrest maze.  The place is 
	littered with giant spiders, which prove to be of little threat. Even 
	when more than one shows up, they tend to stand close together, so 
	that your strikes (square button) will hit them together.  I just faced
	them at kept hitting the strike button repeatedly. What's even more 
	helpful is that when you find your Hobbit friends, they will attack 
	spiders for you, but they can't get hurt.  Just run behind them, and 
	let your buddies do the work.  Be careful though, they are kindo slow 
	to strike, and if your warning meter is in the red, the spider will 
	break through and come after you. Below is a crude map of what the 
	forrest has to offer.  There are many mushrooms out there, but you'll 
	find them pretty easily.  If you hear a low, sucking noise it means a 
	large tree has moved, blocking your path. If you run back down the path
	so it gets out of sight, it will move again allowing you to pass.  As 
	soon as you find your third companion, you will automatically cut to a 
	campfire scene, so be sure you're finished exploring before you find 
	the third Hobbit.

  G=Gate (start)   M=Merry   P=Pippin   S=Sam   x=Spider, as I encountered them

                             \  \__
                              \    x
                               \  /
                                x/   x______    S
                                 \  /       \  /
                                  \|         |x
                                   x         |
                                   |    |    |
                                        |      __________
                        _____x_         |     |          \
                       /   |   \   P    |     |      _____|
                       x   |       |    |     |           |
                                         | M |
                                         | x |
                                         |   |
         The Old Forest Map               \  |
                                           \ |

(Defeat the Willow tree)
	After the camp, explore the new area.  You should take the time to save
	before you proceed; the Willow is near. Eventually as you move up-
	stream, the willow tree will begin to drop these white things on your 
	party. The other three get "eaten," and Frodo has to save them.  This 
	is a typical "boss-fight."  The tree can be one nasty customer, even if
	you know what you're doing, so be prepared with the mushrooms.  If you 
	hit the trunk of the tree, your comrades plead with you not to do it
	again (and it won't hurt the tree).  However, it is necessary to do 
	this once. After they scream at you (BTW, if you do this repeatedly, 
	they will die). Frodo will automatically move away from the tree and 
	slightly to the right.  This is a "safe" position for him, in that if 
	he doesn't move at all from that spot, the tree won't be able to hit 
	him. Switch to first-person view, and have it so that you are looking 
	to the left of the tree and a little higher than his line of sight.  
	You should see the fists slam down in front of you. Throw a rock (NOT 
	MOVING!) and the tree will recoil by jerking the fist away. He will try
 	to hit you with his other fist. Throw another rock. After you repeat 
	this several times, Tom Bombadil shows up and rescues the party.

Find 12 lillies for Goldberry
	Tom invites you to dinner, but you have to help him find flowers for 
	his lady-love.  The easiest way to do this is to run around the area 
	until you get them. There are more than twelve lillies available, as 
	well as a smattering of mushrooms to help you relplenish after the 
	willow fight. There are a bunch of the oversized spider around, but if
	you use the same techniques from The Old Forest (especially since there
	are three other attacking Hobbits now), this should be an easy task.

Return the 12 lillies to Tom Bombadil
	Find your way back to the stream, and head upstream.  Tom will be 
	wandering in circles up there.

Find the missing Hobbits
	After a short time with Tom, the Hobbit party leaves for the Barrow 
	Downs.  It is up the winding path from Tom's house.  You'll fight 
	several wolves on your way up, but the other Hobbits will help you, 
	like they did with the spiders. When you get to the top, a cutscene has
	the Hobbits at a campfire on the edge of the Barrow Downs.  When you 
	wake up, your friends are gone.  Use the map below to run to the cave 
	they are hidden in.

             #=mound and the number of fiends that inhabits it  
                  C=cliff (you die if you fall)   S=start
                                      _     /3\
                              _______/4\    \_/
                             /       \_/   __/_/C
                            /         \  /CCCCC
                          CAVE         \/ _
                                       | \_/
                              _       /C
                             \ /   | C
                              C    |
                              _    2
                             /3\___|__C          Barrow Downs Map
                              _/        C
                             /3\_______/ \
                             \_/       \_/

	When you get to the cave, save your game quickly.  There is a zombie-
	like thing that can only be a true Barrow Wight (unlike the 
	apparitions outside, this one is very tough).  On the side of the cave,
	just to the right of the alcove the Hobbits are unconcious in, there is
	a group of stone ledges.  Jump to get up, and across the gap to the 
	treasure chest. There is a Westernesse Dagger inside which can harm the
	zombie (your walking stick can't).  There are two ways to handle this 
	fight, one is passive, and one is aggressive. To play it safe and 
	passive, just stay up next to the chest, becuase the Wight can't reach 
	you up there. Just throw stones at it until Frodo remembers the song 
	Tom taught him. If you want to play it aggressively, jump down and use
	the new dagger. One single strike will cause it to sink under ground, 
	and then it will try to pop up behind you.  It has two attacks, a 
	violent shove and toxic breath.  The breath is the far worse of the two
	if it hits Frodo, but it's easiest to strike the zombie while its 
	unleashing this attack. Stand still long enough for it to approach you 
	and start to breathe, then run over to its side and strike.  After 
	several hits, Frodo remembers a song Tom taught him, and Tom comes to 
	banish the Barrow Wight.

--- B R E E ---

Check in at the Prancing Pony Inn
	This quest only appears after you have gone to see Aragorn in the 
	common room.  There are plenty of others to talk to as well, including
	Bill Furney, who you will be running into again later. Just go back to
	the front desk, and Butterburr will be there.

Search the village of Bree for Merry
	(You will have switched to Aragorn as the main character) Merry is out 
	in Bree after dark, which proves to be dangerous.  Bill Furney and some
	other men, as well as a pack of seven wolves, are out to cause the 
	Hobbits some trouble.  Use the map below to complete this quest, as 
	well as the next five.

Collect clothes
Collect melons
Collect hay bolster
Collect small logs
	These quests pop up after you have located Merry.  I highly suggest 
	you find him as quickly as possible, as he will aid you by distracting
	opponents while Aragorn switches to first-person view and unleashes a 
	barrage of arrows.  This tactic is much easier on the life bar, and 
	chances to replenish Aragorn's health are few at the moment.  

         PP=Prancing Pony   M=Merry   1=clothes   2=melons   3=hay bolster   
   4=small logs   BF=Bill Furney   PA=man with Pole Arm   EP=man with eye patch
                               AX=man with ax

                                        |PA 4|
                                        |  |-
                                       _|  |
                                      |    |_
                                      |_    _|
                                        |  |
                                       _|  |
                                      |_   |           The Village of Bree Map
                                  ______|  |
                                 | M       |
                                 |______   |______
                                        |   ______|
                                        |  |
                                        |  |
            g _                         |  |
            a| |________________________|  |
            t|                             |
            e|_______   ________________ BF|
                     |_|                |  |
                                        |1 |
                                        |  |
                                        |  |_____
              __________________________|   ___  |
             |                             |_  | |
             |_____            _________    _| |_|
              _____| AX       |         |  |          _
             |3   _           |         |  |         | |
             |   | | EP       |         |  |         | |
             |   | |          |_________|  |_________| |_______ g
             |   | |                                     2     |a
             |___| |____________________    _________________  |t
                                        |__|                 |_|e

Return to the Prancing Pony
	It's right there on the map.

--- W E A T H E R T O P ---

Reach the summit of Weathertop
	This is fairly easy.  Aragorn can handle all of the enemies by himself
	(the wolves are pathetic, even in groups).  Just stick to the path,
	and you'll have no problem, as long as you don't fall off of a cliff.
	There are 15 wolves that you run into (and a sixteenth if you detour -
	more on that in a moment) and 12 men, as either a bowman or a grunt.
	Just before you get to the bridge with the first men on it, back down
	the path just a bit, there is a curve around the hills that is 
	somewhat hidden.  There is a Cram and a wolf. I suggest you save 
	before you go inside the ruins on the summit of Weathertop, as a boss
	fight with a troll is about to commence.

(Kill the Troll on Weathertop)
	This fight is particularly nasty because the creature you are fighting
	is so large, and the space to fight is so small.  Hopefully you saved
	your Cram. The best way to get rid of this hulk is to run away from it
	for a moment, turn press and hold the target lock (R1) and fire an 
	arrow. Don't fire more than one at a time, because more than that and 
	the troll will hit you for a huge amount of damage.  After quite a few
	arrows, the troll goes down.

Protect Frodo from the Nazgul
	First there is a Lemblas by the fire.  This quest is not that 
	difficult in that you don't have to defeat the Nazgul (Dark Riders),
	just keep them back. Frodo can die if they strike him enough times, 
	but it takes many hits to do this. Position yourself near Frodo and 
	hack away at anything that comes too close. There are nine of them, 
	but the most that will come at once is three. Knock them down once or
	twice, and they run back into the shadows. Do that to all nine and 
	you're done.

Scout ahead to clear a path for the Hobbits
	The title for this quest is misleading.  As in some previous quests,
	the non-player characters (NPCs) should do most of the battles.  
	Aragorn can handle the wolves without breaking a sweat, but when the
	trolls come out, let the Hobbits distract them, then kill them off 
	with arrows.

--- R I V E N D A L E ---

(No Quests)
	(You will have switched to Frodo as the main character)  You finally
	get to finish that quest from the Shire (Take the ONE RING to 
	Rivendale). You also get to upgrade Frodo's weapon to Sting.

--- M O R I A ---

Find the Gates of Moria somewhere near the lake
	(You will have switched to Gandalf as the main character) From your 
	initial starting point at the camp, just head out and around to the 
	left.  At the top of the winding path is the lake.  You really can't 
	miss it. There are 9 wolves in this area, and go down easily with four
	shots of Fiery Blast.  One of these only appear if you find the niche 
	behind your starting camp. It is essential that you only shoot the 
	beasts when they are on their feet, as any blasts they get while down 
	will not effect them.  The one troll you will come across goes down 
	with eight Fiery Blasts, but all of the orcs (both archers and swords) 
	are easily defeated with Glamdring, Gandalf's sword.  But if you must 
	use spells now that you have them, archers take two blasts and swords 
	take three.

(Monster in the lake)
	(You will have switched to Aragorn as the main character) This fight is
	simpler than it first appears.  There are four tentacles, and a head.  
	Each of these can strike you if you get within their range.  If you 
	move too far down the shore away from Gandalf, he dies and your game 
	ends. The quick and dirty wat is to run over to the right of the beast 
	so that you are nearest the far right tentacle. Switch to first person 
	view and shoot at the tentacles.  Each one will go down if hit at its 
	base four times. Don't bother with the head, it isn't necessary to win.
	Also, don't worry about healing Aragorn and wasting Cram or Lemblas. If
	you do this right, he will have more than half of his life remaining at
	the end of the battle, and will camp before you have to use him again.

Find safe passage through Moria
	This is just like that "Take the ONE RING to Rivendale" quest where you
	don't really have to do anything, except go forward.  And like that 
	previous quest, it will take you quite awhile to progress that far.  
	Moria is large, and dangerous.  Use the maps below to get you 
	through. Almost all of the dead-ends have goodies, but you will get 
	more than you need from all of the orcs you have to kill. It is a good
	idea to save at the points where the maps switch (if nothing else, it 
	saves you from having to repeat a lot if you make a mistake)

                   +=switch   @=pitfall (you can die here)   ^=bridge
               _____(A)              (B)      2  _|_
               |                      |       +_| @ |_
              _|_                     |         |___| \
             / | \  (@)               |           |
          __/__|__\__|                ^           ^
            \  |  /  |               2"          1"
             \_|_/  (@)               ^     1     ^
               |                      ^     +     ^       
               |_                    _|_    |    _|_      
                 |               ___| @ |+__|___| @ |___
                 |                  |___|   |   |___|
              __/ \__                 |     |     |
                \_/                         +
                 |                         / \
                 ^                         \_/
                 ^                        __|
                 |___                  __/@@@
                     \                   \___
                      |_                   |
                      | |                 / \
                 |___/ /                  \_/         The Mines of Moria
               __| |                 ___   |                Map One
                 +  \               / _ \_/
                ( )                 \/ \
                 +                     _|_
                 |                    / | \   (A)
                 |                ___/__|__\___|
                 |                   \  |  /   |
                 |                    \_|_/   (@)
                / \                     |
                \_/                 (@)-|-(@)

	From the start, head north until you get to the room marked 'A'. Here,
	a platform will take you down to the lower level (you can't go back 
	up). On the left side map, you will begin at spot 'A'.  Again, make 
	your way north. The room just before the first switch will allow you 
	to camp (restore health and spirit) before you move on to the first 
	real puzzle of Moria.  The switch marked '1' will allow the bridge 
	marked '1' to be extended, and you can cross it.  Find switch marked 
	'2' which will extend the bridge marked '2'.  When you get to the spot
	marked with a 'B' (called three passages) you again find yourself 
	unable to go back.

  ^=bridge   +=switch   PM=Pippin's Mistake   LP=light puzzle   BT=Balin's Tomb
                             /   \                      The Mines of Moria
                          __+ PM  |--                         Map Two
                _____    |   \___/          
               |     |___|       \          _____
               |                  \___     | LP  |
               ^                      |___+| + + |__________
               ^                           | + + |   ___|___
               ^                           |_____|  |       |
               |                                    |  BT   |
              (B)                                   |____(C)|

	Just head along the single path until you get to Pippin's Mistake (a 
	cut scene where he makes a great deal of noise).  Go through the right
	passage to get into the Light Puzzle.

Escape the 21st hall
	Don't worry about the trolls, Gandalf can't hurt them.  Move to the 
	center of the room, where you find four buttons that work some blue 
	lasers above your head.  Simply move the 'blocks' (the hands holding 
	the spheres) onto the buttons and you're finished. When you leave the
	light puzzle room you will soon hit Balin's Tomb, where you are over-
	run by orcs and the party is forced to spit up, and you can't go back.

                  < and ^=bridge   +=switch   r=rock   }{=jump across
                    *=ladder (D1 goes up to D1, D2 goes down to D2)

               |_|                   _______
                \_                  |  ___  |          The Mines of Moria
                |_|                 | |   | |               Map Three
                 |_                 | |   | |              (2nd Hall)
                |+*|...D2      D1...|*|    \ \
                 ^                   _______| |
                 ^             D2...|*________|
                 ^                  ___  __________
                 |_                |  _}{_______r__|
                |_*|...D1          | |          ___
                _|                 | |_  ______|+  |
                \ \                |___}{_____     |
                 \_|        _            _____|    |
                _/         | |          /          |
               | |      ___|_|__<<:<<__+           |
               | |____/|_|             |           |
               |  ____|                |______   __|
               |_|                            (C)

	(You will have switched to Frodo as the main character) This exercise 
	can be frustrating as Frodo is practically useless against the sword 
	orcs, and Gimli can't handle more than three orcs at a time (they hit 
	him in succession, never giving him the chance to hit back).  With 
	that in mind it is best to run from trouble whenever you can, hide and
	let Gimli take care of the orcs whenever he can. The first thing you 
	need do to get out of the 2nd Hall is keeping the door out open.  The 
	switch is north of your starting position, but as soon as you step off
	of it, it closes again.  On the ledge above you there is a rock that 
	can hold it down (like in the 21st Hall - Light Puzzle).  Jump over the
	gaps and push the rock down. Go back and push the rock onto the switch.
	Now go over to the broken bridge on the west side of the area.  Use the
	switch right there to extend the bridge and cross over. Continue using
	the wooden planks to cross from small platform to small platform until
	you get to the second broken bridge. Climb up the ladder (D1), run 
	around the circuit up there, and come down the other ladder (D2). Pull
	the switch. When you do this, a horde of orcs come at you. There are 
	more than Gimli can handle, and the platform is too small to fight on
	anyway. Run toward the exit.  Trust me when I say it is in your best 
	interest to save before you go through the exit door. The next boss 
	fight is the most difficult one in the game.

(Balrog, a.k.a. Durin's Bane, fight)
	(You will have switched to Gandalf as the main character) The Balrog
	will kill Gandalf with a single hit of his sword when you get close, 
	and the fire blasts aren't too shabby either (three or four can kill
	you). The bridge is narrow, and your own fire blasts don't hurt it. 
	There is a system to getting at the Balrog. The first thing to do is
	run backwards (toward the area where the rest of the Fellowship is 
	standing).  There is a lemblas and a miruvor on the outskirts of this
	ledge (and depending on how much spellcasting you did in the previous
	parts of Moria, you may need them). Set your spell to the Lightning 
	Strike, and make sure you have plenty of spirit (drink a miruvor if 
	you have less than half left). Go back and position yourself to the 
	right of the brigde and swing the camera around so that you can see 
	the Balrog and the fire blasts coming at you (NEVER stand in the same
	place for more than a second or two as those blasts come quickly one 
	after the other).  As soon as you see a blast coming, run to the bridge
	and press towards the Balrog and to the left of the bridge (thankfully 
	you cannot fall to your death anywhere on this field). As soon as 
	another blast comes, press over to the right and towrd the Balrog. By 
	the time the second blast passes you, you should be close enough to hit
	it with the lightning (circle button). It will be stunned only for a 
	moment, and you must go right up to it and hit it with Glamdring. You 
	can safely hit it THREE times before it isn't stunned anymore and will
	hit you with its own sword (the very first time you go up to hit it, 
	you may be able to hit it four times, but it usually isn't worth the 
	risk). After the third hit, run back to the Fellowship and start the 
	process all over again. You will have to to this ten times, being sure
	to keep your health and spirit up as needed, as it will take thirty 
	sword strikes from Glamdring to end the combat.

--- L O T H L O R E A N ---

(No Quests)
	(You will have switched to Frodo as the main character). You will 
	finally complete the "Find safe passage through Moria" quest when you 
	speak to Galadriel. For some reason though, when you check up on your 
	quests in Lothlorean, it only shows you the ones from the Shire...hmmm.

--- A N D U I N ---

Clear the river's edge of enemies
	This is back to the hack and slash portion of the game, made much 
	easier by the fact that most of the Fellowship (minus the Hobbits) are
	NPCs willing to do the battle for you. Run ahead down river to attract
	the baddies, then lead them back to the rest of the fighting group.  
	Stand a comfortable distance away (partially behind something is even
	better) switch to first person view and rain down arrows on the poor
	saps. There are 15 Uruk-Hai orcs, 4 archers, and 2 trolls.  Note: from
	here on out, almost all sword orcs are the Uruk-Hai kind. These are
	bigger, stronger, and fight smarter.

Rescue Sam
	What's funny is that in this last section to the game, it is the most 
	fabricated. Sam most certainly wasn't abducted by a Nazgul-bird in the
	book, and as to why they would put such a lenghty thing in to finish 
	off the game is beyond me.  At any rate, lets get going and save our 
	Hobbit friend. There are five "parts" to this last stage.  It would be
	wise to save sometime during each of these parts. Not that any of them
	are too difficult, but they can be lenghty and quite time consuming to
	do over again. The first part comprises of the Fellowhip's campsight, 
	the campsight up on the ridge, the one in the cave, and the one down by
	the shore. In this first part, there are some wolves, archers and Uruk-
	Hai to deal with. As Aragorn, there won't be much trouble (and with 
	Frodo as your only NPC, you won't get much help there). 
	If you press up into all of the nooks and crannies at the base of the 
	mountain, you should be able to hear Gollum. You should hear him twice
	in two different places along the mountain.  On the ridge above the 
	second (enemies') shore campsight, there is an archer, and a second 
	archer across a shallow chasm. If you drop down into the chasm, you 
	can NOT get back up. This outcropping into the water before the gap 
	will be the third place you can hear Gollum. If you hear him all three
	times, a log will appear up on the top of this outcropping where there
	wasn't one before. This will allow you to go over the small rise and
	meet Gollum face to face.  After a bizzare conversation, he will throw
	a fish at you ("Presentses!") The fish is the most powerful weapon/
	sword that Aragorn can carry. You can now defeat trolls in just two or
	three strikes. Now you can go drop down in the gap.  This is the 
	beginning of the second "part."
	As soon as you drop down, two trolls come out from their camp, as well
	as a few wolves. I was able to press up against the mountain (where 
	you killed that second archer) and kill off the trolls with arrows -
	they just stand over next to the trees. There is a blockade of stones
	which is soon destroyed by a third troll. Past the now defunct blockade
	are a few more wolves and archers. Up the second short flight of stairs
	will lead to a slight drop-off. You can't climb back up, and this is 
	the third "part."
	There are archers up on ledges, and a troll down below. If you go all
	the way to the left from where you drop down, you will find some 
	protection from the archers (although not 100%). From here switch to 
	first person view and pick of the archers. Take your time because 
	there is a very good chance that the archers will kill the troll off
	for you. When there's nothing left to kill, go down the valley path,
	through the arch, to the left, and get on top of it. This is the 
	beginning of the fourth "part."
	(You will have switched to Frodo as the main character) Run across the
	bridge and into the gap in the mountain. There are archers and Uruk-
	Hai along the path to the top. Some you can sneak by, and others you
	just have to make a break for it. In fact, its a good idea to just
	sprint for the top. Frodo can kill the archers (which will probably be
	the only things that hit you if you just run for it), but the Uruk-Hai
	will surely catch up with him. Frodo is nearly useless against them,
	but with patience and enough healing items you can fight your way up
	(anything you kill with Frodo is one less thing Aragorn has to fight on
	his way up. At the top the scene switches to Aragorn on the bridge.
	This is the fifth and final "part."
	(You will have switched to Aragorn as the main character) Kill the orc 
	and follow the same path Frodo took up the mountain. There are some 
	healing items available now, that weren't there when Frodo went up, so 
	it might pay to have a look around if you need them. Kill all the orcs 
	Frodo left behind (they usually block your path so you can't proceed 
	unless you dispatch them), and get to the top. Quest is completed when 
	you do.

(Defeat the Nazgul-bird)
	This is it.  The final boss-battle. Its also the easiest. As soon as 
	the battle begins, dodge the green fire blast, and run right up to the 
	Nazgul-bird. Strike the Nazgul himself (position yourself between the 
	bird's wing and neck for best results) as quickly and as many times as 
	you can. The bird will be unable to strike back and the Nazgul does 
	nothing. After just a moment or two of this ferocious attack on your 
	part, the bird flies into the air for the second stage of the battle. 
	Just over to the right of where you began the fight is a staircase 
	leading up to a throne all by itself up on a hill. Get up on the  
	throne, face the small fortress across from you and switch to first 
	person view. Use your arrows to fire at the Nazgul-bird when it pauses 
	by the left side if the fortress. It may shoot green fire blasts at 
	you, but the throne should protect you from them (and if not - it 
	managed to hit me once - they don't do too much damage, and you can 
	easily heal yourself without trouble). It takes a few arrows to drive 
	it off and WIN THE GAME!

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