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              The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring

By: Uighdfghdefj
Email: [email protected]

                             Table Of Contents
Playable Characters
Other Characters
Melee Weapons
Ranged Weapons

Left Analog Stick: move slightly to sneak, moderately to walk, and farthest to 
Right Analog Stick: move camera
Start: pause game
Select: view options
X: jump
Square: melee attack
Circle: throw rock
Triangle: action
R1: sneak
R2: hold for inventory
L1: block
L2: zoom in/aim

Left Analog Stick: move slightly to walk and farthest to run
Right Analog Stick: move camera
Start: pause game
Select: view options
X: kick
Square: melee attack
Circle: shoot arrows
R1: sneak
R2: hold for inventory
L1: block
L2: zoom in/aim

Left Analog Stick: move slightly to walk and farthest to run
Right Analog Stick: move camera
Start: pause game
Select: view options
X: kick
Square: melee attack
Circle: cast spell
R1: sneak
R2: hold for inventory
L1: block
L2: zoom in/aim

                             Playable Characters
 Frodo Baggins
Frodo has to destroy the one ring in the fires of Mount Doom.

Aragorn is the heir to the throne of Gondor, Isildur’s heir and a ranger.

 Gandalf The Gray
A great wizard who once helped Bilbo.

                                 Other Characters
 Sam Wise Gamgee
He goes with Frodo to destroy the one ring.

A foolish friend of Pippin.

A foolish friend of Merry.

An elf good with bow and arrow.

A small battle tank and a dwarf.

Son of the steward of Gondor.

 Bilbo Baggins
Frodo’s uncle.

 Tom Bombadil
A man who lives in the old forest. He likes to sing.              

Tom Bombadil’s wife.

He lives in Rivendell.
A weird creature obsessed with the One Ring.

A hungry gray wolf.

A brown wolf with a rat tail.

 Giant Spider
Giant Spiders with bloody fangs in the Barrow Downs.

 Barrow Wight
Ghosts in the Barrow Downs

Evil Men
Cruel men found in Bree

 Goblin Swordsman
A common Goblin with a sword in Moria.

Goblin Archer
A Goblin with a bow in Moria and River Anduin.

A giant Troll with a club.

 Cave Troll
A large Cave Troll in Moria

A strong species of Orc.

 Old Man Willow
A moving Willow Tree in the Old Forest.

An undead creature in the Barrow Downs.

They always wear black they hate fire and there is nine of them.

 Watcher In The Water
A lake monster that lives right  outside of Moria.

 Balrog/Durin’s Bane
A giant fiery creature.

 Nazgul On Fell Beast
A Nazgul on a dragon and the final boss.

                               Melee Weapons
 Walking Stick
A wooden Walking Stick.

 Westernesse Dagger
An old dagger found in the Burrow Downs.

This sword glows blue when enemies are near.

 Long Sword
An average sword.

This sword cut off Sauron’s finger in ancient times.

The best weapon in the game, it’s a fish?

A sharp elvin sword.

                                   Ranged Weapons
Frodo can throw an unlimited supply of rocks.

Aragorn can shoot arrows.


Gandalf can cast spells (see spell section).

Fiery Blast
This shoots a ball of fire.
5 spirit

Chain Lightning
This shoots a bolt of electricity.
15 spirit

Staff Strike
This shoots energy in an expanding ring around Gandalf.
25 spirit

This heals Gandalf.
30 spirit

When you cast this spell on enemies they will temporarily attack each other.
20 spirit

                               Quest Items
Item					Location
The One Ring				The Shire-Bag End
Bag End Deed				The Shire-Bag End
Bag End-Key				The Shire-Bag End
Metal Pin				The Shire-Hobbiton
Healing Herbs				The Shire-Green Hill Country
Lilies					The Old Forest-Withywindle Valley
Melons				Bree-Town Of Bree
Small Logs				Bree-Town Of Bree
Hay					Bree-Town Of Bree
Clothes				Bree-Town Of Bree
Mithril Platebody			Rivendell-House Of Elrond

                          Health and Magic Items
Mushroom				The Shire to Old Forest
Cram					Bree to End
Lembas				Bree to End
Miruvor				Moria

Walking Stick				Start with
Westenesse Dagger			The Old Forest-Zombie
Sting					Rivendell-The House Of Elrond
Long Sword				Comes with Aragorn
Anduril				Rivendell-The House Of Elrond
Xiphiidae				River Anduin-Amon Hen
Glamdring				Comes with Gandalf

                             * means optional
                                 The Shire
Find Bag End Deed
Get the Key to Bag End
Sell Bag End to Lobelia Sackville Baggins
* Find the missing pin and return it to Ted
* Throw rock at Weathervane
*Return to Hal
*Find four Healing Herbs in Green Hill Country
*Return the Healing Herbs to Noakes
Ring the warning bell
Get the One Ring from Bag End
Take the Bag End Key to Gaffer
Take the One Ring to Rivendell
Meet Merry, Pippin, and Sam at the farm
Avoid being detected by the Black Riders!

                                  The Old Forest
Find Merry
Find Pippin
Find Sam
Find twelve lilies
Return the lilies to Tom Bombadil
Find the missing Hobbits
Save the Hobbits

Check in at the Prancing Pony
Search the village of Bree for Merry
Collect Clothes
Collect Melons
Collect Hay Bolster
Collect Small Logs
Return to the Prancing Pony

Reach the summit of Weathertop
Protect Frodo from the Nazgul
Scout ahead to clear a path

                                    No quests

Find the gates of Moria
Find safe passage through Moria
Escape the 21st Hall

                                    No quests

                                   River Anduin
Clear the rivers edge of enemies
Rescue Sam
Defeat the Nazgul on his Fell Beast

                                 The Shire-Bag End
When you start the game you must go around the table in front of you and go 
out into the hallway. Next head left then forward down a hall and take the 
door on the right. Now walk up to the chest and take the Deed inside then head 
back to the first hallway. Last go left and take the Key then go outside.

                                The Shire-Hobbiton
When you leave your house ignore Sam and go left out of your property and 
follow the path going forward. At the large tree climb the ladder and climb up 
the wooden boards and get the mushroom then climb down. Now follow the path 
further until you reach you first house. Grab the mushroom next to the tree 
and the one next to the house. Now follow the path until you reach a large 
hill on your left. Climb it grab the mushroom next to the tree and go back 
down. Go up to the Mill and talk to Ted Sandyman he will say he lost a pin for 
his mill. Grab the mushroom next to the tree and the one next to the chair 
then get over to the farm with farmer Hal. Talk to Hal and he will say his 
weathervane is stuck so climb up the ladder in the back of the farm and throw 
a rock at the weathervane. Hal will give you the pin now run over and give the 
pin to Ted then go back to the farm. Now follow the path until there is a 
house to your left and a path going forward and right. Go forward and take the 
mushroom you find then go back to the mill and cross the bridge into The Shire-

                                The Shire-Bywater
Follow the path until you see a bench to your left then grab the mushroom next 
to it. Now go under the arch and walk to the far side of the area. Grab the 
mushroom between two food stands. Now follow the path under another arch and 
talk to the old man you will run into. He will say his healing herbs got 
stolen. Now follow the path to Green Hill Country.

                             The Shire-Green Hill Country
When you pop up go backwards and grab the two mushrooms then turn around and 
follow the path. Cross the bridge and go left then take the Healing Herb next 
to the pond then get back on the path. When you cross the second bridge grab 
the mushroom on your right then go forward next to the large boulders and grab 
the mushroom then get back on the path.  Follow the path and grab the mushroom 
next to the boulder then go forward and grab the mushroom next to the large 
tree. Now go back and go through the log. You will find a Healing Herb. Now 
grab the mushroom back there then get back on the path. Cross the bridge into 
the farm and grab the mushroom on your left then go up to the gate and go left 
and grab the mushroom next to the tree. Now go back and go through the gate 
leading into the area with hay everywhere (don’t forget to sneak). Now throw a 
rock nearby then  sneak over and grab the mushroom on the left side of the 
doghouse and the Healing Herb on the right side then sneak out of the pen. To 
get in the other one look for a broken piece of the fence and jump over then 
throw a rock and sneak over and grab the mushroom and Healing Herb then sneak 
out of the pen. Now go back to Bywater.

                               The Shire-Bywater
Go forward and return the Healing Herbs to the old man and he will give you 
three mushrooms. Now go back into the town and find a older woman in front of 
her house next to the food stands. Talk to her and she will want you to ring 
the warning bell because she says she has seen wolves. Now throw a rock at the 
large bell then go back and talk to Lobelia (the older woman). You will give 
her your house. Last go back to Hobbiton.

                               The Shire-Hobbiton
Go into your house (Bag End).

                                The Shire-Bag End
Go left and then go forward into a bedroom and take the One Ring out of the 
chest then go back outside.

                            The Shire-Hobbiton
Go to Sam’s house (forward then right to get there) and you will see a black 
rider talking to Sam’s grandpa asking where you are. He will say he doesn’t 
know and the Nazgul will leave then talk to Sam’s grandpa. He will say Sam, 
Merry, and Pippin went to an old farm. Now go forward over the hill and hide 
next to the front door of the house then go up to the windmill and sneak into 
the back next to the barrels. Throw rocks far to the right until the Nazgul on 
the bridge goes pretty far away then sneak across the bridge.

                               The Shire-Bywater
Go under the bridge in front of you and kill the wolf attacking the town 
patrol (Kill it with your walking stick). Now follow the path under the second 
arch and when the group of attacking wolves get close to you put on the one 
ring then run toward Green Hill Country (take it off right before you get 

                             The Shire-Green Hill Country
Follow the path until you see a Nazgul then run behind the large boulder in 
the river and throw rocks to your right then sneak over the bridge to the 
farm. Congratulations you have completed The Shire.

                            The Old Forest-Forest Labyrinth
Grab the two mushrooms and follow the path. There will be a tree blocking your 
way run back to the gate then go back to the tree and it will be gone. Now 
grab the mushroom and kill the Giant Spider attacking you from the right then 
follow the path right. When you reach a fork in the road go left and you will 
find Merry. Now turn around and go forward. Kill the spider attacking you on 
the left then go left. Kill another spider and go left again. Now take your 
first right and you will find Pippin. Now go back out and go left then go 
forward and kill the spider. Now go right and right again and you will find 

                              The Old Forest-Withywindle Path
Follow the river on the left and you will run into Old Man Willow. To defeat 
Old Man Willow run left to right and when he punches run up and attack his 
hands. Keep doing that until Tom Bombadil comes and saves you. He says you can 
spend the night at his house if you find twelve lilies. Now you will find a 
few lilies pretty much right next to Old Man Willow. Grab them and kill the 
spider then follow the rivers left side and you will find some lilies and lots 
of spiders. Grab all of the lilies and kill the spiders. aNow go down the 
right side and kill all of the spiders and grab all of the lilies. You should 
now have twelve so find Tom Bombadil and talk to him.

                               The Old Forest-Barrow Downs
At Tom’s house follow the path up the hill (you must kill lots of wolves on 
the way). At the top the ground will turn to stone so go left then right. Now 
go forward until you can only go left or right (beware of Barrow Wights). Go 
left then left again up the hill and walk up to the pile of stones.

                                  The Old Forest- Zombie
To defeat the Zombie climb the stairs and jump over to the chest. A Dagger 
will fall out. Grab the Westernesse Dagger. Now attack the Zombie until Tom 
comes but beware of his acid spitting attack.

                                 Bree-The Prancing Pony
Go through the door on your right and then go left and walk up to the tall man 
next to the fireplace and talk to him. His name is Aragorn now go back to the 
counter and check in. Last talk to Aragorn again.

                               Bree-Town Of Bree
Go forward around the fountain and kill the evil man with the axe then take 
the second path on your left and you will find Merry. Go out under the arch 
and kill the wolves then go left under the arch and kill the evil man then go 
right and get the Small Logs. Now go back to right outside of where you found 
Merry and go forward and take the clothes next to the evil man corpse. Now go 
right around the fountain and kill the two evil men then go in the stables and 
take some hay. Next go out of the stables and go forward around the fountain. 
Go forward farther and take the Melons then go back to the Prancing Pony.

                            Weathertop-Weathertop Hill
Follow the path killing wolves until you reach a bridge. Now kill the three 
Goblins and go under the stone arch. Kill all of the Goblins here and go left. 
Follow the path up the mountain killing Goblins. At the top a Troll will come 
out to kill it shoot an arrow at it and run repeat until it is dead.

                          Weathertop-A Knife In The Dark
Stay near Frodo at all times and attack the Nazgul closest to Frodo first.

                            Weathertop-The Troll Shaws
Kill all enemies on the path to get to Rivendell and if you have to many 
enemies attacking you at the same time run back behind the Hobbits and shoot 
arrows at the enemy (the Hobbits are invincible).

                            Rivendell-House Of Elrond
Walk out of the door.

                                 Moria-Hollin Gate
You are now Gandalf. Take the Miruvor next to the fire and go right. Kill the 
group of attacking wolves then go left and shoot fireballs at the Troll until 
it dies. Now kill Goblins and go left up the hill killing Goblins. You will 
reach a lake go around it to the Moria Gate. Next Watcher In The Water will 
come out of the lake and you will change to Aragorn. Shoot arrows at its 

Go forward and kill all of the Goblins in the hall then go through the door. 
Now kill these Goblins then go forward and right. Next kill Goblins here and 
follow the path until it turns into a circle. Now follow it further when you 
reach an area with a door forward and left go forward and step onto the 
elevator. Kill the Goblin then go forward then right into a room with a door 
to the left and a hall to the right. Go down the hall to the right and kill 
all of the Goblins then go through the arch. Now go forward there will be a 
large crack in the ground go around it and through the forward door. Now pull 
the lever here and go through the door. Now go forward and pull the lever then 
turn around and go left. Now go left again and forward the left and pull the 
lever. Go back until you are in a room with three doors then go right and 
forward then right and go across the bridge.

                                 Moria-3 Passages
Go forward across the bridge and kill the three Goblins then go down the hall 
and go right and kill the Goblins here. Now go right then left then right 
again. Now pull the lever and go through the door. There will be three 
passages take the one on the right and follow it until you reach the 21st 
Hall. Now push the four weird statues onto the switches then go into the 2nd 

                                  Moria-2nd Hall
You are now Frodo so go forward until you find a switch then go left and jump 
onto the stone platform then onto then other. Now climb up and kill the Goblin 
then push the stone piece off the edge. Go back down and push the stone piece 
onto the button. Now go over to the bridge and pull the lever then cross the 
bridge go to the large ladder and climb it. At the top go around and kill 
Goblins until you are at the other side then climb down the ladder. Now pull 
the lever for Gimli and get to the exit.

                              Moria-Balrog/Durin’s Bane
You are Gandalf again now use the lightning strike spell on the Balrog then 
run up and attack it two to three times with you sword then run back repeat 
until Gandalf and the Balrog die.

                            Lothlorien-Lothlorien Forest
Go to the ladder.

                                River Anduin-Orc Dam
Kill all the enemies on the shore.

                               River Anduin-Amon Hen
Go back and right then kill the wolf and walk up to the cliff Gollum will see 
you and run away then run back to your camp. Now go forward a little then 
right and climb the cliff and Gollum will run away again. Now go up the hill 
and kill the Uruk-Hai then jump down and kill three Uruk-Hai. Walk up to a 
cliff with a old tree then go down to the water nearby and you will hear a 
thud. Now go up and the tree will fall over. Cross the tree and Gollum will be 
there and throw Xiphiidae at you then it will be yours. Go back then jump into 
the ditch and climb up. Kill the two Trolls and all wolves. Now walk up to the 
rocks to your right and kill the Troll. Follow the path now until you reach 
the boss.

                          River Anduin-Nazgul On Fell Beast
Run up to the Nazgul and attack it with Xiphiidae until it goes in the air 
then shoot arrows at it and dodge fireballs. Congratulations you have beaten 
The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring!

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