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Hi guys this is Peacemaker931 here and I'm gonna help you through this game.


2.Helpful hints

Ya'll ready,well here we go!


Prolouge-in the prolouge you play as Islidure.This level is pretty easy if you know 
your controls.First of all you fight Orcs and the other guys anywhere then they 
start coming out of the cave.Then they come from the side of the cave.After you 
kill some Orcs,the volcano will erupt.Then you'll get palmled with flying rocks.But 
if you pay attention in the background you'll see some Orcs fighting later they'll 
jump over the lava and come attack you.Basicly just kill all the Orcs you see.

Weathertop-in weathertop your facing black riders.All you got to do is go up to 
them and hit triangle to use fierce attack.If you run out of flame go to the fire 
and hit triangle.But becareful Frodo has life.

Gates of Moria-The gates of moria is a spread out level.You just go through and 
kill all the goblins and don't believe you will off cause you won't.But beware of 
the archers.Shoot them.But if you run out of arrows/axes avoid the archers like I 
did.Beware of the boss octopus.Just every time he swings at you parry them and then 
his tenticle will stick out and wigle.Go chop them off and shoot him with 
arrows/axes.All so while your trying to shoot him he'll swing at you.

Balin's Tomb-Balin's Tomb is a war zone.You have goblin's running all over the 
place.But it's a good thing you have your friends helping.You could just pay no 
attention and still hit something.But after you've kicked some goblin butt a Cave 
troll will come out.He has a club at first and try's to hit you.Avoid this and hit 
him with arrows/axes.After some of his life is done he'll wip out the chain and you 
go up on the narrow walkway.Legolas will be good since he can shoot arrows the 

Amon Hen-this is the last part of the fellowship after this you go into the two 
towers.What you is fight some Ura-ki.But your not alone.it depends on who ya be.(if 
your Legolas you'll have Aragorn and gimli and so forth)While your fight behind you 
is some steps.If you want to you can go up them and shoot arrows/axes down below.Be 
careful the Ura-ki will follow you up the steps.After all the Ura-ki are gone 
proceed east and your friends will leave.You go down the dirt path and then you'll 
meet some Ura-ki.:hint-kill the Ura-ki with fierce attack:Be careful with archers 
they soot these little ball of fire at you.Be careful about Frodo's health too.Also 
kill every Ura-ki you see because if you don't you cannot win.When you get to the 
bridge your friends will join you.After you fight all the Ura-ki go down to the 
log.After that you'll face an Orc boss.He's easy.Shoot him with a few arrows and 
then he'll pick up a sword.Just hide behind the statues and he'll go to hit you but 
his sword will get stuck in them and then hit him with fierce attack.But be aware 
because fellow Ura-ki will try to help

Fangorn Forest-this level isn't that easy.You walk down the patand then the lor 
breaks and some orcs cpme out and goblins come from the tree.Kill them and 
proceed.Then an orc come out.But be careful he's  not like the others.To beat him 
hold down triangle+circle until your sword/axe lights up and let go when he's near 
after that hit the log with your sword/axe and it will break.Proceed down the pathe 
and you'l meet a forest troll.kill him and break the wooden fence.There you'll meet 
some orcs.Kick their buts and continue.But be careful about the river.To your right 
archers are waiting.After their dead walk through the river and be careful because 
orcs will pop out of the water.When you reach the waterfall you'll meet another 
forest troll and then after he's dead proceed and you'll meet one of those hard to 
kill orcs.kill him and proceed.You'll find some archers around the corner.Kill them 
and then you'll end up in this open area.Goblins will fall from the trees.After 
they stop you'l have to kill two more forest trolls.Don't break those logs break 
the tree roots to your right.Take forest trolls on and then go knock down the tree 
roots that lead into a dark tunnel.

Plains of Rohan-First you start off to kill some orcs.After that go into the 
village and help in the battle in the city.Be aware of the village meter,if it runs 
out you loose.After you kill all those orcs Gandolf the white will break the 
door.Go in and you'll see a big fire.Hit the water barral to put it out and free 
the villagers.Then go up the stairs.Kill all the orcs and go through that one 
doorway.Villagers will come around the corner.Go around the corner and kill two 
archers.Then go over the roof and you'll see those orcs torturing those villagers 
but there's a fire in the way.Hit the water barrel with a bow/axe and then destroy 
that pile of wood to get through.Kill the orcs killing the villigers and then 
follow the road and you'll come to a burning house.Go in and an orc will come 
running up the steps kill him and go down the steps.Go to the door and bust it and 
kill all the orcs with the help of Gandolf.There is an orc torturing a villager up 
on the porch.You'll have to shoot him with bows or axes cause the step are 
destroyed so you can't reach him with your sword or axe.Go destroy the cart and go 
up through there and you'll have to fight a huge battle.Be aware of the villigers 
trapped in the burning house go destroy the rubble block ing the door and free 
them.After all the orcs are dead go down this path.

The Westfold-this level is hard for me to remember this so if I skip a part please 
forgive me.In this level you have to make sure destroy all the explosives.After you 
kill the orcs you go on and hit some explosives.Go across the tiny,tiny stream and 
you'll run into some orcs kill them and go on.You'l come to this path way and a guy 
running.Kill the orc with explosives on his back and go down the path.Hit all the 
explosives and hit all the orcs and go through the place their comin from but you 
gotta hurry because they never stop comin.After that destroy all the explosives and 
kill all the orcs comin and they never stop comin so make your move.After that 
there's a lake and on the other side is all kind's of explosives.Some orcs will 
come around from your right.After their dead go into the lake.Be careful orcs will 
jump out of the water and orcs with explosives will come after you and archers will 
shoot at you.After you reach land kill all of the orcs and shoot one of the 
explosives.It will cause a chain and destroy all of the explosives.

Gap of Rohan-This is a boss.First kill all of his helpers then you'll face the real 
boss.When he stand on his back legs hit him with your sword and after that one 
helper will come out hit him with one arrow/axe.This will continue through out the 

The Deeping Wall-this is it.When you start off kick off the ladders.Then go the the 
middle and kick budy.Keep on kicking off ladders and don't let the meter reach all 
the way red.

Breached Wall-I hate this level.It takes a while to do this level.Shoot all the 
orcs with explosives and protect the door with all you got.Don't let the bar go all 
the way down.After a while a Troll will come kill him and then comes the 
catapult.Kill all the orcs if you have time and if you don't have time run past 
them and kill the catapult by keep on hitting triangle on the left side and then 
the right side and then the front.

Hornburg Courtyard-this is the best war zone ever.Orcs crawling all over the 
place.Do the best you can until your buddy calls for help.Go up the steps and go 
the the very end and go up those steps kill all the orcs in that area until your 
buddy's life bar goes away.Go back down the steps and BE CAREFUL,a huge fire ball 
will come flying and hit the wall and then it splits into two pieces.If you get 
hit...your dead.If you live through that go back down to the gate and kick all of 
the orcs butt and keep the gate's life up.When you hear someone shout."Archers on 
the wall!"go back up the steps and up on the wall there will be archers.Go down the 
whole wall and kill all the archers.Go back down the stairs and kick butt until the 
two troll come out kill one of the trolls and wound the other.

2.Helpful Hints

1.Reapitly hit triangle and circle to just kill
2.When your fighting hold down R1(Parry) and when the foe hits you you'll block it


The secret character is Islidure and if you want cheats go to cheatcodes.com 
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