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Is King Boo one of the 50 Boo's?
Nope, there are 50 Boo's AND King Boo.

How do i beat Chauncy the Spoiled Baby?
Avoid his horsy's untill he throw ball at you. Wait untill they stop rolling and you must vacuum at the one that remains. Now shoot it at Chauncy!

How do i beat Boolousses the Jumbo Ghost?
Lure him at the top of the unicorns statue head or suck him up there. He'l pop in 38 ghosts! You must freeze ever single ghost and suck em up. Then you win!

How do i beat King Boo?
Wait untill Bowser throws spiked ball. Suck it on your vacuum and wait untill Bowser walks to you. ( THE BALLS CAN EXPLODE IN 3 SECONDS IN THE HIDDEN MANSION! ) Shoot the balll at his head. King Boo comes out. Suck at him untill you have him.

How do i beat Bogmire the Graveyard Shadow?
Suck up the shadow clones from Bogmire and shoot them at Bogmire to make him vulnarable to your Poltergeist!

How do i unlock The Hidden Mansion?
Beat the game once.

A Boo appeared at a door and blowed me back to start! What does this mean?
That you didn't catch enough Boo's to enter the area.

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