Luigi's Mansion

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Luigi's Mansion (GET TO KNOW LUIGI'S MANSION BETTER!) Walkthrough

                                                            *Luigi's Mansion^
Table of 

-Meet the ghosts!*
-Show the boss ghost whos boss*

                                *MEET THE GHOSTS!^

 ghosts- regular ghosts are a sinch to suck up, they have to have 
10,20,30,40,0 lives so isn't that too easy?!?!
Portait ghosts- these heaven lovers never ever went to Heaven, instead they 
haunt people to make humans never come to the mansion again, NEVER AGAIN!
Boss ghosts- these ghosts are always up and about.  There about 4 of these 
dudes that never give up, they're always at the end of an area.  So watch out 
for these ghouls
Boos love the light, not an ordinary ghost if you ask me.  In Area 2, you get 
a boo radar to help find boos all shapes and sizes!  The biggest boo is 
Boolousous the most fat boo in all of Mushroom kindom!
                          ^Show the boss ghost whos boss!*

First, IF you are on any boss ghost, Try to defeat him and E.Gadd says, "YOU 

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