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          Luigi’s Mansion Guide

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        Chapter 1: Portrait ghosts pop. 3 Portrait ghosts: Neville, Lydia, Chauncey*
	*Boss Ghost
This is about Luigi in his so-called mansion that’s haunted.  Mario is trapped 
inside too!  
At the start of the game, an FMV sequence will begin.  Then, the game starts.  Just 
walk upstairs and try to open the door in the center.  Then you may hear a sound.  
Walk downstairs, to reveal a floating, orange cloud with a key inside.  The cloud 
then notices you, drops the key, and flies in the door you tried to open.  Grab the 
key, then head for the door.  Open the door, going into the room.  Another FMV 
sequence starts.  
As Luigi sneaks around the room, a ghost appears!  Luigi falls on his butt, and 
tries to get away.  As the ghost gets closer, it grabs its head in pain.  Out of 
nowhere, a strange old man is using a vacuum to suck the ghost up.  Ghosty puts up 
quite a fight, then punches the old person.  Luigi gets up from the back of a table, 
then the man talks. His name is Professor Elvin Gadd (E. Gadd.  Get it?).  After a 
little speech, three ghosts appear.  E. Gadd takes you to his H.Q.  
You now get the PolterGust 3000, the ghost-sucking vacuum Gadd was using.  You have 
to train with it first, though.  Suck the ghosts with the R button, but freeze them 
first.  Hold down the B button until a ghost is close.  Release the button towards 
the ghost and hold down R!  When 5 ghosts appear, run in a wide, even circle, 
holding B.  When the ghosts are in one spot, turn quickly and let go of B, then hold 
R and move the control and C-stick.  
Once you are done with training, E. Gadd offers you a trip around the gallery.  If 
you want to, accept it.  But there are no portraits here, so leave as soon as you 
get here.  
You’re now back at the place where you first came.  Go back to the mansion.  In the 
Foyer, you’ll find Toad.  Talk to him, and he’ll light up the room, then he’ll offer 
to save.  If you don’t have a memory card, don’t save.  
Go in the room that you met E. Gadd, and have a look at your surroundings.  There 
are 5 paintings of people.  The center one has candles around it.  Put them out with 
the R button.  Then the painting will start talking, along with the others.  When 
they’re done talking, HOLD DOWN B!  Then, turn around to the ghost that appears 
behind you.  Do that on the next two, and open the chest.  You get the key to the 
In the Anteroom, there is a different ghost you have to suck.  These are tall, pink 
ones with a larger attack range.  When moving its arm around, run out of the way, 
and shine the flashlight on it.  Once all ghosts are gone, walk to the door on the 
right.  This is the Wardrobe room.  
There’s more ghosts here, a gorilla ghost that eats bananas.  And, the very rare 
Money Ghost.  Now, here’s how you get the money ghost: first: look everywhere.  
Second: as soon as it pops up, look at it with C-stick.  Third: hold R as hard as 
you can.  Now, you have more money than ever in the first chapter.  
The Gorilla Ghost has 40 H.P. and, if you haven’t heard before, throws bananas.  
This pudgy poltergeist is pretty hard to beat, but once done, a key drops above the 
clothes.  Suck it down.  Grab the key, go right and talk to the Toad on the balcony, 
save here, and go into the Foyer.  
Do not go down the staircase, but turn left and press the A button.  Then, you’ll 
hear music.  Press A, and see what’s making that music.  It’s E. Gadd, and he wants 
to tell you that there are portrait ghosts in there.   
Some Portrait ghosts have no means of attack (except bosses), but you have to figure 
out a way to beat them.  
As you enter the hallway, follow the coins, but don’t open the door it leads to. 
Instead, go to the first door you saw when you first entered.  Press A, and look 
around with X.  You’ll see a Limey looking ghost sitting on a rocking chair.  His 
name is Neville, the booksmart ghost in the study.  
Forget about Neville, unless you don’t like being rich.  The thing you should worry 
about most is…The golden mouse!  This mouse has the most money that you can get in 
chapter 1!  Now, to lure it out you have to examine the slab of cheese.  Now, as 
quickly as you can, hit B and hold R, and make sure that the mouse is in your 
range.  Once you get it, money sprays all over the room. Now, don’t worry about 
coins, just grab all the rupees and gold bars you can find.  Plus, there’s a money 
ghost here too!  See locations for money ghosts.  
To beat Neville, you have to turn your back on him until he yawns.  That’s your 
chance to attack!  These ghosts have 100 H.P., so be prepared for quite a fight.  
Once beaten, a chest will appear.  This key goes to the Master Bedroom.  
In the bedroom, you will see a ghost that’s a woman.  This ghost’s name is Lydia, 
the mirror-gazing ghost.  To get her, you have to suck on the curtains and move left 
to reveal a broken window.  She will moan at the window.  That’s your chance to 
attack.  Once defeated, a chest will appear.  Before getting the key, vacuum the 
ceiling fan.  This will drop 25 bills at most.  Grab the key to the Nursery.  
Boss: Chauncey; aggressiveness: easy; How to beat him: this one has to be beaten by 
your newfound powers.  First, go to the door where you heard the crying.  Now, as 
you go in, examine the baby.  He’ll say “Rocky…horsy.”  Now, go to the rocking horse 
with coins around it.  Use the vacuum on the horse, and the baby will start crying.  
Keep going until he whines uncontrollably.  When he appears in front of Luigi, the 
door gets covered with deadly vines.  The battle starts here.  First, hit Chauncey 
with a ball.  He’ll say some things about being smaller, then he will chant some 
baby mumbo-jumbo, and then he will take you to his crib, giant sized of course!  
To beat this boss is simple; first, dodge the horses he sends at you.  Second; watch 
out for the giant balls he tosses at you, except for one that stays in the arena.  
Third; vacuum the ball that stays in the arena, aim it at Chauncey, and let go of 
R.  Fourth; suck Chauncey until he loses all his health, and goes in your 
poltergust.  Once outside of the crib, heal yourself by going to the dresser, 
shaking the dresser at the northeast of the room, then shake the big chest and grab 
the heart key.  Then the Prof. will contact you, and tell you that your vacuum is 
full after you beat a boss ghost.  

	Chapter 2: portrait ghost pop. 6: portrait ghosts: Bogmire*, Spooky, Melody 
Pianissima, Shivers the butler, Mr. Luggs, The Floating Whirlindas.  
* Boss ghost
		This level is pretty hard for beginners, but for those out there who 
are PROS, (as in beat the game 26 times pro) it’s very easy.  First, you have to go 
to the door with the heart-shape on it.  Then, you will see a weird thing happen to 
the vines.  This will happen three more times, so get used to it.  The vines 
disappear in front of your eyes!  Go down the hall to the bathroom.  Go right, down, 
left, down.  Be careful of Hanger and Bowler Ghosts!
		When you get to the bathroom, be careful of the new Grabber Ghosts, 
possibly the most annoying ghost in the game.  To get these buggers off, just shake 
the Control Stick back and forth, and side-to-side, and freeze the ghost while he’s 
shaking his head.  Once both ghosts are defeated, Prof. E. Gadd will contact you to 
tell you about Grabber ghosts.  Use the vacuum to get the key down from the shelf.  
Now you have the key to the ballroom!  
		To get here, go to the second hallway you saw when you were going to 
the bathroom, and go to the door on the right.  When you enter, Shy Guy Ghosts 
appear.  To beat these ghosts, suck off their masks and vacuum them until their 
heath is gone.  Watch out for their partners!
		Once all six ghosts are gone, The Floating Whirlindas will appear.   
To get these two, you have to face the back to them until they bow.  Once gone, grab 
the key, and go to the door on the far right.  When you go in here, make sure that 
you’re that the ghosts are out of the room for now.  Shake the stack of chairs to 
release a Money Ghost.  Take out the pink and red ghosts in the room.  Do NOT leave 
the room at all.  Think this is all there is to this room?  Ha-ha-ha…NO!  This part 
took a while for me to figure out myself.  You have to face the wall when you 
entered.  Press the A button around the middle of the wall to push a button.  The 
wall will move backwards, making the room bigger.  There is also a grate.  Look at 
the poster.  It says, ”Don’t remove” Pfffft!  Remove it anyway.  As you can see, 
there’s another button.  Push it.  The grate will open, and smoke will appear.  All 
of the sudden, Boos will appear out of the grate.  Luigi gets scared…again!  Then, 
the biggest Boo appears (King Boo, The big boss) and threatens Luigi to do what he 
did to Mario, until he sees the vacuum.  He and his friends hide all over the 
mansion (except secret and rest rooms); so you’re left checking your heartbeat.  
Then E. Gadd contacts you, to say that he is tickled that you found the Boos who 
released Gadds ghosts in the first place.  He’s pretty mad that you let them all go, 
though.  He invites you to back to his to explain his new invention on your Game Boy 
Horror, the BOO RADAR!  To work this device, all you have to do is follow where the 
blip tells you.  It’s like a detector!  Be careful of Boo Bombs! When the blip turns 
red, move the furniture that’s closest to you when the blip is red, and then back 
off.  Once you do that, it’ll do its trademark laugh.  Don’t be fooled, though.  It 
might be a Boo Bomb, so be careful.  Boo Balls also come out.   Once you found the 
Boo, get it as soon as possible.  If it gets out of the room chase as far as you can 
(No, it cannot go up or down floors).  
		When you go back to the mansion, go to the first rooms in the game.  
Nab 5 Boos, and the washroom is now open (The door before the bathroom.)!  When you 
go in, you’ll see a Toad whining about dropping something in the toilet.  Tell him 
to forget about it.  He’ll light up the room now, so you don’t have to worry about 
ghosts (There aren’t any ghosts in the room anyway).  Shake the toilet to unleash a 
key.  This is the key to the Fortune-tellers room.  
		In here, there is a portrait ghost in here that you can’t suck up 
(quite yet), but will tell you quite useful info in the 3rd & 4th chapters.  There 
is a hidden key in the room somewhere.  Blow out the candles (all of them, not 
some.), and the key will appear on the pole on the right.  This key is to the 
laundry room.  
		In here, there are about 5 ghosts, so be careful.  Once all the 
ghosts are gone, shake the washing machine.  Hey, it’s Mario’s hat!  There are five 
parts of Mario that were left behind, and they’re the so-called clues that you need 
for your fortune to be told.  Run back to the fortuneteller’s room and shine the 
light on the crystal ball.  
Press A to talk to her, and she’ll automatically tell you your fortune after she 
says something (funny or serious) and chants something.  The first fortune isn’t 
very helpful, but when you get all of them, your weirdest fortune is told to you.  
		Go in the door to the right of Madame Clairvoya, and make sure you 
have your light on.  This is the Mirror room.  In here, there are invisible blue 
Grabber Ghosts, so be on your toes.  Just keep looking at the mirror, and you’ll see 
them.  Get all of them, and a treasure chest will appear that you haven’t seen.  
Shake it, and you will get a medal surrounded by fire.  E. Gadd contacts you to see 
what you got there.  He tells you that it is a fire medallion, and once you suck up 
a fire ghost (a fireball-like ghost) you can shoot flames from your vacuum by 
pressing L.  Keep in mind that there are 3 different elemental ghosts; Fire1, Water2 
and Ice3.  These have a triangular relationship (Fire beats Ice, Ice beats Water, 
and Water beats Fire).  
		Now that you have fire, use it on the floating candles to reveal a 
portrait ghost!  His name is Shivers, and he’s the butler.  Go to the Butler’s room 
(the door to the south in the laundry room), and lie in wait.  When he shows up and 
sits on the candles, shine some light on him and get him.  Now that Shivers is gone, 
so are the mice.  Examine the mouse hole at the East Side of the room (by the toilet 
paper), and a vacuum-like thing will magically appear.  Walk towards the vacuum, and 
you’ll show up in the Hidden room.  
This place has quite a bit of money, but make sure that you have fire element.  Most 
of the chests have ghosts in them, so make sure that you have fire.  These ghosts 
have ice balls in them, so that will melt their defenses.  When you beat all of 
them, a chest appears.  This has a TON of money in it, but forget it for now.  Find 
the Boo in here first, then open the chest.  This has 3 rupees (Red, Blue and 
Green.), 50 bills or so, 5 bricks, and 80 coins.  When you grab as much of it as you 
can, go to the northwest corner of the wall and examine the mouse-hole.   When you 
get back in the Butler’s room, open the chest to get a key to the music room.  
There is another portrait ghost in here; her name is Melody Pianissima, and she’s on 
the piano.  To make her show up, hit all the instruments to play the Mario theme 
When you make her show up, she’ll play familiar music for you.  Answer correctly 
unless you like to screw around.  When you guess right, Melody will send sheets at 
you.  To beat her, suck up the sheets, and nab the ghost.  Now, grab the Boo here, 
and open the chest.  This key gives the opening to the dining room, housing the huge 
ghost, Mr. Luggs!  
	 This room is harder than any other room (besides Bogmire), so be careful in 
This takes a while to get it, but you’ll figure it out.  All you have to do is light 
up the candles with flame.  Then, a plate of Jell-O and the ghost will appear.  The 
Golden mouse is here again under the ghost’s chair as well as the fortuneteller’s 
room.  So grab it again, and then go to the table Mr. Luggs has two crony ghosts, 
and they are both butlers.  Once you start to suck the Jell-O, the butlers will tend 
to his needs.  Get both of the ghosts, then work on the Jell-O.  When Mr. Luggs 
starts whining, back away from him.  He’ll then yell and shoot fire balls at you.  
Just dodge his balls.  When he flops over in fatigue, there is his chance for him to 
be defeated.  Once you get him, go in the room on the far left.  This is the 
In here, there is another ghost with an ice ball in it, so you need fire.  It’s in 
the fridge that slides open, doing damage to you.  Vacuum the door, and nab the 
little bugger.  Once gone, you may notice that the door is on fire.  Open the giant 
Blue chest to reveal another medal.  It’s the Water Medallion!  
				To get water element, go to the sink.  Then expel it 
on the door until it starts steaming.  When you go in the door, you go in the 
backyard, with a portrait ghost dog.  
				Back here, water the pod until a stalk with two 
leaves on top.  Then go towards the doghouse.  There is a dog in the doghouse.  This 
is Spooky the MAULING Dog!  To beat him, just run until a ghost skeleton (?) 
appears, throwing bones at you.  Grab him, and a stray bone will fall out.  Then 
Spooky will lick the bone (duh!).  Beat him like the dog he is.  When you see the 
doghouse sparkle, examine it (X), and another vacuum-like thing will appear.  Go 
towards it to go to the Graveyard.  
				This place is the where you fight the boss.  
Whatever you do, DO NOT tap the tombstone driven in the ground yet.  Shake the 
gutter for a Red Rupee.  Shake the tombstone next to the one that’s driven in the 
ground to get 20 health.  In one of the other tombstones resides a 50 health.  Now 
hit the tombstone that’s in the ground.  Three Ghost Skeletons will come up from the 
ground, so be on your toes.  Once they are all defeated, the big tombstone will 
start glowing.  Go towards it.  Lightning will soon strike on it, causing the boss 
of the second chapter to appear.  It’s Bogmire!  
Boss: Bogmire; stats: Aggressiveness: medium; How to beat: This boss is a little 
harder than Chauncey, but this time, you have to find his shadow, not his strategy.  
When you find yourself in an arena, you start to look around.  All of the sudden, 
the boss will appear at the opposite side of the arena, casting a giant shadow 
towards Luigi.  Then, the shadow will turn into a Shadow Bogmire.  Oh, Joy.  This 
boss is easy once you get the hang of it, though it may look hard.  All you have to 
do is suck up the Shadow Bogmires (big or small), and shoot them at Bogmire, then 
nab him, sucking down a third of his points (77 left, to be exact), then lightning 
will strike, knocking you back on your bum.  Then, do this two more times.  Watch 
out for the small Shadow Bogmires!  When you beat him (finally!), you get outside of 
the graveyard arena.  Then, this giant green box will magically emerge from 
nowhere.  Shake some tombstones for health.  Then nab the Club Key!  Hooray!   

I’ll finish when I have time.  

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