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                                  |    Note to reader: Hi im Jeremy Cox and this is 
                                  |    my second Faq. My other Faq is sonic heroes
                                  |    levels and bosses p.1. im a new member of
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          _________|  By. Jeremy  |       / \  / \      | |
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           Majoras Mask           |     Triforce     master sword
   PART 1 of 4
 P.1 controls
P.2 main story
P.3 deku part
p.4 readers note           


P.1 controls

B=swing sword

X=use item

Y=use item

Z=use item

start=menu bar

A=action screen

L=camera zoom

R=use sheild

P.2 Main story

The story starts at when link is in the woods with epona (his horse). Then suddenly 
they get attacked by a strange kid in a mask. His real name is unknown, but they 
call him skull kid. The skull kid steals epona and his precios orcania is stolen 
link chases the skull kid. The skull kid attacks. then you chase him and he turns 
you in a deku scrub.

P.3 walkthrough
Deku Trouble:
When you are in clock town you have three measly days. They are quicker than 
first thing yoy need to do is go to north clocktown and go up the hill where the 
cave is. You find the great fairy! in pieces. Go to the laundry pool and jump the 
water to get the fairy. Go back and give the fairy to the great fairy. She grants 
magic and bubble power.(its a little useful) go outside and shoot the balloon. Then 
the kids will want you to play tag. There are two in west .two in in 
after you tag them all thell tell you get the password.Then go tell the password to 
kid in west.He'll let you in then go through the sewer. Mysterously your in a 
reasearch lab with a telescope look in the telescope and look at the moon then a 
tear will fall go outside and get it. now go back to south and sell it to the deku 
and he will give you a deed and wait until the 3 day and go to the clock tower with 
the flower then fight the skull kid shoot a bubble to get your orcania back. play 
song of time once you remeber it and got to the mask sales man and hell turn you 

Heading south:
Ok time for the real adventure.Head south of clocktown and you will notice a gaurd. 
Talk to the guard he'll let you pass because you have a sword. Now you are at 
terminal field.      
 then talti will have a flash back. Its about the skull and ya da ya da ya da. 
that keep going straight. Now you are at the swamp. Head straight again. You found 
the southern swamp go to the house where a man is and ask for a boat cruise. after 
that go to the other counter and sign will say something. Go west of the place as 
deku. As deku you jump on the lilly pads till you reach a sign note u cannot jump 
on lilly pads as a human That has a potion on 
it. Go there talk to the witch in the shop. Then she will ask you to find her 
partner. head for the woods north of the shop. A monkey will lead the way to her. 
Once you are there talk to her twice then go back. Once you are at the witch she'll 
give you red potion and a bottle go back to the witch and give it to her and she 
will give you a free boat cruise. Go back to the first place you were. Take a 
then your stop is deku palace.

Deku Palace:

if u want to get in deku palace u gotta be a deku.(of course)first of all to get in 
side u have to talk to the deku guards. go staright to the throne room. Talk to the 
king and he'll tell u about how he thinks the monkey stole the princess. then exit 
out and go out of the room and you will see a monkey. Talk to him and he'll tell u 
how to get to the top of the deku palace.

Deku Palace Court Yard: 

head for the left court yard and watch out for deku guards. if u played orcania of 
time this is just like that part u try to get in the castle only more difficult. 
once u are through the guards u will notice a hole go down hole and u will find 
spring water put it in your bottle. then talk to the guy eating magic beans  he'll 
giv u 0ne magic bean now head out to right side of the palace. 

right side of the palace: 

plant the bean on the soil and put water on it.

roof top of the palace: 

get through the roof by using deku nuts on the dekus and u there flowers to fly as 

 deku dungeon\throne room:
u finaly find the monke try cutting his as link then u use the deku trumpet and 
play the song.

deku temple:
item u get: bow and arrows
temple length: short
boss odaowa; just u use your bow and arrows on him to stun the slash him. repeat 
till dead.

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