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version 1.2
last updated 20/11/02
brought to you by the wonderful folks at the majora's mask board
glitch explenations by:dvdmth
submitted by: unownguy
this is the continue from the first glitch
have fun glitching!!!
WARNING:if you want to have the couple's mask you should not do this glitch!!!

In sakon's hideout,when you first control kafei,walk into the next room but stop in 
the doorway.The camera should advance into the next room,revealing the sun's mask 
being stationary on a moving conveyor belt! the mask does not start moving until you 
fully enter the room and watch the cutscene that follows. NOTE that if you 
glitchfully entered the hideout on a different day, you'll find the Sun's mask 
frozen in a spot for good.


press start many times in a row(like more than 50 times). as the game pauses and 
unpauses, time passes very,very slowly, yet nobody is allowed to move. After a 
while , stop unpausing and follow some character on a schedule,like the postman. 
When he's supposed to be at a door,a mailbox,whatever, he will suddenly teleport to 
the spot where he should be and do his thing.

3.) ***ROLL IN PLACE***

Roll right into something (like a wall), then keep pressing A after Link collides 
with whatever you hit. If you're lucky, you'll see Link roll in place without any 
sound, sometimes more then once in a row. (this glitch also work in OCARINA OF TME).


After the same sound checker adjusts the volume UP,go throug a door. The sound of 
the door is quite loud indeed. (a similar effect may also occur upon turning the 
volume DOWN, but I never tried that).


When taking out your instrument,if you play the first note to early, you may hear it 
sound, but the game will not record it, thus preventing you from finishing the song 
without starting over.

thanks to:[email protected]
also for arno,dane and jeff starling

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