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version 1.2
last update 17/10/02
brought to you bythe wonderful folks at the games board
glitch explenations by: dvdmth
submitted by: unownguy
i hope you have a fun glitching time!!!

1.)open door crushes oni link

sometimes,while in sakon's hideout as oni link,if you touched a door while it's 
opening the game will think you were crushed and send you outside as normal link.

2.)kafei goes throug a door

go to the laundry pool as zora link in clock town.while swimming,use your shield 
hitthe doorbell.kafei will answer,butt he will walk throug the door,wich will 
and shut out of sync with kafei's movement. the glitch happens again when kafei 
retreats to his house.

3.)gibdo scre-scre-screeeeeeeeeeeeech

sometimes when gibdo's screeches at you and halt you in your tracks, they 
a different time in a row. not sure if its a glitch, the gibdo's often did the 
same,but Redeads not.

4.)bombmask protection

putt on the bomb mask and raise youre shield up and press 
not be hurt.

thanks to [email protected]


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