Make a better RVD - Guide for WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role

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Head: Shawn Michaels
Upper Body: Black or blue tanktop  (standard)
Lower Body: Black or blue shorts   (standard or avanced)
Weapons: Chair

1. Good on hardcore matches

2. Good terms on HBK

3. Good terms on Edge

4. Good terms on HHH

5. Good on street fights (anywhere fall)

Music: Edge
Signs: Thumbs, barbed wire, anything blue.
Commets: Yes: Yeah! No: Nope!

Powerful: 2 attack 2 def.2
Speedy: all on 4
tec. all on 1
Ruff neck all on 3
Choose speedy
Speedy: grapple and hardcore; If you did it right
he should be listed as "HARDCORE"
in the rankings.

Taunt: Christain, Go to Make RVD find out

Special: Frog Splash
Combos: Elbow Smash, spinning back kick, X-Pac kick.
Go to running right quick. Grapple Headsizor-takedown, cross fixed pin.
Done! That was Great!!!! by big smoothin

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