Make RVD - Guide for WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role

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Go to create a superstar. Choose the middle body. O.K!
Standard: head Shawn Michaels
upper body: stand. black t-shirt
lower body: stand. black shorts
Weapons: chair

Name: RVD
Music: Edge
signs: thumbs, barb wire or anything blue
comments: yes: yeah! no: nope
choose Man!

Save. Go to create a taunt. Go to upper modify.
#1 151 skip 9 spaces 310, do the same information until it ends.

Save go to moves. Edit. Choose anything you want on the moves.

Specail: Frog Splash

Combo: Elbow smash, spinning back kick, and X-pac kick

YOUR DONE! by Big Smoothin'


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