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If u want to make millions in tradewinds legends this is the right guide for you. 
There are 3 ways to make money in tradwinds buy/sell, doing tasks, and fighting 

When you choose your character you will start off with a cirtain amount of money 
5,000-20,000 normally. Some characters may have a debt to the banker (there is no 
way to start game without it so dont try). This debt will go up every month 4-20% 
depending on your intrest rate.

#1. Buy/sell
#2. Tasks
#3. Battles



This special person is a very big part of buying and selling because he is who you 
buy and sell everything to. Below i have put a "good price to buy and sell" list.

*there is a trader in every city.

salt     |  60-   |  100+  |
tea      |  70-   |  110+  |
wine     |  75-   |  150+  |
amber    |  200-  |  400+  |
oil      |  275-  |  550+  |
weapons  | 2,000- | 2,800+ | 
parchment| 2,800- | 3,500+ |
indigo   | 5,800- | 7,200+ |
rugs     | 4,000- | 6,500+ | *this is illegal in citain city's during cirtain months
gunpowder| 5,500- | 7,000+ | *this is illegal in citain city's during cirtain months

-contraband- this means that rugs and gunpowdermay not be able to be sold to a port 
if they do not want it. If they do not want it they will search your ship for it 
and if they find it they will take it away and u will have lost all the money u 
spent on buyign it. i do NOT suggest that you sell rugs or gunpowder when you first 
start the game because you have a very low percent of the post authorities not 
finding them. later in the game though you can buy items from the magic shop that 
will allow you to conceal items better and keep the authorities from finding them.


Ships, of course, take all the goods you have bought to the next city. you can have 
up to 10 ships in your fleet. if you are aiming to only buy/sell then u need to 
look for ships that have the most cargo space (flying ships are the best) and for 
ships whose special item gives extra cargo space.


As i said in the contraband section you are able to buy many items to conceal your 
illegal items, but the magic shop also sells a contract for a craftsman and an 
enchantess. the craftsman gives 200 extra cargo space and the enchantess give 2,000 
extra cargo space. The craftsman cost 200,000 dollars and has a contract for a year 
then you must pay another 200,000 to keep him on your ship. The same is with the 
enchantess except that she cost 2,000,000 to have a cntract for a year and another 
2,000,000 to renew the contract. 


There is one of these in every town and and all of them give you at least one task. 
when you first start your game depending on what character you choose you will go 
in a virtain city. no other city will give u a task at the beginning except your 
starting city. at first when you are doing tasks you will think "this is stupid 
they are only giveing me 5,000-20,000 per task ill never get over a million". the 
only reason you are getting less at the beginning is because they cant have 
everyone be wealthy that quick it takes all the fun away. 

The only way for you to be able to get tasks from other kings is for your starting 
citys king t give you a task that involves that cities king. there is no other way 
to get tasks from other kings!

There are only 100 tasks so i recommend this for the person just starting 
tradewinds legends because you may finish thenm all quickly.

That is really all there is to know about doing tasks...


*oming soon*

**i personally made 78 trillon dollars in this game so i have tons of experience.

please contact me is you want at [email protected] i really like to take to 
people definitelly about games so feel free to just talk if u have any questions 
ask them i check my emal everyday and ill email back right away NO WAIT thanks a 
lot for reading. bye.

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