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Hello, I will be writing this FAQ for you guys so that you can make some money FAST.


Taking care of your cows is very important if you want S milk.  I'll teach you how 
to take care of them though.
1. Never ever disturb your cows when they are sleeping or they will get angry.
2. Always cuddle and talk to them once a day.
3. Put fodder in the feedbox if it's empty.  Just fill it once a day.
4. Clean your cows when they look dirty, you should be able to tell the difference.
5. Don't leave your cows in the rain or they will get sick and medicine costs a heck 
of alot of money.
6. If your cows get a ? mark over their head when you go to milk it that means you 
have to give a miracle potion to your cow.  This will make your cow pregnant and 
give birth to a new calf or bull.  About five days after they give birth mother's 
milk will be milked, give it to the baby so it will grow.
Doing all the above will give you S rated milk whick sells for about 500g or more 

Taking care of your chickens is very important if you want golden eggs.
1. Never cuddle your chickens if they are sleeping.
2. Cuddle and talk to them once a day.
3. Never neglect them of food or they will hate you.
Chickens do not need as much care as anything else so if you do the above for a 
while you should recieve golden eggs in return which they sell for 300g each.

Taking care of your sheep is very important if you want golden wool.
1. Never disturb your sheep when they are sleeping.
2. Feed them once a day if the bin is empty.
3. Cuddle and talk to them once a day.
4. Clean them once every day, cleaning them is one of the most important things for 
golden wool.
5. Don't leave your sheep in the rain or it will get sick.
Other than that you just cut the wool off when you see it on your sheep and you 
should receive golden wool in return which sells for 600g each.

Taking care of your Goat is very important if you want good goat milk.
1. Never disturb your goat if it is sleeping.
2. Milk it only once a day or it will get mad if you try again.
3. Wash your goat when it looks dirty.
4. Fill up the feedbox only once a day when it is empty.
5. Cuddle and talk to it once every day.
6. Don't leave your goat out in the rain or it will get sick.
Doing all of these will help you get good goat milk which sells for 200g each bottle.

Well, good luck with your animals.  I hope you learned somthing new from this and 
get rich from it.

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