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                                ★Mario Kart Info★
                                                    By Gavin Song

Racers:          Size            Unlock              Unlock

Mario           Medium
Luigi           Medium
Donkey Kong     Heavy
Diddy Kong      Light
Wario           Heavy
Waluigi         Medium
Peach           Medium
Daisy           Medium
Baby Mario      Light
Baby Luigi      Light
Koopa           Light
ParaKoopa       Light
Bowser          Heavy
Baby Bowser     Light
Yoshi           Medium
Birdo           Medium
Toad            Light            100cc            Special Cup
Toadette        Light            100cc            Special Cup
Petey Piranha   Heavy         Mirror Mode          Star Cup
King Boo        Heavy         Mirror Mode          Star Cup

Karts:          Class            Accel               Speed              Weight

Red Fire        Medium           ***                 ***                ***
DK Jumbo        Heavy            **                  ****               ****
Wario Car       Heavy            **                  ****               ****
Heart Coach     Medium           ****                **                 ***
Turbo Yoshi     Medium           ****                **                 ***
Goo-Goo Buggy   Light            *****               *                  **
Koopa Dasher    Light            ****                **                 **
Koopa King      Heavy            *                   *****              *****
Rattle Buggy    Light            ****                **                 **
Para-Wing       Light            *****               *                  **
Barrel Train    Light            **                  ****               ***
Bullet Blaster  Light            ***                 ****               *
Green Fire      Medium           **                  ****               **
Bloom Coach     Medium           ***                 ***                *
Turbo Birdo     Medium           ***                 ***                ****
Waluigi Racer   Medium           ***                 ***                ***
Toad Kart       Light            ****                **                 **
Toadette Kart   Light            *****               *                  **
Piranha Pipes   Heavy            **                  ****               *****
Boo Pipes       Heavy            ****                **                 *****
Parade Kart     All              ***                 ****               ****


Mushroom Cup)
1.Luigi's Circuit
2.Peach Beach
3.Baby Park
4.Dry Dry Desert

Flower Cup)
1.Mushroom Bridge
2.Mario Circuit
3.Daisy Cruiser
4.Waluigi Stadium

Star Cup)
1.Sherbet Land
2.Mushroom City
3.Yoshi Circuit
4.DK Mountain

Special Cup)
1.Wario Colosseum
2.Dino Dino Jungle
3.Bowsers Castle
4.Rainbow Road

All Tour Mode)
1.Mushroom Cup
2.Flower Cup
3.Star Cup
4.Special Cup


1.Grand Prix Mode
2.Time Trials
3.Verses Mode
4.Battle Mode
5.Cooperative Mode
6.Lan Mode
7.Mirror Mode


Normal Items)

Green Shell:        Green Shells can be shot forward or backward. They bounce 
around the road till it hits something.
Red Shell: Red Shells can be shot forward or backward.They act like some kind of 
guided missile.
Spiny Shell:Spiny Shells fly to the front and take down the 1st place karts.
Mushroom:Mushrooms act as small turbo boosts. It doesn't slow down on any terrain.
Triple Mushrooms:Like it's name it just means 3 mushrooms.
Bannana:it can be thrown forward or left backward.It stay put till something hits 
it.if a kart hits it then the kart will spin forward.
Fake Item:If you hit this box then you will be electrified momentarily.
Star:If you use this item you will shoot forward at maximum speed, invincible.
Thunderbolt:It sends a shockwave that hits everykart except you.If you get hit then 
you will turn as tiny as a mouse.

Special Items)
Fire Balls:Mario and Luigi's Sp. 5 fireballs shoot out.
Heart:Peach/Daisies Sp. Guards them from damage.
Yoshi's/Birdo's Egg:a homing missile. Items fly out as it breaks
Chain Chomper:The Babys' Sp. A kart chomping monster pulls them through the course.
Bob-omb:Wario and Waluigi's Sp. They work like Time Bombs.
Bowser's Shell: Bowser's Sp.Launches a Spiky Destructive shell.A little like the 
green shell except bigger and deosn't break when hit.
Triple Shells:The Koopas' Sp. 3 shells
Giant Bannana:The donkey Family's Sp.A giant bannana. If hit it splits into 3 
Golden Mushroom:Toad's/Toadette's Sp. Unlimited Mushrooms for a limited time.3-4 

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