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             Mario Kart: Super Circuit

By: Richard Sutherland
E-mail: [email protected]
Version: 1.0
Last edited:Dec. 17 2001

Table of Contents
1. Mini-Intro
2. Controls
3. Players
4. Tracks
5. Items
6. Track Shortcuts
7. Hints & Tips

1. Mini-Intro 
My name is Richard James Sutherland. I have five different gaming systems. PC, PS1, 
SNES, Game Boy Original, and Game Boy Advance. My strongest talent is Computers. I 
know an incredibly large amount about computers. My skills helped me write this 
faster. I have an average, average in school. I’m obsessed with almost every type of 
game I see, and I always strive to be really good a that game. Mario Kart: Super 
Circuit, would be one of them. I’m writing this to tell you what I know about this 
game and how it works.

2. Controls   

Control Pad = Steer, menu selections
Start button = Pause, confirm selections
Select button = horn, change racing mode settings
L button = Use items, pick item while shuffling
R button = Hop
A button = Accelerator, confirm selections, when the race is starting hit it 0.5-1 
seconds after the second light and get turbo.
B button = Brake, cancel selections

Advance controls
Reverse = down + B
180 Spin = A, B + left or right
Shoot Green shells behind you = Down + L
Drop Red Shells Behind you = Down + L
(Red shells will home opponents when they drive by.)
Drop Spiny Shells Behind You = Down + L
(Same as Red Shells.)
Throw bananas in front of you = Up + L

3. Players
-Yoshi- Weight =2 /5
              Top Speed =2/5
              Acceleration =4/5
-Peach - Weight =1/5
              Top Speed =1/5
              Acceleration =5/5
-Toad - Weight =1/5
              Top Speed =1/5
              Acceleration =5/5
-Mario - Weight =3/5
              Top Speed =3/5
              Acceleration =3/5
- Luigi - Weight =3/5
              Top Speed =3/5
              Acceleration =3/5
-Bowser -Weight =5/5
              Top Speed =5/5
              Acceleration =1/5
-Donkey Kong -Weight =4/5
              Top Speed =4/5
              Acceleration =2/5
-Wario - Weight =4/5
              Top Speed =4/5
              Acceleration =2/5 
4. Tracks
Regular Tracks
Mushroom Cup -Peach circuit
                         -Shy guy beach
                         -Riverside Park
                         -Bowser Castle 1

Flower Cup -Mario Circuit
                   -Boo Lake
                   -Cheese Land
                   -Bowser Castle 2

Thunder Cup -Luigi Circuit
                     -Sky Garden
                     -Cheep-Cheep Island
                     -Sunset Wilds

Star Cup -Snow land
               -Ribbon Road
               -Yoshi Desert
               -Bowser Castle 3

Special Cup -Lakeside Park
                   -Broken Pier
                   -Bowser Castle 4
                   -Rainbow Road
Extra Tracks
Mushroom Cup -Mario Circuit 1
                         -Donut Plains 1
                         -Ghost Valley 1
                         -Bowser Castle 1
Flower Cup -Mario Curcuit 2
                   -Choco Island 1
                   -Ghost Valley 2
                   -Donut Plains 2
Thunder Cup -Bowser Castle 2
                     -Mario Circuit 3
                     -Koopa Beach 1 
                     -Choco Island 2
Star Cup -Vanilla Lake 1
               -Bowser Castle 3
               -Mario Circuit 4
               -Donut Plains 3
Special Cup -Koopa Beach 2
                   -Ghost Valley 3
                   -Vanilla Lake 2
                   -Rainbow Road 

5. Items
Star-Become temporarily invulnerable. 
Mushroom-Get a short burst of speed.
Lightning-Drop lightning on all of your opponents, shrinking them and slowing them 
down for a few seconds.
Boo-Steal items from other players. Use boo to become transparent so that banana’s, 
shells, the giant heads in the bowser track, and enemies will pass through you. 
Plus, if you’re in second place or lower, boo will chase down the leader to 
interfere with his or her racing.
Banana-Make other karts spin out by dropping banana peels.
Red Shells-Launch a guided red shell that hunts down the kart in front of you, and 
tries to make it crash.
Green shells-Attack opponents just like you would with a red shell. Green shells 
don’t home in on other racers-they shoot straight and ricochet off fences and walls
Triple shells-Same as regular shells, accept you can get three of them, and fire 
them one at a time.
Spiny Shell- Fire a homing shell that hunts down the lead kart. Watch as this shell 
crashes into and knocks away every kart in its path.    

Track Shortcuts
Riverside park-When you go over the jump there is shallow water that you can drive 
through. Its a considirable shortcut.
Boo Lake-After a couple of corners, there is a bridge you can drive over. Its 
invisible you look straight at it, but if you look at it on an angle, it glows blue.
Luigi circuit-When you're going along the zigzag in the track, there is a hole in 
the wall that you can drive through. Its a small, but effective.
Sky Garden-a) If you have a turbo, you can turbo over the small jump before the 
second bridge, and get way ahead. Its a huge shortcut.
b)There's a little jump on the corner before the first bridge. Its a small cut, but 
it can gain you a
c)There is a mound of dirt you can hop onto before the second bridge. Its a good 
Sunset Wilds-After the six conncecutive turbos, there is a jump on the wall to the 
right, if you turbo over it, then you jump over the S curve.
Snow Land-a) After you go through the S curve in the beginning, there is a path that 
you can go down, and get 4 turbos.
b) After you drive by the water, there is a turbo, and a jump in front of the wall. 
Go over this jump and tap B the second you land so you don't spin out on the ice. 
Ribbon Road- This is a huge shortcut that I discovered that can bring you from last 
place to first place. Right before the first jump, there is a turbo that will make 
you jump higher. Hit this turbo and turn to the right in mid-air. You will land on 
the bouncy ground. Just make sure you don't jump over the wall or it will slow you 
down a lot.
Yoshi Desert-Right before the second pool, there is a little path you can turn right 
onto. there is a jump you can go over to avoid driving all the way around the pool.
Broken Pier-Before the wooden bridge, there is an a long, hard to see bridge . It 
glows blue when you look at it from an angle.
Rainbow Road- Before you reach the part of the track with the 4 or 6 turbos on the 
ground, there is a path with a bout ten turbos on it. you have to jump over the wall 
to get there.
7. Hints and tips
1. When you hit something on the ground like a patch of ice, an enemy, or even a 
banana, you can just hit B while you're wobbling and you won't spin out.
2. If you Hold A 1 second after the second light, you'll get a turbo.
3. If you are a lightweight driver, avoid hitting other players because they will 
send you flying.
4. In most tracks when you go into a harepin (a 180 degree turn.) there is enough 
space to cut.
5. The most effective method of driving, is to have a strategy. So when you go in to 
turns, get on the outside of the track, and turn to the inside of the track. It is 
the most time-efficient method.
6. When a red shell is on your tail, you can hold down L to set a green shell, a 
banana, or a red shell to block it. You can also use to to knock out opponents it 
they bump into you from behind.

Copyright info
This document is copyright 2001. All rights reserved. If this is copied, and the 
author’s name is changed, or anything involving copying this document without my 
permission, then I will take you to court.
All Items, characters, track name etc. Mentioned in this document are the Property 
of Nintendo

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