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Paper Mario
Version 1.0
By Tyler Pappas
E-mail: [email protected]
ESRB rating: Everyone
Copyright 2002
6-30-02: Started/Finished the FAQ
Recommendation code sight:
(*   means I'm not completely sure of the attack name.)

Hello! This is the 1st FAQ I have written, and it is about Mario's partners. I hope 
you enjoy it! :-P

Found in Goomba village
Headbonk: bonk an enemy.
Tattle:find out about opponent/see his HP.
Super Rank attack:
Charge: 1FP: raise attack power by one.
Ultra Rank attack:
Multi-bonk: 3FP:bonk an enemy untill you miss an action command .

Found in Koopa village
Shell attack: hit an enemy with a shell.
Power shell: 3FP: hit all ground enemies with a shell.
Super Rank attacks:
Dizzy shell:4FP:paralyze ground enemies with a shell.
Ultra Rank attacks:
Flaming shell: 5FP: hit ground enemies with a flaming shell.

Found in Koopa Bros.' Fortress
Body slam: hit a ground enemy.
Bomb: 3FP: bomb a ground enemy.
Super Rank attacks:
Power bomb: 6FP: bomb all ground enemies.
Ultra Rank attacks;
Mega bomb: 8FP: bomb all enemies.

Found on Mt. Rugged
Sky dive: kick an enemy.
Shell shot: 3FP: hit an enemy with a flying shell.
Super Rank attacks:
Air lift: 4FP: carry an enemy away from battle.
Ultra Rank attacks:
Air raid: 6FP: attack all enemies.

Found in Shyguy's Toybox
Electro dash: hit an enemy.
Turbo shock: 2FP: paralyze an enemy.
Super Rank attacks:
*Power charge: 4FP: raise Mario's attack power for a few turns.
Ultra Rank attacks:
*Super shock: 5FP: paralyze all enemies.

Found in Boo's Mansion
Slap: hit an enemy multiple times.
Outta sight: 2FP: Make Mario transparent that turn.
Super Rank attacks:
Spook: 3FP: Scares enemies away.
Ultra Rank attacks: 
Fan smack: 5FP: hit an enemy with a fan multiple times.

Found in Jade Jungle
Belly flop: belly flop an enemy.
*Water gun: 3FP: hit an enemy with water.
Super Rank attacks:
Water block:4FP: reduce the damage Mario recieves for a few turns.
Ultra Rank attacks:
Tidal wave: 6FP: depending on how you use the action command, this can do 10+ damage.

Found in Flower fields
Spiny flip: hit an enemy with a spiny ball.
Spiny surge: 4FP: hit all enemies with spiny balls.
Super Rank attacks:
Cloud 9: 4FP: makes a 25% chance enemies won't hit Mario.
Ultra Rank attacks:
Hurricane:5FP: blows all enemies away.

Thanks for reading. :-P 

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