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This is how to get the girls.

Use this well and do not plagerize.

                              Favorite Items
     Each girl likes a specific thing but some are hard to obtain

Mist:Emery Flower
                You could also give her radishes.

Rosseta:Baked Patato
                You could also give her warm milk and/or chocolate milk.

Lara:Chocolate Cake
                You could also give her Strawberries.

Felicity:Eggplant Curd
                You could also give her Cold Medicine but it wouldn't cure her.

Bianca:She has everything so there is no point in giving her anything.
                Talk to her everyday to get LP and FP up.

Mei:Baked Rice Ball
                You could also give her any type of fish but not Lobsters!

Melody:Relax Tea Leafs
                You could also give her Fire,Water,and Wind cystals but never 
Earth!Earth will make her stats all go to zero.(Rumored but not proven 
yet.Don't risk it though!)

Tabatha:Rice Porridge
                This only gives you FP's. Collecting animals will give you LP's.

Tori:Pumpkin Pudding
               This only raises FP. If you read instructional her LP will go up.
(This doesn't matter whether or not she is in the library currently or not.

   Each girl has a certain requirement for proposal which must be fufilled!

To propose you must have had your house extended and have a big bed. Don't read 
past unless current requirements are met.

Mist:You must have plowed all the squares outside of you house and have a pass 
to Greed Cave.

Bianca:Have you LP and FP at 10 then visit her while shes in the park (either 
on holiday or a festival)

Felicity:First thing you will want to do is get 3 FP with her dad so he'll 
let you visit after hours. Next go to the library and read the cursed stone 
legend. Then wait until a rainy/snowy day then go see Cecilia in the library. 
She'll tell you that she read the cursed stone legend and gave all her 
stones   to Felicity. Then go see her when shes in her room and she will tell 
you that she got the stone around the time that she got sick and give it to 
you. After that go take it to Edward and he'll tell you that it is the cursed 
stone and depose of it for you. then all you have to do is go back and see her 
while shes in her room.

Lara:After you rescue Cecilia from what ever cave she got stuck in, go see 
her and she'll give you a Lapis Lazuli. take that to Lara and give it to her.

Mei:Warning: This ones the hardest (in my opinion)

In order to do this you need a friend with this game too. First catch a Love 
Fish in Misty Bloom Cave then take in to that shell on the beach. set up a 
trade with you friend and trade this fish back and forth until its level 60 
(Note: If you didn't know, every time you trade something, it raises in 
level). Now go give it to Mei

Melody:Talk to her while shes at the Kasimir Ruins (on Fridays before she 
opens I think XD)until she mentions that Sharron and her are friends. then 
wait until night when Sharron is at the inn. talk to her and she will say that 
she thinks that Melody is lonely. Then go talk to her while shes in her room 
and you'll be able to propose.

Rosetta:Go to the library and read the white stone legend. next go talk to 
Rosetta at her house either before they open or after they close while shes in 
her room. She'll tell you about the White Stone. Then go to Toros Cave and by 
the river (The part where you can see the stairs across the water)and right 
next to an iceberg, there should bee a little gray/white thing. go up to that 
and press A then a menu will pop up asking if you want to dig or leave it 
alone. chose dig and you'll get the white stone. then you can either give it 
to Lukas for 8 FP or give it to Rosetta to marry her.

Sharron:After you beat the Grimoire at Gigant Mountain Cave, you'll get a 
Grimoire scale. bring that to Leo (give it to him with the L A thing)and he'll 
tell you that he can make a sword in three days. come back in that time and 
get it. Last bring it to Sharron.

Tabatha:Get 50 or more friend monsters and find her when shes in the Kasimir 
Ruins on Holidays. talk to her and you'll be able to propose.

Tori: things you need ant least 10g, Large Milk, and something to do to fill 
your time.

On a holiday, take a bath then at 9:00pm go to the top of that one mountain 
(you know. the place you take a girl on moon lit eve)and Tori will be there. 
go up to her and give her the milk. then you can propose.

I hope this helped,peace,love,respect,and i'm out!=P

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