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Marrying Denny
By Doodle33433 (Aubrey)
Email:[email protected]

Here is a guide I have made for those that want to marry Denny.
I do take qeustions, so if you have any qeustions please A-mail me.(E-mail is 
at top)Enjoy!


This fisherman has traveled to the island with his bird, Kuu, in search of 
large fish. Denny keeps to the fisherman's code and spends every day out on the 
ocean trying to catch the big one.

In the mornings Denny goes out in his fishing boat, so you usually won't see 
him on the island until he returns at 9am. On rainy day the ocean is too 
dangerous and so he stays on land.

Birthday: Fall 26 

Moves in: Catch at least 50 things (fish, boots, etc.) when fishing, and have 
E.Town unlocked. 

Moves out: Ignore for 30 days and ship 0 fish in 30 days 


Specail:Sashami (Unlock Sashami by Giving Luke the Diner owner a Medium sized 

Loves:Fish (S), Fish (M), Fish (L)

Sushi, Carrpacio, Red Flower Mix Natto, Boiled Fish, Marinated Fish, Fish 
Meuniere, Grilled Fish

Likes:Turnip, Raw Buckwheat, Curry Powder, Cabbage, Cucumber, Fish Bone, 
Buckwheat, Pepper, Spinach, Edamame

Indigo Curry, Blue Curry, Red Curry, Steamed Turnip, Curry Noodles, Curry Bun, 
Curry Rice, Yellow Curry, Ultimate Curry, Mochi Mix Natto, Black Curry, Gem 
Natto, Buckwheat Noodles, Finest Curry, White Curry, Mix Natto, Orange Curry, 
Fried Egg Over Rice, Tempura Noodles, Tempura Soba, Tempura Bowl, Dry Curry, 
Natto, Rainbow Curry, Dairy Natto, Green Curry, Purple Curry, Fried Thick 
Noodles, Fried Noodles

Dislikes:Empty Can, Stone, Stick, Gold Lumber, Pirate Treasure, Fodder, Yarn, 
Fish Fossil, Weeds, Material Stone, Bird Feed, Rubber Boot, Lithograph, Bottle, 
Pet Food, Lumber, Wool

Failed Dish, Soy Milk, Dried Bean Curd

Hates:Fall Sun, Adamantite, Amethyst, Alexandrite, Emerald, Orichalc, Gold Ore, 
Silver Ore, Mythic Stone, Sandrose, Diamond, Copper Ore, Topaz, Summer Sun, 
Spring Sun, Pink Diamond, Winter Sun, Peridot, Flourite, Mystrile, Moonstone, 
Agate, Ruby

Horror:Junk Ore


Each person who is eligible for marriage will have a heart marker on their 
portrait. To increase the color of the heart marker you will need to do 
favorable things, such as talk to the person daily and give gifts. There are 7 
color stages you must progress through before the person will accept your 
marriage proposal
Black → Purple → Blue → Green → Yellow → Orange → Red 
When your potential mate has reached a purple, blue, and yellow heart colors 
you can trigger Heart Events. There is also an extra orange Heart Event you can 
view if you choose specific event answers through the previous three Heart 
Events in order to reach the orange one. You must view at least the purple, 
blue, and yellow events before marriage.

Besides the necessary red heart color and the three heart events, there are a 
few other requirements:

Upgrade your house to a large size 
Purchase the husband`s bed for 10,000 G from Chen's store 
Have the church, Nathan, and Alisa living on the island 
Unlock the 23 main portraited characters: Taro, Elliot, Felicia, Natalie, 
Gannon, Eliza, Mirabelle, Vaughn, Julia, Chen, Charlie, Denny, Witch, Harvest 
Goddess, Nathan, Alisa, Regis, Sabrina, Pierre, Lanna, Shea, Wada, and Mark.

Once you have completed the basic 5 requirements, you can present the Blue 
Feather to propose marriage. The feather can be purchased from Chen's shop for 
a small 1000 G price once a potential spouse reaches an orange heart color. 

After you present your honey with the Blue Feather, and if you have met the 
minimum requirements listed above, you will travel to your house for a little 
love confession conversation. You will then have to wait a week for your 
wedding ceremony. If your wedding was to fall on the same day as a festival or 
the day before a festival, it will be bumped to after the festival and you'll 
have to wait an extra day. 

The ceremony will take place at the church with the other villagers in 
attendance. There are no special wedding clothes and the ceremony is very 
short. After the wedding is over, the game's credit will roll and you will 
return to your house once they are over. 

When the credits finish, your spouse will ask you what nickname you would like 
to be called by. You can choose any name you wish or even put in your 
character's regular name.


Scene 1, Denny's Valiant Story

» Denny's house
» 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
» Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather
» Denny at or above a Purple heart color 

Denny greets you as you enter his house and tells you he just came back from 
doing a lot of fishing. You notice all the stuff laying around and he explains 
that he uses it all for fishing. Being a fisherman is difficult though, since 
he always has to do repairs on his equipment and he's risking his life. If he 
falls out of his boat while on the ocean he could become shark food. Denny 
claims he's had to fight off sharks several times!

Correct Answer:Oh... really?

Scene 2, Fish Print

» Denny's House
» 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, Sunny, Clear or Cloudy weather
» 6:00 am to 10:00 am, Rainy weather
» 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Rainy weather
» Denny at or above a Blue heart color 

You surprise Denny by walking up behind him while he was staring at a picture 
on his wall. He explains that it's a print of a fish, and it is from the 
biggest fish that he's ever seen so far. You seem to be in disbelief that 
such a huge fish exists, which makes him laugh. The print of the fish is 
evidence enough.

Correct Answer:What kind of fish was it?
Correct Answer 2:I'll help!

Scene 3, Gluttonous Denny

» E.Town's Diner
» 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
» Sunny, Clear, or Cloudy weather
» Not available Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday
» Lanna must be living on the island
» Denny at or above a Yellow heart color 

Inside the Diner, Denny invites you to have a meal with him. When you walk up 
to the table you'll notice there's a lot of food on it! Denny had ordered 
everything available, and he's not even sure if that's enough food to fill up 
his belly.

Lanna will come over to your table and is surprised to hear that 1 person can 
eat all that food. Denny insists that he can succeed.

Correct Answer:Can you do it?

Heart events marriage requirement completed


If you would like a child as well, wait 30 days after your wedding ceremony. 
You will begin to feel ill and soon will announce the pregnancy. The pregnancy 
will last another 60 days (2 seasons) and then the random-gender child will be 

The next step is to make sure your house is the largest size possible. You 
actually can't upgrade your house from the marriage-required large size until 
after you are married. Talk to Gannon when you are ready to upgrade your house 
to super-size, which requires 700 Wood Lumber and 50,000 G. Alternately, you 
can pay him a flat rate 80,000 G if you don't have enough lumber on hand. 

After the marriage and house upgrade, you will need to buy your upcoming child 
a bed to sleep in. Chen will sell the Baby Bed in his shop after the super-size 
house upgrade has been completed, and you have been married for 30 days. The 
bed costs 10,000 G and will be placed just to the north of the adult beds 
inside your house. 

When you have collected the necesary pieces together, the pregnancy can occur. 
The pregnancy scene will trigger once you have been married for at least 30 
days. If you did not have the necessary house upgrade and Baby Bed 30 days 
after your marriage ceramony, then the pregnancy scene will be delayed and 
occur the next morning after completing the requirements. If you collected the 
items before the 30 days are up, then the scene will trigger on the 31st day 
(or non-festival day).

During the event, Doctor will be called to examine you.The Mineral Town doctor 
does not need to be living on the island at the time. He will travel from 
Mineral Town to your island and then return when the event is over.

Once the pregnancy scene has passed through, you will have to wait another 60 
days. You can play the game as normal. If you are playing as a girl you will 
not loose extra stamina points during the pregnancy.

After the two seasons has passed by, the birthing scene will trigger. Felicia 
and the Doctor will help with the birth of the child. The gender of the child 
is randomly set at the time of the marriage ceramony. There isn't a way to 
control what gender your child is, much like a pregnancy in real life.

The baby will stay in the bed for the next 2 years. The baby will not accept 
any gifts you try to give it, and you can not pick it up out of the bed.

Since you can not give the child any gifts, for the next 2 years the baby's 
heart marks will not increase or decrease. You can ignore the child for long 
period of time and it will not affect his or her affection rates.

After the 240 days have gone by, the baby will magically be crawling around the 
next morning. Don't forget that today is your child's birthday! Every year, 
enter your house after 6:00 pm to celebrate your little one's birthday. 

Now that the child is out of bed you can start to give him or her gifts. Just 
like with everyone else, the child will not accept your gifts unless you talk 
to him or her for 3 days before trying to offer gifts. The different child 
genders prefer different gifts.

If you want your child to walk, you're going to have to wait another 2 years. 
At that point the little one will gain his or her footing and start walking 
around the house instead of crawling. The child still stays inside all day, but 
now you can see him or her at festivals as a guest.


Welcoming (parent)
» Walk from Area 1 to Your Farm
» 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
» Child must be crawling 

As you return to your farm, you'll find your child out by itself at the 
entrance! It seems the child wanted to welcome you home, so he/she wandered out 
of the house to greet you.

Back inside the house, your spouse will be very upset. He/she had been 
searching for the child and couldn't find him/her. Your spouse scolds the 
child, but you explain the child was only trying to meet up with you. Your 
spouse realizes that it wasn't good to be so angry and apologizes, but requests 
that your child not leave without permission again. 

And that concludes my guide!
Marrying Denny
By Doodle33433 (Aubrey)
E-mail:[email protected]

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