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E      L      L        I    O    O     T
EEE    L      L        I    O    O     T
E      L      L        I    O    O     T      ...   ...
E      L      L        I    O    O     T     .    .    .
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Marrying Elliot                                   ..              
E-mail:[email protected]
By Doodle33433 (Aubrey)  

HELLO!I`m Doodle33433, and I married Elliot.So if you`re going to marry Elliot, 
here are some things you might want to know!Oh yes, you can E-mail me any 
qeustions you have.Please don`t E-mail me any suggestions.Also, I don`t take E-
mails telling me how horrible my guide is...blah blah blah.If you`re going to 
send me an E-mail,please don`t make it look like this:[email protected]!!!!3hats ^?I want to 
be able to understand you.I hope you enjoy my guide!

-About Elliot-
Here are some important things you need to know about Elliot.
He is:A very smart boy who lives with his sister,mom, and grandpa.He doesn`t 
have much confidence because of his sister.

He likes
Stir-Fries Veggies is what he likes more than anything!He realy likes 
corn,potatos, and chocolate.He dislikes junk food,grass, and garbage.He 
absolutely HATES milk.So don`t even think about giving him milk.

Things to do to make him happy 
If you realy want to make him happy, give him 
specail gifts on specail days.You need to give him a gift everyday, but give 
him something he realy likes on specail days.On his birthday, give him some 
chocolate to make him realy like you.Their is a holiday where girls give 
chocolate to boys to show their appreceation.If you give him chocolate on this 
day, he gets SUPER happy.Talk to him at least 3 times a day.

Felicia:She is Elliot`s mother.She`s very kind and loves yarn

Taro:He is Elliot`s grandpa and Felicia`s dad.He always knows what the weather 
will be the next day.

Natalie:She is Elliot`s sister.She has no respect for him and is constantly 
ruining his confidence.

His Other Crush
Elliot has a crush on Julia.But don`t freak out!If you work hard enough, 
you`ll become his new crush!(and wife)Sometimes you`ll see him and Julia in 
some place together.(Like the Cafe)but once he starts liking you more,He ignore 
Julia more and more.The only thing you need to worry about is Rival scenes.
(I`ll tell you about those later)You need to have 3 scenes with Elliot before 
you can marry him.To make the scenes happen, you have to show up at certain 
places at certain times.(i`ll tell you about those in a sec.)

Places you`ll find him
He wakes up about 5:00 am.He`ll stay in his house until 
about 9:00 am.Sometimes he goes to Julia`s house.(but only in the beginning)He 
goes to the Cafe sometimes.And if he`s not in the Cafe, then he`ll probly be 
walking around it.Very rarely you`ll see him next to the trail that leads to 
the mountains.(In the west part of the town)

Places you won`t find him
I`ve never seen him at the beach.You won`t see him at 
your farm.(Not until you marry him anyway)He only goes to the Cafe.Not the 
Diner.He doesn`t go to any of the Hotels.

Having the Scenes
Before you can marry Elliot, you need to have 3 scenes with him.They are hard 
to trigger so here is how you do it!

First Scene, Busy Elliot
Go to Taro`s house.
Happens from 5:00pm to 11:00pm
It needs to be sunny, clear, or cloudy outside.
You have to have shipped 200 items in that season before you can have this scene
Elliot has to be in Taro`s house for this to happen
He has to have a purple heart or higher.

Correct Answer:I can still help can`t I?
After this scene your ready to have the second scene

Second Scene, What`s on Elliot`s Mind
Go to Taro`s house
happens from 8:00pm to 11:00pm
It needs to be sunny,clear, or cloudy outside
Can`t happen on Tuesdays
Elliot has to have a blue heart or higher

Correct Answer:Um....Y-yes!
After this scene your ready for scene 3.The last one!

Scene 3, A Chat with Elliot
Go to the Cafe in East Town (You can`t have this scene without the cafe)
Happens from 9:00am to 1:00pm
It needs to be Rainy or Snowy outside
Can`t happen on Tuesdays
Elliot has to have a Yellow heart or higher.

correct Answer:I`m honored!

After this scene, keep giving him gifts until he reaches a red heart.Once his 
heart is red, your ready to get married!

Having a Child
Once you`re married, you need to start getting ready for a kid.
Once you get married Ganon will be selling another house upgrade.Upgrade your 
house to this size which will cost 50,000 and you need to have 700 lumber.If 
you don`t have the lumber, pay for ganon`s for the price of 80,000
After that, Chen will be selling a Child`s Bed at his shop.But that which costs 
10,000.when you have that stuff done,Wait 30 days after your marriage.Once it 
has been 30 days, You`ll cut into a scene where you feel sick.Dr, Trent helps 
you out.(You don`t have to have him in your town at the moment.He`ll travel 
from Mineral Town)Wait 2 seasons after this scene and then you`ll cut into 
another scene.Dr. Trent will come with Felicia and you will have your baby.You 
never know if it`s gonna be a boy or a girl until you have the baby.

About your child
After you have your baby, it has to stay in bed for two whole years!!!!!!
You can`t hold it or give it gifts until the two years are up.After the Two 
years are up, he/she will start crawling.After the two years it will be your 
child`s birthday.Go into the house after 6:00 to celebrate it`s B-day.Talk to 
him/her for three days and then you can give it gifts.After 2 more years the 
child will start walking.
Here are some commonly used names if your having trouble deciding.

Male Names   -   Female Names
Namine       -   Martin
Jill         -   Jack
Daisy        -   Emmet
Malon        -   Loric

Rival Scenes
Remember how I said Elliot likes Julia?
Well if you start ignoring him, Elliot and Julia will start having scenes with 
each other.This what we call Rival Scenes.If they have four Rival Scenes 
together, they will get married.

First Rival Scene, Helping a Friend
Elliot offers to help Julia with her work.
This is only the first rival scene, so it`s common for most people to have this 

Second Rival Scene, Julia`s Thanks 
Julia goes over to Elliot`s house to thank him for helping out.
It`s probly a bad thing if you have this scene.You need to pay more attention 
to Elliot from now on.

Third Rival Scene, After this....
They both talk to each other about how work has been going.
Okay!Start freaking out if you have had this scene!PAY MORE ATTENTION TO 

Fourth Rival Scene, Sudden Conversation
Elliot asks Julia to marry him!!!!!!
I`m sorry.......
It`s to late to marry him if you have had this scene.

                              -Q & A-
No questions asked yet.Please E-mail me any questions at 
[email protected]

Thanks for reading!
Guide:Marrying Elliot
Made on:September 28, 2008                                                 
E-mail:[email protected]
By Doodle33433 (Aubrey)
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