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Fighting Masks:

Deku : At the beginning of the game you are transformed into a deku. To transform 
into a deku you need to first of all retrieve the moon's tear and follow the 
sequence until midnight of the 3rd day. When you go into a fight against majora 
spit your bubble blast at him. He drops the ocarina and after you pick it up you 
will remember the song of time. Then when you are warped back in time go to the 
door right behind you and talk to the happy mask salesman. He will then teach you 
the song of healing. And then you will be transformed back into your "normal" form 
and you will recieve the deku mask that can be used at anytime to transform 
yourself into a deku.

Goron : After you have recieved the lens of truth go exit the cave and jump on the 
ice blocks until you get to the main land. If you are still using the lens of truth 
you should be able to see darmani. Speak to darmani and then follow him all the way 
to the hot springs cave. When you get there play the song of healing and you will 
recieve the goron mask. And like the deku this can be used at anytime to transform 
youself into a goron.

Zora : Head to Great Bay, and look out onto the water. You should see a flock of 
seagulls flying above the water in a circle. Swim out to where the seagulls are and 
you should find mikau. Push him to shore then play the song of healing for him. You 
will recieve the zora mask which can turn you into a zora at anytime.

Fierce-diety mask will not be explained here i want you to find this out by 
yourself its more enjoyable this way.

Regular Masks:

Stone Mask : First of all buy a red potion. Then go to Ikana valley, and look to 
your left there should be a circle of stones. Use the lens of truth and in the 
circle of stones there is a soldier. Revive him with a red potion and you will be 
awarded with the stone mask which makes you invisible to almost any enemy when you 
have it on. (Sidenote: This is one of the most useful masks in the game. I would 
recommend you to get this mask if you want to make the game simpler for you.This 
mask is perfect for the pirate's forestress.)

Bomb Mask : Go to north clock town on the night of the first day. Wait til 
midnight, and then and old lady carrying an excessively large bag should walk by. 
And a man will walk up to her and steal her bag. Slash the man with your sword once 
and he should drop the bag. Do not shoot him with arrows because the bag will 
explode. The old lady should reward you with the blast mask in which you can use to 
blow yourself up just like using a bomb at the expense of one heart.

Postman's Hat : Go through the kafei and anju sequence until you recieve the 
express mail to mama. Then go to the postman's office and give him the letter. He 
will deliver it to the bar in east clock town. As soon as he exits the bar he will 
come to a stop talk to him then and you will recieve the postman's hat. The 
postman's hat is used for collecting items from mailboxes. The first mailbox you 
look in will contain a heart piece. Then every mailbox after will contain one or 
five rupees.

All-night Mask : First of all make sure you have the giant's wallet cause the mask 
costs five hundred rupees. Save the old lady from getting her bag stolen (this part 
is explained under blast mask). Then go to the curiosity shop and purchase the mask 
on the night of the 3rd day. The curiosity shop opens at 10 p.m. This mask is used 
for staying up through anju's grandmother's stories. If you follow the story she 
will ask you a few questions. Either way you will end up with two heart pieces if 
you listen to both stories.

Keaton's Mask : Follow the kafei and anju sequence until you reach the part where 
you go to the back of the curiosity shop on the second day. Talk to the curiosity 
shop owner and you should recieve the keaton's mask and the express mail to mama. 
This mask is used to take the keaton's quiz. To find keaton go to north clock town 
and attack the moving grass next to the tree with the mask on. Then if you answer 
all five of keaton's quiz questions correctly you will recieve a heart piece.

Mask of Scents : After you have beaten woodfall temple go to the deku palace and go 
to the left jumping across the lilly pads or swimming your way. Then complete the 
test and the deku butler will hand you the mask. Use this mask to sniff out the 
boxers on the bunkbed at the inn in east clock town. Capture the smell in a jar and 
give it to one of the hags. She will then make it into a blue potion which can be 
used later for access to ikana castle.

Don Gero's Mask : After playing the goron's lullabye to the baby goron, light all 
of the torches in the goron shrine.Then roll across the carpet and launch off the 
ramp and break the torches from the ceiling until a rock falls out. Carry the rock 
all the way to the goron standing on top of a platform in goron village. Throw the 
rock up to him, and he will give you the don gero's mask. This mask is used for 
gathering the frogs in a choir in the spring at snowhead. You should recieve a 
heart piece if you can manage to gather all the frogs.

Romani's Mask : Save the ranch from the aliens and on the second day save them from 
the gorman brothers when you are riding on the wagon. Then Cremia will give you 
this mask. This mask is used for entry to the milk bar.

Circus Leader's Mask : To get this mask you are required to get all of the 
transformation masks and the romani mask. Go to the milk bar with your romani's 
mask on then talk to the zora located near the stage. He will then let you perform 
your instrument, you need to play the ocarina for all transformations. You will 
soon play the song called the ballad of the wind fish and it will remind this guy 
named gorman of the past. He will then award you with this mask and the mask itself 
drops tears from the eyes. Use this to make the Gorman brothers sad.

Great-fairy's Mask : When you are not a deku collect the stray fairy and return it 
to the north clock town fairy fountain. The great fairy will soon award you with 
this mask. This mask is used for collecting stray fairy's in temples.

Bremen Mask : Visit the man playing the instrument at night (not sure if it is any 
specific day). Then listen to his story and you  will be awarded with the mask. 
This mask is used for marching and leading animals in a line.

Bunny Hood : Go to the ranch and go to the chicken coop. Then use the bremen mask 
to lead the chicks til they get older and become chickens. Then grog will give you 
the bunny hood. Used to run faster than link's normal speed. Also in the postman's 
game it allows the time to be shown so you can hit the 10 seconds accurately (I did 
the game without the bunny hood :)

Kafei's Mask : Go to city halll aka the mayor's office and take the door on the 
right. Talk to the big lady (madame aroma) and if you accept she will hire you to 
look for her son kafei and at the same time you will recieve this mask. This mask 
is used for the kafei and anju sequence.

Gibdo's Mask : Play the song of storms in the cave at the top of ikana. And the 
river should return and the little girl should come out of the house with the 
musical instrument on top of it. Then head inside without her seeing you and head 
downstairs to the closet. Her father will come out and at the same time you should 
play the song of healing. You will recieve the mask and her father will be returned 
to normal. This mask is used for talking to gibdo's and so gibdo's and re-deads 
alike will not attack you.

Giant's Mask : In stone tower defeat the eyegore before the final boss fight. This 
mask is only used for twinmold the boss of the stone tower. This mask turns you 
into giant size but also consumes your magic power.

Captain's Hat : Go to the graveyard and play the sonata of awakening on the giant 
skeleton. He will wake up then you try to catch up to him or race him to the top. 
When you get to the top defeat him and he will let you cross to get to the treasure 
chest containing the captain's hat. This mask if used for opening graves using the 
little skeletons (not sure the name of them).

Garo's Mask (the coolest one of them all) : Race the Gorman brothers and get 1st 
place. Try to get in there way so they cannot pass and use your carrots wisely you 
only have 6 of them.

Mask of Truth : Complete the skulltula house around woodfall temple. This mask is 
used for gossip stones and reading dogs minds. If you want to win lots of races 
check what dogs run really fast.

Couple's Mask : Follow the kafei and anju sequence until you get to a part where 
you go to ikana. Then help kafei get to the mask in time before it falls down the 
conveyor belt. This mask is used for ending the mayor's meeting for a heart piece.

Kamaro's Mask : Get this from the very odd and intimidating guy standing on top of 
one of the frozen trees near snowhead/goron village. You will hear weird music so 
follow the music and jump on the tree. Then play the song of healing for him and 
you will get the mask. This mask is used to get a heart piece from the rosa's 
sisters if you use the mask in front of them while they are dancing in west clock 


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