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                gt advance  championship racing - medium class guide

[ Title    ]   GT Advance: Championship Racing™
[ Platform ]   GameBoy Advance™
[ Version  ]   v1.00
[ Author   ]   Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
[ E-Mail   ]   [email protected]
[ Plug     ]
[ Updated  ]   June 15th, 2001


 i.   Legal Stuff
 ii.  Updates/Revision History
 iii. Game Basics
01.   Race/Prize Guide
02.   Passwords and Codes


 i. Legal Stuff


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© Copyright 2000-2001 Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. This FAQ and everything
included  within  this  file  cannot be reproduced in any way, shape or
form  (physical, electronical, or otherwise) aside from being placed on
a freely-accessible, non-commercial web page in it's original, unedited
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cannot be given away as some sort of bonus, gift, etc., with a purchase
as this creates incentive to buy and is therefore prohibited.


 ii. Updates/Revision History


Version 1.00 (05/15/01)
• Everything before your beautiful eyes.


 iii. Game Basics


 ° Selecting the best car °
For Beginner's Class, there are several good choices when it comes down to
what car you should use and stick with throughout the mode at the start of
your game (or even the entire game). Some are obvious choices, but some can be
suprising. Here are my top picks for default cars:

1.) The car you began the game with (the one you've souped up)
2.) Toyota Mark II Tourer V
3.) Nissan Silvia (S14)
4.) Nissan 180SX (RPS13)
5.) Toyota MR-S

And, if you get through the first few races in Medium Class:

1.) Nissan Skyline GT-R (This car is excellent)
2.) Honda S2000

I personally went with my souped up Toyota MR2, but every car listed above is 
very good, and it doesn't make too big of a difference on which vehicle you 
use. Be sure to choose the Skyline GT-R if you are going to go with a newer
car instead of using your souped up car.

 ° Manual or Automatic? °
This question has haunted every racing fan's dreams ever since the racing
genre has existed. One answer would be Manual, and all "hardcore" gamers
use Manual, since "automatic sux". I disagree. I might use Manual in some
games like Gran Turismo 2, but in a tiny handheld game like this, one with
a digital pad and a small-ass track, I definitely suggest using the Automatic
transmission at all times. Driving around the courses flawlessly is difficult
enough, but adding the fact that you have to shift up and down at the same
time is just insane.

 ° Tips °
• Take as straight of a path as possible. The courses are usually very narrow,
  and hitting the side of the course will cause you to either stop, slow down
  immensely, or to just spin out. Practice on the tracks beforehand to get
  a feel for them, so you can better navigate them during a real race.

• Don't bump into other cars. Just like Ridge Racer, bumping into other cars,
  especially from behind, will turn into bumper cars, causing you to slow down,
  and making the other car(s) shoot forward and away from you.

• Once you've tuned up a car and won some races with it, stick with that car.
  Don't waste your time on a car that you won't use past the Beginner Class,
  because after you've tuned it up a few times, it'll be shameful to just
  toss it away and get a new car. Focus on one car, and tune it to the max
  by winning races.


 01. Race / Prize Guide


Trophy Key (Trophy Required):
Bronze = 3rd Place
Silver = 2nd Place
Gold   = 1st Place

COURSE               TUNING PRIZE        TROPHY   CAR PRIZE              TROPHY
Circuit-2 BULLET     Engine: Light Tune  Silver   Nissan Skyline GT-R    Gold
Winding-3 TURNPIKE   Filter: Special     Gold     Toyota Celica (ZZT231) Gold 
Highway-3 FREEWAY    Grip: Special       Gold     Honda S2000            Gold
City-2 DASH          N/A                 N/A      Toyota Celica          Gold
Dirt-3 DIRT PARK     Muffler: Stainless  Gold     Lancer GSR Evo. VI     Gold
Circuit-3 BIG TRAP   N/A                 N/A      Nissan Silvia (S15)    Gold
Winding-4 CAUTION    Sus: Sports         Gold     Toyota CHASER Tourer V Gold
City-3 RUNNING FREE  Middle Tune         Silver   Mazda RX-7             Gold


 02. Passwords and Codes


Enter the following passwords to gain access to the listed class and race:

Medium Class
Winding-4 CAUTION:     $lKF R0KC Fs69 yw0K

High-Speed Class
Beginning of Medium Class:  Gr-5 Tx5J rjyK tl61

Enter the following codes at the startup screen (where it says Press Start):

- To unlock the Indy Car Mode, Press and Hold L+R, then press Left on the D-
  Pad, then press B. When you hear a sound press start and it will be unlocked.

- To unlock the Go Kart Mode, Press and Hold L+R, then press Right on the
  D-Pad, then press B. When you hear a sound press start and it will be

- For all tuning parts, press and hold L+R then Down+Right (diagonal) then
  press B.

*NOTE: I'd like to thank Rohan Verma (RohanMBE) for making a car list for me,
       and therefore helping me find out a certain car I was missing from
       the race/prize list above. He also contributed the codes above, so if
       they don't work, then blame him! Thanks again! ^_^

     ¸__.-» This document Copyright © 2000-2001 Nemesis™. All rights reserved «-


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