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Mario Strikers Charged FAQ By Daveizcool

When You want to make in a goal, you have 2 options: try to get around the 
goalie (Kritter) and fire, or you can use a mega strike or a skill shot. these 
are pretty hard to do, cuz u need to charge up the ball. that leaves you wide 
open for a hit. these are all the best ways 2 avoid players ready to tackle you.

1)captains (mega strikes)
2)toad: fire ball
3)koopa:giant shell
4)monty mole: tunnel ball
5)dry bones: electric ball
6)Birdo: egg torpedo
7)boo: vanishing act
8)hammer bro.: hammer attack
9)shy guy: bullet bill
10)something really cool!

(*note: sidekick goals are called skill shots, i think)


Its probably always best to do a mega strike after using the captains special 
items. for instance: when you have yoshis egg, try squishing evry player on the 
opponent's team and then charge up for a mega strike.I always be petey piranha 
and i use mud slinger in the corner of the field, then go right into the corner 
and charge almost always works exept for when im against a dry bones, 
boo, or shy guy (fastest sidekicks in the game)

2)toad: fire ball

I dont know how, but toad kicks a fire ball when he charges up.its always funny 
to see Kritter running around with his hands on fire...cept for if the Kritter 
is yours.anyway, you charge up, kick the ball and Kritter's hands go on fire. 
then, youll see a little circle on the ground. go inside it and press B. toad 
will either kick it in the air or slam it with his head. the goalie almost 
never catches it.either that, or kritter will dodge the fire ball entirely!you 
can try this shot from any distance.

3)Koopa: giant shell

Koopa Troopa pulls a giant grey shell out of nowhere and tries to hit Kritter 
with shouldnt try to do this so far. charge up the ball when Koopa has 
it and he will put the ball inside a giant shell. if it hits Kritter, he will 
be dizzy. youll know if hes K0'd cuz there will be stars spinning above his 
head and he will groan. the ball will do the same thing as toads, except the 
ball wont be lobbed near koopa all the time. Quickly switch to the closest 
person and whack the ball in the goal.

4)Monty Mole: Tunnel ball

Monty mole will (as you can guess, being a mole) tunnel under the ground and 
try to get past Kritter.this usually never works for me, but i think you have 2 
tunnel wyhile standing rite next to the wall (or in thunder island's case, rite 
next to the ledge). charge up the ball and if sucessful Monty will head-butt 
Kritter and get a goal.

5)Dry bones: Electric ball

Dry bones, the dead version of a koopa, can somehow launch a ball of 
electricity at Kritter and give him quite a shock.You shouldnt be too far from 
the goal to get this in. charge up the shot, then dry bones will zap Kritter, 
while the ball comes back to him. Just like toad, hit the ball in the air when 
you see the circle. dont worry, the ball will come back to dry bones after 
shocking Kritter.

6)Birdo: Egg torpedo

A birdo is like a girl yoshi that doesnt lay eggs, but spits them out of her 
nose. You can fire an egg torpedo from anywhere on your opponents side, just as 
long as no1 is standing infront of u. hold down B to charge up a shot, then 
Birdo will hide the ball inside the 2nd biggest egg you will ever see (the 
first being the egg yoshi rolls around in for this game) and launch it at 
Kritter. the egg will fire right through Kritter, leaving him buried in the 
groung while you get the goal.

7)Boo: Vanishing Act

The small ghost can suprisingly play soccer, since he doesnt have any feet... 
anyway, you need to stand right outside the goalie box and hold down B. I dont 
think any other distance will work. If Kritter doesnt slam into u, Boo will 
turn invisible and appear right behind Kritter, the ball in the goal.

8)Hammer Bro.: Hammer attack

I think Hammer bro. is the best sidekick in the game. He is a koopa with a hard 
nose and an unlimited suply of (duh...) hammers. I really love his controll pad 
move (i forget what those are called) cuz he gets a giant hammer and whacks 
evryone. anyway, his skill shot is throwing about 6 hammers at Kritter, then 
hitting the ball in. its pretty simple. you cant really do it so far cuz the 
hammers have 2 reach Kritter. If you hit him, Kritter will be buried in the 
ground while you go in for the goal. its the easiest goal in the game!

9)Shy Guy: Bullet Bill

Shy Guys never show their true faces, they always hide behind a mask. this is 
probably the reason theyre called SHY guys! anyway, charging up a skill shot 
will make shy guy pull a bullet bill out of nowhere and he will begin 2 ride it 
towards Kritter. When (or if) it hits Kritter, he and evryone around him will 
blow up! Only shy guy survives. hurry up and kick the ball through the goal 
before Kritter and the others get back on their feet.

10)something really cool!

only 4 characters can do this: Daisy, Waluigi, Boo, and Dry Bones. when u get 
up to the goalie box, dont stop moving towards Kritter and use the controll pad 
move. 50% of the time, your character will appear inside the goalie box!!! 
well, except for boo, who has 2 shoot it in right after getting past Kritter. 
My sister always chooses Daisy, and she always gets alot of goals from doing 
this.I think Dry Bones is the hardest to do this.

Well thats all i have to say for now. Remember not to copy this FAQ because You 
can get banned. Just warning you: This is only the property of Daveizcool!


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