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Post game quests (after you beat gregar)

1- A new navi to face
2- Another part to undernet 0
3- Into the giant tree, battle with bass no 1
4- The graveyard
5- Gregar beast megaman battle, and bass again
6- To finish things up, an upgraded gregar!
7- Author’s notes
This is my first guide i ever made so bear with me. it isn't as long as other guides 
may be.
A new navi to face
After you beat Gregar, you may think that you have finished it all, well since 
there’s more than the gregar mark to earn on the title screen you got it all wrong. 
But before you get chip collecting, you can now face a new navi. If you go to acdc 
town and go up to lan’s old house, you should find chaud there. This is where you 
can fight protoman.
Beat him to get his navi chip!

Normal- 1800 hp
SP- 2000 hp


Wide Sword
Normal- 90
SP- 130

The universal move of all protoman battles in all of megaman. This move is exactly 
like the wide sword chip. Protoman leaps into your field, usually right in front of 
you, and slashes at you.

Fighter Sword
Normal- 100
SP- 150

Another move that some of you long time megaman fans might know about. Protoman 
doesn’t enter your field to attack with this one since he doesn’t need to! This 
attack goes 3 spaces, basically a long sword with an extra attack panel. If you have 
an area grab in effect, the back column is safe from this.

Cross Sword
Normal- 150
SP- 220

This attack combines the wide and cross sword effects into one huge attack. To avoid 
this move, go to one of the diagonals or have an anti sword chip ready as this 
attack doesn’t have much warning.

Trance Move
Normal- 2x80
SP- 4x120

Once Protoman’s hp is less than half, he uses this move. He rushes through your 
field in an “X” shape, leaving the marked panels below safe. In the SP version, he 
also goes through the middle of the x leaving only 2 safe spots

Normal   [ ] [S] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]                     SP  [ ] [S] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
         [S] [ ] [S] [ ] [ ] [ ]                         [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
         [ ] [S] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]                         [ ] [S] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
S- safe spot

Surprise Sword
Normal- NA
SP- 100

Protoman only uses this in his SP incarnation. If you attack him while his shield is 
up (not from your attacks) he flies into your field and uses a standard one-panel 
sword attack. Be warned he does this fast.
Another part to undernet 0
To access a special part of undernet 0, go to the northeastern corner of undernet 2. 
There will be a gate there. When prompted to enter a password, enter 012 to go 
through the gate. The main tourist attraction there is the netdealer who sells 
really nice chips
Barr200 K 11200z
GunDelS3 N 12000z
AirSpin3 T 12900z
Sanctuary Z 15200z
TimeBom3 L 15200z
LifeAur U 22400z
Into the giant tree, battle with bass no 1

If you ever have been expressing curiosity about green area 2’s giant tree in the 
middle, the reason it’s there is right here. Go to it and get directly behind it 
touching the stump and press A. you will then go down into undernet 0 again. Follow 
the long road (why is it always have to be a long winding road?!) and you will go 
into a cutscene where bass appears from a giant tombstone. Get ready for an 
unnecessarily hard battle. The lifeaura chip will really save your butt here.

Normal- 1800 hp
SP- 2700


Shooting Buster
Normal- 60
SP- 90
BX- 120

Bass shoots 2 of your panels and the 2 panels keep alternating. This attack is 
almost impossible to avoid unless you use an invis chip.

Hells Rolling
Normal- 100
SP- 200

When Bass is in the back column and energy is in his hands, run to the middle of the 
back column quickly. Two wheels of energy will streak by and they turn to hit you so 
once they get close, move up to avoid the wheels. If there are any holes in the 
field then the wheels wont cross them.

Golem Hit
Normal- 180
SP- 270

Basically the exact same thing as the golem hit chips. Bass will attack a panel with 
a giant fist and the effect “splashes” to the panels above and below the hit area, 
cracking all the panels and breaking any cracked panels already there.

Tank Cannon
Normal- 150
SP- 220

This move is the same as the tankcan chips, and usually is only used if you’re 
loitering around the back column. Bass will fire back there and if it hits the back 
column it all gets hit.

Life Sword
Normal- 200
SP- 300

If you do not know what this attack is then you have serious problems. Basically, if 
the front two columns flash, run back fast.

Fire Burner
Normal- 150 
SP- 220

This is the move like the fireburn chips. Bass shoots a 3 panel long tongue of flame 
that cracks the panels it travels over.

Sonic Storm
Whenever i get hit by it, i always get deleted. I had 700 hp at the time so this may 
be an automatic delete attack, AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!!!!

This move will only appear when fighting Bass BX. It goes into a 3 panel long attack 
that spreads one panel up and down at the final column, forming a giant “T”.

When you beat Bass, he drops the bat key, which will be used in the graveyard in the 
next section.
The Graveyard

To access the graveyard, you must go to the highest floor of undernet 2 and go to 
the left. You will find a gate that only opens if you have beaten Gregar and have 
100 different standard chips. When you enter the graveyard you get an email. It 
contains your (most likely) first Giga class chip BigHook H. In the graveyard, the 
viruses are extremely powerful, so consider using sneak run subchips. In the 
graveyard, there is the best (and most expensive) netdealer there is. 
HP memory 10000z
HP memory 16000z
HP memory 23000z
HP memory 30000z
M-Boomer W 10000z
Static V 14600z
BlizzardBall T 18400z
Deltaray Z 30000z ( GIGA CHIP!!!!)

The bat key you should have gotten earlier can be used. Going on the first floor,  
go away from the stairs and you should find a gate that opens to the key. You get 
the AttackMAX red customizer program.

Are you ready to fight Bass SP? Well good, first you need to have all 200 standard 
chips (groan) then go to the 2nd floor and you can open the gate up there. Then 
follow the long stairs to Bass. Defeat him to win the Bass F Giga chip.
Gregar beast megaman and bass again

Go to underground 2 where you battled colonel. Be sure to save as you got a double 
battle. Its Gregar beast megaman SP vs. megaman to start.

Once you kill yourself (bad pun I know) Bass BX attacks. He has all the attacks in 
the attack guide, but this time just avoid them all as there’s no damage data for it 

IF you defeat this form of Bass, you get the final Giga chip, ColForce C (final if 
you got bugrsword from the bug frag dealer in sky area 1)
To finish things off, an upgraded Gregar!

If you have all the marks on your title screen, then head back to the expo site and 
fight gregar, who will be in his SP form! fortunately  I have data for the 
attacks and the strength of him.

Gregar SP
4000 hp


Beast Pressure

He moves fast and jumps down to drop rocks on you. Gregar will do this move a few 
times then move on to a different attack.

Burning Breath.

Gregar will appear in the middle row and blast fire that hits all but the top right 
and lower right panels. there isnt much warning to this attack so get out of there 

Lightning Breath

When Gregar's mane starts sparking, you want to move it! he will fire a lightning 
blast that goes all the way across the row and all the way down the front column. 
This attack also stuns you if you get caught in it.

Beast Out Impact- Claw

This is the first part of a painful 2 part attack. Gregar disappears and the front 
two columns get slashed at by his claws. move away and be ready to move again.

Beast Out Impact- Fang

This move occurs right after the claw swipes. DO NOT i repeat do NOT move fowards to 
avoid this move as it still hits you. Gregar's head will come flying down at you so 
move up or down to avoid this.

Gatling Tail

When Gregar starts firing his tail at you keep moving even after the attack starts.
Unlike the regular Gregar this move changes rows to hunt you down so keep moving.

Mark/ Requirements
Gregar/  beat gregar
S Chip / collect all standard chips
M Chip/ collect all mega chips
G Chip/ collect all giga chips
PA mark/ perform all program advances
Bass mark/ Bass SP deleted
Author’s notes

This guide was completed on June 19, 2006 after completing the game this guide is 
for, then was edited to have gregar sp attack data be put down on June 20,2006
It was made to help people and shall not be copied nor stolen in any way. If you 
have any Questions/comments/complements email me at [email protected]
I would like to thank the people who read this and for waiting a bit for me to add 
the missing info. thank you very much.

Thank you for reading this guide and good luck to those who make it to gregar SP

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