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Menu and Light Guidelines

Table Of contents
1 - Intro
2 - Accessing the menu
3 - The four buttons
4 - Options submenu
5 - Clock submenu
6 - User submenu
7 - Touch screen test
8 - Lights

1 - Intro

Welcome to the menu guide. This will show you how to use the Nintendo DS's options
and light signals. As you read, please note that some details will be left out.

2 - Accessing the menu

In order to access the menu, use the following steps:
1. Turn on the DS NOTE: if you set the DS to auto, please take out all games from the DS.
2. Touch the touch screen to access the Main Menu
3. Poke the icon that looks like a DS

3 - The Four Buttons

Once you access the menu four Buttons will appear:

Options - Part 4
Clock - Part 5
User - Part 6
Touch screen test - Part 7

4 - Options submenu

The options submenu is accessed by touching the Wrench. You can configure:

- The way the DS starts up by touching the door and arrow
-- Touch a mode and touch CONFIRM or press A
- The screen for playing GBA games by touching the pic of a GBA
-- Touch a screen on the DS on the screen and touch CONFIRM or press A
- Set the language the DS's text will be
-- Touch a Language and Touch blah blah blah

5 - Clock submenu

Access the Clock submenu by touching the clock and calander icon. You can configure:

- The date by touching the calender
-- Touch the up and down arrows to select dates and times in this option Mode
- The alarm by touching the alarm clock
- The time by touching the plain clock

6 – User submenu

Access the user submenu by touching the Man.

-	Change the Color of the DS by touching the boxes
-	Tell the DS your birthday by touching the birthday Cake
-	Specify your DS username  by touching the pic of the man with the boxes
-	Tell the DS your motto by touching the man saying something

7 – Touch screen test

Calibrate or test the touch screen by touching the target icon.
Simply touch the targets until it says that you have successfully calibrated the
touch screen.

8 – Lights

Three light symbols appear below the touch screen.

Green – Battery OK
Red – Battery needs to be charged
Orange – Battery charging

Thank you for choosing my guide for help, bye!

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