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                         Metal Arms
                     Glitch In The System
                      Nintendo Gamecube                                             


Table of Contents

		1. Introduction 
                       1.1: About the Author
                       1.2: Guide Info
                       1.3: Version History
                 2. Walkthrough
                       2.1: Hero Training
                       2.2: Do Ore Or Die
                       2.3: Seal The Mines
                       2.4: Clean Up
                       2.5: Wasteland Thunder
                       2.6: They Live
                       2.7: Wasteland Journey
                       2.8: Mozer, Shmozer
                       2.9: The Zombie King
                     2.10: Into The Trenches
                     2.11: Infiltrate The Compound
                     2.12: Destroy The Comm Arrays
                     2.13: Hold Your Ground
                     2.14: What Research?
                     2.15: The Search For Krunk
                     2.16: F&!?ing Krunk
                     2.17: You Know The Drill
                     2.18: Wasteland Chase 
                     2.19: Morbot City
                     2.20: I, Predator
                     2.21: The Reactor Core 
                     2.22: Fire It Up
                     2.23: The Hand Is Mightier
                     2.24: Find The Spy Factory
                     2.25: Unhandled Exception 
                     2.26: Access The Ruins
                     2.27: Seen Better Days
                     2.28: The Sniper's Lair 
                     2.29: Secret Rendezvous
                     2.30: Bright Lights, Mil City 
                     2.31: Get To The Tower
                     2.32: Unwelcome Home
                     2.33: 15 Minutes
                     2.34: Round Two
                     2.35: Last Bot Standing
                     2.36: Fall To Pieces 
                     2.37: Race To The Rocket 
                     2.38: One Small Step 
                     2.39: Fully Operational 
                     2.40: Bring It Down
                     2.41: General Corrosive
                     2.42: Final Battle
   		3. Extras
                     3.1------Primary Weapons
                      3.11: Mining Laser
                      3.12: Ripper
                      3.13: Spew
                      3.14: Rivet Gun 
                      3.15: Scatter Blaster
                      3.16: Rocket Launcher
                      3.17: Toaster (Mmmm Toast)
                      3.18: Control Tether 
                      3.19: Slingshot 
                    3.2------Secondary Weapons
                      3.21: Coring Charge
                      3.22: Cleaner
                      3.23: Magma Bomb
                      3.24: EMP Grenade
                      3.25: Recruiter Grenade
                      3.26: Scope
                      3.27: Wrench
                        4.1: Big E's House
                        4.2: Mil Factory
                        4.3: Tanks A Lot 
                        4.4: Last Minute Effort
                        4.5: Mac Attack
                        4.6: Old Droid Canyon
                        4.7: The Trenches
                        4.8: Matt's Big Gun Fun
                        4.9: Morbot Land 
                      4.10: The Reactor Factor
                      4.11: DMA Death Sphere
                      4.12: Ruins
                      4.13: The Coliseum 
                      4.14: Corrosive City
		5. Ending Stuff
                        5.1: Credits 
                        5.2: Email Guide Lines
                        5.3: My Legal Info

 1.1: My name is Mr.Mopsy. This is my first guide so
don't get mad if I mess up somewhere. If you have any questions or comments please
email me. The levels requested the most I will work on first. To Email me read the
Email Guide Lines.

 1.2: Guide Info

Author: Mr.Mopsy
Date Started: June 24, 2004
Version: 1.50
Email: [email protected]
                                       Copyright Mr.Mopsy 2004 
1.3 Version History

     V 1.00: Guide Started   June 24, 2004
     V 1.05: Chapter 2 Started
     V 1.10: Chapter 3 Started
     V 1.50: Chapter 3, 4, and 5 complete


2.1 Hero Training
Difficulty: Very Easy

	Follow what Screwed and Hosed say. It is that easy.

2.2 Do Ore Or Die
Difficulty: Easy

	When you start turn around and you will find the Ripper. Turn to the pipe 
with the red
wires. Aim at the red wires and shoot them all. Then jump on the pipe and run across
it. You don't have to shoot the red wires on the pipe on the Grunts' side. Kill all
the Grunts and go to the door that's locked. Turn around and look down. You should
see a brown cover over a vent. Shoot it or throw a Coring Charge at it. Go down 
when it breaks and turn around to get some ammo. Go through the small vent until you
find the checkpoint and things blocking your way. Aim at them and shoot them. When
they break run out and turn left. Climb up the boxes and get the Coring Charges. 
and jump on the next platform and get the Spew and ammo. Shoot open the vent and go
in. Look around until you find a Battery. Go back to where you get the Spew and kill
all the Grunts until you get a chip. Go to a door that is unlocked and go in. You
should see a Computer Consol. Go up to it and press Y. You should become a Red 
Climb the plat forms until you come to a box that has a bunch of electricity in it.
Blast the door open and walk inside. You will die but it opens a door that was
locked. (If you die as the Grunt before you walk into the generator you can just
press Y at The Computer Consol and become another Red Grunt) Go through the door and
fight Grunts. Go into the next door and fight more Grunts. After that go up the
elevator kill the Blue Grunt and press the button. Your jailed friends will be
released and will help you. More Grunts and a Leech will come and fight you. Kill 
of them and go through the door they came from. You will go into the room where you
were a Grunt. You might have to kill more Grunts. Find a Droid just standing there
and run up to him. A cut scene will play and that is the en of the level.

2.3 Seal The Mines
Difficulty: Medium


2.4 Clean Up
Difficulty: Medium


2.5 Wasteland Thunder
Difficulty: Easy

	Drive through the level avoiding containers, walls, and other RATS.

2.6 They Live
Difficulty: Medium-Hard


2.7 Wasteland Journey
Difficulty: Medium-Hard


2.8 Mozer, Shmozer
Difficulty: Easy

	Go through the level using your Rivet Gun and Bar. Kill the Grunts and 
Zombie Bots.
Follow where they come from and make your way through the short level.

2.9 The Zombie Bot King
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

	Shoot the King until he starts breathing hard. Throw or use your Slingshot 
to get a
Coring Charge into his mouth. Keep doing this. At a time he will let loose a Zombie
Bot. Kill it and it might leave some health. After you do the shoot and Coring 
thing again he will let loose two Zombie Bots. Kill them and throw one more Coring
Charge in his mouth.(Remember you have to beat him before Mozer goes into the
shredder) A cut scene will play and you have beat this level. 

2.10 Into The Trenches
Difficulty: Hard


2.11 Infiltrate The Compound 
Difficulty: Medium-Hard


2.12 Destroy The Comm Arrays
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

	When you start go to the Computer Console in the same room you start at. 
When you
become the Red Grunt turn around and run to the tank. Kill everybody in that area.
Then look for an unlocked door near where you find the tank. Park the tank in front
of that door. Kill yourself and become Glitch again. Go out the door and there 
be the tank. Get in it and drive up to the thing with big treads. Get out and then
get back in the tank. Two Titans will come out. Kill them and the big door that is
locked will unlock. Behind the thing the Titans came out of are the Barter
Droids.(Mr. Pockets and Shady) Go through the big unlocked door and destroy 
Find the big thing with treads in that area and I think one or two Titans will come
out of it. After you kill them go in the big thing. In the thing are two Det-Packs.
Go in the bunker thing and go up the plat form steps. Follow the walk until you come
to a big dish. Walk up to t and press Y to plant the Det-Packs. Run to the big tower
ahead of you and do the same thing. After that run to the door nearby and kill the
Grunts. Keep going until you finish the level.

2.13 Hold Your Ground
Difficulty: Hard

	Shoot all of the RATS and Predators you see. Do this for Three Waves. This 
level you
will probably be retrying for a while.

2.14 What Research?
Difficulty: Medium


2.15 The Search For Krunk
Difficulty: Hard


2.16 F&!?ing Krunk
Difficulty: Easy

	At the beginning hijack the Grunt in front of you. Destroy as many enemies 
as you
can.(You don't have to kill the Scientists to beat the level) When your Grunt dies
jump down and use your EMP Grenade on a Titan. Hijack the Titan and kill as many
enemies as you can. If you die hijack another Titan. When you kill everybody kill
yourself. Exit through the door that opens up.

2.17 You Know The Drill
Difficulty: Hard


2.18 Wasteland Chase
Difficulty: Medium

	Gun down everything you see. If you shoot the weird looking giant barrels 
they will
cause a sort of big explosion helping you. At the end shot the RAT Valx is in until
it blows up. Valx might jump out. If he does just shoot him. You will get a chip and
Coronal Alloy will say something. That is the end of the level.

2.19 Morbot City
Difficulty: Hard


2.20 I, Predator
Difficulty: Medium


2.21 The Reactor Core
Difficulty: Medium


2.22 Fire It Up
Difficulty: Easy-Medium


2.23 The Hand Is Mightier
Difficulty: Hard-Very Hard


2.24 Find The Spy Factory
Difficulty: Medium


2.25 Unhandled Exception
Difficulty: Hard

	In the beginning go down the hallway and destroy the gun that shoots you. 
Go out on
the big walk and shoot that gun. Into another door and shoot the two guns. Exit
through the door and step on the circle. Ride the elevator down and turn to the
crates behind the elevator. Destroy the computer the scientist is working on. Go to
the little conveyor belt and disassemble yourself. The claw will take your head.
Reassemble yourself and go under the big conveyor belt to the next little one.
Disassemble yourself again and this claw will take your body. Reassemble yourself 
go under the big conveyor belt beside you. Once again disassemble yourself again on
the next little belt. A cut scene will play and Agent Shh will tell you something. 
to only four cabinets at a time and open them then close them. After opening and
closing FOUR go back to the little circle and stand how you were when you started
this part. If you leave any cabinets open the Grunt will destroy you. You will then
come to an area where they are testing Spy Bots. When the Grunt says COMMAND and 
when he says command do what he says. Next you will battle Spy Bots with your
bazooka. When they are all dead go through the door that opens up. Walk into the box
and get boxed. Destroy the box you are in, kill the Grunts, and go through the door.
That will be the end.

2.26 Access The Ruins
Difficulty: Medium-Hard


2.27 Seen Better Days
Difficulty: Medium


2.28 The Sniper's Lair
Difficulty: Medium


2.29 Secret Rendezvous
Difficulty: Medium


2.30 Bright Lights, Mil City
Difficulty: Hard


2.31 Get To The Tower
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

	In the beginning throw an EMP Grenade at the Trooper. If you don?t have any 
kill the
Trooper get the EMP Grenade and another one will come. Then hijack the Trooper. Fly
to the top of the building the tank is locked in. Go into the hole on the top of the
roof. Press the button beside the tank to open the gate. Kill the Trooper you are in
or lose the signal. Watch out for the Grunts they will take the tank. Use Glitch to
get in the tank. Exit the garage and go left. Go up the street and go right. Bust
through the fence and go straight. Kill the two Grunts in the tanks and the 
An alarm will sound and more Grunts will come. Kill all of the Grunts and park the
tank beside where you get on the statue at. Run up the plat forms till you get to 
statue's foot. Climb up it and listen for another Predator. Run back to the tank and
kill it. Go back to the statue?s foot and climb it. Walk up the plat form till you
come to a zip line going behind the wall. Jump on it and ride it down. That is the
end of the level.(If you keep going up and climbing the statue then you can get to
the zip line that takes you to the Barter Droids)

2.32 Unwelcome Home
Difficulty: Hard


2.33 15 Minutes
Difficulty: Medium

	Listen to the old bot at the beginning. When the Grunts come for you push 
the old bot
easily out of the jail cell. The Grunts will kill him and he will leave behind
Cleaners. Pick these up and head out of the hallway to select your weapon. I would
choose the Scatter Blaster because of the Titan with the shield. If you want some
extra help go back down to your jail cell. Beside it at the end of the hallway is a
Grunt without a shield. Push him out into the arena with you. If you do take the
Grunt out hide behind him and let an enemy shoot him. He will fight them back and
never get killed because he is indestructible. If you don't take the Grunt out with
you wait until the Troopers get close to you and shoot them. Use your Cleaners on 

2.34 Round Two
Difficulty: Medium


2.35 Last Bot Standing
Difficulty: Hard


2.36 Fall To Pieces
Difficulty: Easy-Medium

	Do like you normally do and go to where you select weapons at. What no 
weapons!? Well
O.K we can win anyway.  Go out into the arena. Look left and run to the big box you
see. There should be a Wrench in it. If not run to the box on the way right. Stand
behind the box with the wrench in it and let General Corrosive destroy the box. Grab
the health and Wrench. Run into one of the small huts and disassemble yourself.
General Corrosive will destroy the hut and he thinks that he wins. That's the end of
the level.

2.37 Race To The Rocket
Difficulty: Medium


2.38 One Small Step
Difficulty: Medium-Hard


2.39 Fully Operational
Difficulty: Medium-Hard


2.40 Bring It Down
Difficulty: Medium-Hard


2.41 General Corrosive
Difficulty: Very Hard-Very, Very Hard


2.42 Final Battle
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

	When you start out run under the giant metal ledge beside you. Shoot 
General Corrosive
with your strongest weapons. Use Cleans and Magma Bombs on him. There is ammo
scattered throughout the battle area. Sometimes he will take Troopers out of his
mouth but when you blow off his arms he cannot do this. Just keep hitting him until
he falls over. CONGRATULATIONS you beat the game!!

 3.1-------Primary Weapons
Name of Weapon
Upgradeable: Yes or No, Levels

Level: Description (From Game)
Ammo: Using/In Clip

Level: Description (From Game)
Ammo: Using/In Clip

Level: Description (From Game)
Ammo: Using/In Clip

Worth Using: Yes, No, or Sometimes
Upgrade It(If Upgradeable): Yes or No

 3.11 Mining Laser
Upgradeable: Yes, Levels 1, 2,and 3

Level One: An industrial 4MW geologic laser modified to blow apart Mil Bot chassis.
Ammo: Unlimited/Unlimited

Level Two: The Level 2 laser can be charged up by pulling half way down on the
trigger(R) and then releasing to fire a short rang burst.
Ammo: Unlimited/Unlimited

Level Three: The elite laser has twin barrels for rapid fire and can be charged by
pulling half way on the trigger(R) to fire a short range burst.
Ammo: Unlimited/Unlimited

Worth Using: Sometimes
Upgrade It: Yes

3.12 Ripper
Upgradeable: Yes, Levels 1, 2, and 3

Level One: Though its saw blades have little affect on an enemy's energy level, they
do inflict massive limb damage and can also slice steel cable.
Ammo: 4/24

Level Two: The Level 2 Ripper introduces a fully automatic mechanism and inflicts
greater limb damage. Its saws can slice steel cable.
Ammo: 4/32

Level Three: The elite Ripper flings its saws at an ultra-high RPM so that they can
continue to carve up its victims well after the initial impact.
Ammo: 4/40

Worth Using: Sometimes
Upgrade It: No

3.13 SPEW
Upgradeable: Yes, Levels 1, 2, and 3

Level One: A stolen Mil Small Projectile Emitter Weapon retrofitted for Droid use.
Ammo: 60/300

Level Two: The Level 2 SPEW adds increased accuracy and more damage.
Ammo: 70/400

Level 3: The elite SPEW has been completely redesigned to yield superior accuracy 
Ammo: 100/500

Worth Using: Yes
Upgrade It: Yes

3.14 Rivet Gun
Upgradeable: Yes, Levels 1, 2, and 3

Level One: An S-2 Type Rivet Gun modified to rapidly fire steel piercing arrows at
ultra high velocity.
Ammo: 5/25

Level Two: The Level 2 Rivet Gun fires steel piercing rivet arrows packed with a
small timed explosion.
Ammo: 5/35

Level Three: The elite rivet weapon allows its operator to superheat the arrow and
detonate it at will.
Ammo: 5/50

Worth Using: Yes
Upgrade It: Yes

3.15 Scatter Blaster
Upgradeable: Yes, Levels 1, 2, and 3

Level One: The Scatter Blaster fires an array of shrapnel that tears apart metal
joints. It's most effective at close range.
Ammo: 8/32

Level Two: The Level 2 blaster adds a second barrel for twice the close-quarter 
Ammo: 12/48

Level Three: With a fully automatic design capable of rapid fire, the elite blaster
can chew through most Mils in mere zeptoseconds.
Ammo: 16/64

Worth Using: Yes
Upgrade It: Yes

3.16 Rocket Launcher
Upgradeable: Yes, Levels 1, 2, and 3

Level One: Though it has several limitations the base level Rocket Launcher is ideal
for destroying small groups of Mils.
Ammo 3/30

Level Two: The Level 2 Rocket Launcher removes the single-hand limitations and 
out more damage.
Ammo: 4/50

Level Three: One rocket, four times the butt whoopin. The Barrage Cannon is a weapon
to be reckoned with.
Ammo: 4/75

Worth Using: Yes
Upgrade It: Yes

3.17 Toaster 
Upgradeable: No

Level 1: Slosh's hand-me-down molten metal spray gun. Melts through metal armor as
though it is plastic.
Ammo: 100/400

Worth Using: No
Upgrade It: You can't

3.18 Control Tether
Upgradeable: Yes, Levels 1, 2, and 3

Level One: A Mil diagnostic adapted by Krunk to hack into and take control of enemy
Mils. Fire when the green lock-on bars appear.
Ammo: Unlimited/Unlimited

Level Two: The Level 2 tether operates quicker and reconfigures the armor of the
target Mil to be stronger. Fire when the green lock-on bars appear.
Ammo: Unlimited/Unlimited

Level Three: The elite tether operates rapidly and reconfigures the target Mil?s
armor to be very strong. Fire when the green lock-on bars appear.
Ammo: Unlimited/Unlimited

Worth Using: Yes
Upgrade It: Yes

3.19 Slingshot 
Upgradeable: No

Level one: The Slingshot is used to hurl secondary weapons further and more
accurately than throwing them.
Ammo: How much ammo your secondary weapon has that you are using.

Worth Using: Sometimes
Upgrade It: You can't

3.2-------Secondary Weapons
Upgradeable: Yes or No, Level

Level: Description (From Game)
Ammo: Using

Level: Description (From Game)
Ammo: Using

Worth Using: Yes, No, or Sometimes
Upgrade It: Yes or No

3.21 Coring Charge
Upgradeable: No

Level One: These standard yield explosive mining charges can obliterate a Mil into
metal chum.
Ammo: 10

Worth Using: Yes
Upgrade it: You can't

3.22 Cleaner 
Upgradeable: No

Level One: The Cleaner will target up to three enemies simultaneously and unleash
powerful guided rockets on command.
Ammo: 2

Worth Using: Sometimes
Upgrade it: You can't

3.23 Magma 
Upgradeable: No

Level One: Slosh's homemade canister of flaming doom.
Ammo: 3

Worth Using: Sometimes
Upgrade it: You can't

3.24 EMP Grenade 
Upgradeable: No 

Level One: Emits an electromagnetic shockwave in all directions that disrupts
cognitive and mobility circuits in nearby Mils.
Ammo: 3

Worth Using: Yes
Upgrade it: You can't

3.25 Recruiter Grenade 
Upgradeable: No     

Level One: Powerful Morbot device that reprograms the AI allegiance subroutines of
nearby Mils to become allies. Works only on bots with recruiter icons.
Ammo: 2

Worth Using: Yes
Upgrade It: You can't

3.26 Scope
Upgradeable: Yes, Levels 1 and 2

Level One: Use with some weapons to gain a 2x and 4x zoom and obtain target info.
Weapon accuracy is also improved.
Ammo: None

Level Two: Use with some weapons to gain up to 8x zoom and obtain target info. 
accuracy is further improved.
Ammo: None

Worth Using: Sometimes
Upgrade It: Yes

3.27 Wrench
Upgradeable: No

*Level One: Use the Wrench to temporarily disassemble Glitch. Once in pieces, use 
Wrench again to reassemble Glitch.
Ammo: None

Worth Using: Yes when you get it
Upgrade it: You can't
*You only get the Wrench on Level 25(Unhandled Exception) and Level 36 (Fall To 

Level Name
How Many Chips It Take To Get It
Rating 1-10/10  10 is the most fun

4.1 Big E's House
Chips: None
Bots: 2 Titans and 1 Trooper
Vehicles: None
Rating: 7/10

4.2 Mil Factory
Chips: None
Bots: 1 Green Grunt, 1 Red Grunt, 1 Gray Grunt, 1 Black Grunt
Vehicles: None
Rating: 6/10

4.3 Tanks A Lot 
Chips: None
Bots: 2 Titans
Vehicles: 3 Tanks and 1 Loader
Rating: 10/10

4.4 Last Minute Effort
Chips: None
Bots: 2 Predators and 2 Troopers 
Vehicles: 2 Loaders
Rating: 8/10

4.5 Mac Attack
Chips: None
Bots: 2 Guards
Vehicles: None
Rating: 7/10

4.6 Old Droid Canyon
Chips: 4
Bots: 2 Troopers, 1 Guard, and 2 Titans
Vehicles: 2 Tanks
Rating: 7/10

4.7 The Trenches
Chips: 8
Bots: 2 Titans
Vehicles: None
Rating: 5/10

4.8 Matt's Big Gun Fun
Chips: 15
Bots: 2 Titans
Vehicles: 2 RATs and 2 Tanks
Rating: 9/10

4.9 Morbot Land
Chips: 25
Bots: 1 Trooper and 1 Titan
Vehicles: 2 Loaders, 1 RAT, and 1 Tank
Rating: 6/10

4.10 The Reactor Factor
Chips: 40
Bots: 1 Trooper
Vehicles: None
Rating: 2/10

4.11 DMA Death Sphere 
Chips: 60
Bots: 2 Troopers
Vehicles: None
Rating: 1/10

4.12 Ruins 
Chips: 85
Bots: 2 Predators and 2 Titans 
Vehicles: None
Rating: 8/10

4.13 The Coliseum
Chips: 110
Bots: 1 Trooper or 1 Guard*
Vehicles: None
Rating: 8/10
* After one dies the other one will respawn.

4.14 Corrosive City
Chips: 138
Bots: 1 Titan, 2 Troopers, 1 General Corrosive*
Vehicles: None
Rating: 10/10
*You play as non-perfect General Corrosive. Turn off all vehicles to get the 
consol to activate.

5.1 Credits
I would like to thank
-My best friend
-My Family

5.2 Email Guide Lines
	All Emails must have the subject Metal Arms FAQ. No inappropriate language. 
and comments are accepted. The levels that are Emailed to me about the most will be
worked on first. Email me for permission to copy my guide. My Email is
[email protected]

5.3 My Legal Stuff
This guide is Copyright of Mr.Mopsy(Bryant)2004
The only website that can use this guide is
Ask permission before you copy this guide.








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