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***Metal Gear Solid: Boss Help***

**Table of Contents**
1:Revolver Ocelot
2:Vulcan Raven: Tank
3:Cyborg Ninja
4:Pshyco Mantis
5:Sniper Wolf
6:Hind D
7:Sniper Wolf
8:Vulcan Raven: Gun
9:Metal Gear Ray
10:Liquid Snake
This can help you defeat the bosses...
1:Revolver ocelot
A:Best Weapon: Socom
B:Note: Man in middle of room wired to some serious amounts of c4 if you hit the 
wires BOOM game over!
C:Walkthrough:Well this is the first boss and a fairly simple one at that but people 
still have problems, Basiclly he will run around shooting bullets and me may shot 
one agianst a wall and it will bounce off and hit you so you have to wait till he is 
reloading and fire at him either while chasing him or shooting him as he stands 
still.This battle shouldn't take very long at all. If you time your shots right he 
can be killed with just using one clip(of bullets).
2:Vulcan Raven: Tank
A:Best Weapon: Grenade and Chaff Grenade
B:Note: If you get into a corner and he is using the main cannon its not pretty.
C:Walkthrough: Ok when this starts throw a Chaff Grenade to his radar thing. Then 
run up and throw a grenade into the hole on top of the tank..This is fairly simple 
repeat this a few times and he is done for.
3:Cyborg Ninja
A:Best Weapon: Hand to Hand,or Chaff and Socom
B:Note:He has stealth and he will use it!!
C:Walkthrough:Ok to start off with he is fairly simple he will run and jump around 
striking at you in whicj all you have to do so far is either fight him hand to hand 
or throw a Chaff grenade which will freeze him up and you can punch him or shoot at 
him.Then he will want to play a game, He will go into stealth and go to different 
hiding places and you will have to find him to attack him.This is made simple with 
the use of Thermal Goggles. And eventually he will take on a head on approch by just 
walking up to you and punching just avoid this and attack him.Then he will freak out 
and electricity will shoot from his body he will jump somewhere and land and you 
shoot him and he will jump again and you shoot him. And that is the end of him!!
4: Pshyco Mantis
A:Best Weapon: Famas or Socom
B:Note:He controls Meyrl sometimes and he also has stealth.
C:Walkthrough:Well first off this guy is tricky and he is probably the main reason 
you are looking at this Help item,Well first off you can play fair or you can trick 
him!!To play fair just play but to trick him plug your controller into Port 2 
because he cannot read your "mind" that way and he is alot easier. So first off he 
is going to make the screen go black 2 times... And then he will use the furniture 
in the office against you by throwing it at you but it is in an easy to learn 
pattern.The he will stand up Meyrl and try to have her blow her brains out and at 
this point just throw a stun grenade to stop her and then he will like before throw 
furniture and go into stealth but you can see him with thermal goggles or if you 
press the "First Person View" button you will see through his eyes.So after some 
shots and many chairs thrown you will have eventually defeated him!
5:Sniper Wolf
A:Best Weapon:Sniper Rifle(PSG1)
B:Note:This battle can become frustrating
C:Walkthrough:OK when you get accross the mine field is when this battle starts but 
here is the thing you don't have a good weapon to beat her so you have to run back 
to B2 Armory and get the sniper rifle and then go back and begin to battle. So get 
in a good spot like half behind the wall and take aim and when she pops out to shoot 
YOU shoot..Now you see sometimes she will shine her lazer in your eye so you will 
not be able to see her and she will more than likely get that shot but over all she 
is fairly easy to beat just if your hands get shakey(in game) there is a pill to 
stop that!!Eventually she will die its not a long fight!
6:Hind D
A:Best Weapon:Stinger
B:Note:Boring battle..
C:Walkthrough:He will fly around and shoot at you and it is a tad difficult to avoid 
these attacks but you can and you have to lock on to and shoot him with the about half life he will launch a missle at the other tower messing it up 
bad then avoid his attacks then at about the end he will launch one at your side of 
the tower just put you back against the building with the door until the scene is 
over then launch more missles at him and poof he is gone
7:Sniper Wolf
A:Best Weapon:Sniper Rifle,Nikita
B:Another Boring one.
C:Walkthrough:Snowy battle just use the sniper rifle at her she hides behind trees 
and monds of snow and will shoot you.. But it is much easier to use the Nikita and 
find her and explode on her, it is also the quickest way..This battle is very simple 
but frustrating.
8:Vulcan Raven
A:Best Weapon:Nikta or Stinger
B:Note:He has a very large gun which isn't good on the health bar!!
C:Walkthrough:Well he runs around with a big gun shooting at you.What you have to do 
is have a nikita missle sneak up on him and explode on him or you can take a stinger 
and it will hit him but remember he can shoot these missles down!He is fairly simple!
9:Metal Gear Ray
A:Best Weapon: Stinger
B:Note:Chaff will be used alot!!
C:Ok when this starts out throw a Chaff grenade to diable his radar thig then get 
out the stinger and lock onto the dish on his well under his head continue to fire 
and throw grenades until it falls..Then a cut scene will happen and he will stand 
back up now at this point there is no radar to disable and you have to shoot with 
the stinger right into the cockpit, so throw a flash grenade,its said to help but 
just shoot into the cockpit until it is over.There are some ammo boxes lying around 
if you run out!
10:Liquid Snake
A:Best Weapon:Hand to Hand
B:Note:His movements and attacks are in an easyt to remember pattern.
C:Ok this gets kinda tricky you have to fight Liquid on top Metal Gear Ray and well 
the best thing to do is to get near him and hit the circle button 3 times in a row 
to to the "Punch,Punch,Kick combo" and you have to catch him to do this because he 
will be running around on top throwing punches kicking and trying to knock you off 
or tackle you so you have to be very carefull,But it is quite simple and shouldn't 
take much time.
There is the boss walkthrough now after you beat Liquid you will have to ride in the 
back in a Jeep shooting at him to finalyy kill him.
11.This Boss Help walkthrough has been typed and is the property of bebopman and you 
should ask before you use this FAQ for anything!!
Copyright bebopman(Chris Swiger) 2002,I'd like to thank the Cheat staff for 
putting this up as well!

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