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                      MIGHT AND MAGIC 7: FOR BLOOD AND HONOR FAQs
                                    (Version 2.4)

Version 1.1 - Had some wrong info and was missing a town.

Version 1.2 - Corrected the wrong info and added the missing town. But some armors 
and weapons are also missing.

Version 1.3 - Added all the armors and weapons that were missing. (Atleast the ones 
I knew were missing I added)

Version 1.4 - Added the "How To Get To The New World Computing Dungeon" Section, 
added a weapon and added more info to a hint.

Version 1.5 - Corrected assorted grammar and spelling mistakes.

Version 1.6 - Added VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE, added info to 2 questions, added info to 
1 hint and added 2 armors.

Version 1.7 - Added areas to city list that I have labelled 'Not really cities'. 
(So don't you dare get confused) I only added them as they actually are seperate 
areas on the map and because there are IMPORTANT items in some of those areas. 

Version 1.8 - Added more important places.

Version 1.9 - Corrected more wrong info.

Version 2.0 - Corrected even MORE wrong info and added hints.

Version 2.1 - Scrapped "not really cities" list. Too many damn important places.

Version 2.2 - Added two of the best armors around. (I had forgotton that they 

Version 2.3 - Removed very important notice. (with glee) 3DO site is operational 

Version 2.4 - Corrected yet more mistakes I found. 

Updates - 3 October 2003 (Version 1.2), 4 October 2003 (Version 1.3), 5 October 2003
(Version 1.4), 6 October 2003 (Version 1.5), 10 October 2003 (Version 1.6), 11 
October 2003 (Version 1.7), 14 October 2003 (Version 1.8), 16 October 2003 (Version 
1.9), 18 October 2003 (Version 2.0), November 2 2003 (Version 2.1), November 8 2003 
(Version 2.2), November 15 2003 (Version 2.3), 6 December 2003 (Version 2.4)

Author: Rebellious Seoul
Started On: 20 August 2003
Ended On: 20 August 2003

3) FAQs
                                    LEGAL NOTICE

IF YOU CAN.([email protected] is my e-mail address) IF YOU DO COPY 
                                   HINTS AND TIPS 

1) In the beginning, when choosing characters, choose a paladin, a sorcerer, a 
ranger and an archer. Its the best combination as you can use all weapons and armor 
and can learn the most magic with having suitable skills to defend yourself. Also, 
a very good combination is a Paladin, ranger, thief and knight.

2) If you are in the first level, I can tell you where the items you need to find 
in the treasure hunt are:

Longbow - Red dragon's den

Hat - The ways to get the hat are as follow:
1. Talk to citizens. One of them will try to sell you the hat.
2. Trade a red potion with another group of adventurers.
3. Find it in the libraries of the temple of the moon.

Red Potion - The potion bottle needed for this can be bought or found in a crate 
near where you started and the red berry to make it can be found in a crate on the 
east and west side of the island.

Floor Tile - Found in one of the libraries of the temple of the moon.

Seashell - You can buy one near the red dragon's den.

Lute (Musical Instrument) - You can buy 1 from a town citizen.

If I left out an item, please tell me.

3) In the libraries of the temple of the moon, keep clicking on the bookshelves. 
You will get MANY spellbooks to use or sell.

4) Learn 'Wizard Eye' because it shows all the enemies on the section of the map 
you are on.

5) To get easy experience points:

Kill something which'll give you A LOT of experience points. Then resurrect it by 
casting paralyze on it and then you can kill it in one easy blow and get even more 
experience points. 

6) To learn different kinds of magics, visit a magic guild and join it.

7) Visit a lot of houses as you get quests to do.

8) Some quests may involve going to a Bandits', Mercenaries' or/and a Thieves' 
Guild. There are a HELL OF A LOT OF enemies here but you'll need to complete the 
quests so I'll tell you where they are:

Bandits' Guild: If you enter Erathia through Harmondale then take the right path 
that goes upwards. BEWARE! - there is an ARMY of bandits there.

Thieves' Guild: In the sewers of Erathia.

Mercenaries' Guild: It is in Tatalia on top of the mountain. (Next to the forest of 
trolls and the Blue Dragon's Den)

The Thieves' and Mercenaries' Guild are not guearded but there are an ARMY of 
enemies inside.

9) In the second level, where you start of in Harmondale, your castle will be 
behind you. Inside there is a barrage of enemies so be prepared and a potion to 
cure desease will come in handy because there are lots of rats  and trash piles in 
the castle.

10) If you go around the outside of the castle, at the back there will be a chest 
containing stuff.

11) In Barrow Downs, when you open one of the trapped chests, A LOT off goglings, 
gogs and magogs will magically teleport and throw fire bolts at you when you get 
out of the chest.

12) Let the guards of a city kill enemies for you! Just lead enemies to guards and 
watch 'em fight. (Eventually the guards will die though)

13) The Light Guild is located in the Bracada Desert and to get to it you'll need 
fly or jump spells to get there.

14) The tunnels to Nighon are in the mines of Stone City and are fiercely 
guarded by Troglodytes and Minotaurs.

15) To get the obelisk treasure, visit all the obelisks and get to Evermorn Island 
at midnight.

16) The TITAN STRONGHOLD and THE TEMPLE OF BAA are located in AvLee.

17) When doing the quest to colloect Golem Parts, make sure you DO NOT use the 
dented golem head as your golem will attack you if you do use it to build your 

18) Get as much ore as possible because there are 3 people who can make armors, 
weapons and items or anything out of ore and they ALL live in Erathia. (Please note 
that my hint on the hints page about this is wrong...wasn't thinking when I was 

19) Sell gems you find to get lots of gold pieces.

20) Choose the path of Dark as becoming a DARK MAGIC GRANDMASTER means you can 
learn the spell 'SOULDRINKER' which allows you to kill any beast in one easy shot 
and divide its hit points equally among your characters.

21) The RED DWARF MINES are located in the Bracada Desert.

22) Sleep at inns as they remove all damage from you but they don't cure special 
conditions like disease but they cure weakness and drunkenness.

23) Gems are found in the TULAREAN FOREST and BRACADA DESERT.

24) A "FLY" spell scroll can be found in the chest in the main teleport area in the 
Bracada Desert.

25) You can get to Celeste once you have chosen either the path of light or dark. 
How? Like this - Use the arched teleport in the Bracada Desert. (You can get there 
by using 1 of the teleports in the main teleport area)

1) Why isn't my game working?
A) There could be many reasons but I'll give 5 solutions which normally work:

1. Re-install the game. You'd be surprised how many times it works on games!

2. Install DirectX 6 or higher if it is not installed on your computer already.

3. Get to the Game Configuration Utility and change the hardware accelerated 
graphiics to software graphics. The graphics will be a bit more fuzzy though.

4. Get to the Game Configuration Utility and disable the hardware accelerated 
sound. Your speakers will still play great sound, but some of the special sounds 
will not come.

5. If your comp has Windows XP on it, then right-click a shortcut (or the real 
icon) to play Might And Magic 7 and choose properties. From there go 
to "Compatibility". Try running it in compatibility mode for the NT Service Pack 5. 
This might or might not work. (If it says "Please insert Disk 2" when you try it, 
then forget the compatibility mode solution...of course you can undo this message 
by disabling compatibility mode)

2) How many charcters can I choose?
A) 4.

3) What is Acromage?
A) Acromage is card game you can play at inns to earn money. Go to the official 3DO 
website to learn more about it. 

4) How many levels are there?
A) There are 2 levels but the second level is really, really, really big.

5) Do I have to be good?
A) No, you don't but if you choose to be bad and kill citizens then your town 
reputation becomes 'HATED' and you can only sell stuff for 1 gold piece!

6) How many different cities are there?
A) I wont number them but I'll tell you the names of the places:


Emerald Isle/Island

Tularean Forest
Bracada Desert
Barrow Downs
Stone City
The Pit 
Evenmorn Island
Eofol the land of the giants

Cities count as places which have houses and/or some habitation. 

7) Does casting a spell cost something?
A) Yes it does. Spell points. Blue bars next to the characters' life bars indicate 
their spell points. Only select characters have magic and spell points.

8) What kinds of weapons and armor are there?
A) The weapons and armors are as follow:


Double-Handed Axes
Long Daggers
Blasters (Ancient Weapon)


Studded Leather
Officer's Leather
Regnan Leather
Royal Leather
Steel Chain-Mail
Fine Chain-Mail
Resplendent Chain-Mail
Golden Chain-Mail
Plate Armor
Splendid Plate Armor
Noble Plate Armor
Shields (Not naming individual ones)
Bucklers/Small Shields(Not naming individual ones)
Large Shields (Again, not naming individual ones)
Boots (Again, not naming individual ones)
Crowns (However, they DO NOT add to armor class)
Hats (Also DO NOT add to armor class)
Helms (they add to armor class)
Gauntlets (Also add to armor class)
Cloaks (they also add to armor class)
Belts (they DO NOT add to armor class)

IMPORTANT -  Dodging also adds to armor class. But when you're using dodging, you 
cant wear a suit of body armor (like chain-mail) unless GM dodging is achieved. 
Even if that happens, dodging GM can only be used when leather body arnor is worn.

There could be armors and weapons overlooked so e-mail me if you know one.

9) Should I choose Light Magic or Dark Magic?
A) It depends on your style of play. If you hit with offensive spells then Dark 
Magic is for you and if you are more a defensive person, Light Magic is best for 
you but it is entirely your choice.

10) What are the hardest enemies to beat?
A) In my opinion, dragons and titans but they can be killed in a snap if you 
know 'SHRAPMETAL' at GM level.

For those of you who remember the New World Computing Dungeon from M&M6, There is 
one in M&M7 as well. Unfortunately, you can only get there late in the game. Here 
is how to get to it. When on the Shoals Map (underwater map) you will find a sunken 
pirate ship in the middle right side of the map. There is a chest hidden behind 
some rocks on the bottom of the ship. In the chest is a bottle with a temple 
inside. Right click on the Temple in a Bottle and do what it tells you do. You will 
then be teleported to the New World Computing Dungeon. Have fun!


Me - For writing this FAQ.
Vivan (alias MIKA) - For lending me his Might And Magic 7 Game CD.
New Wirld Computing Inc. - For creating a great game.
3DO - For publishing it.

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