Mini-FAQ - Guide for 4th Super Robot Wars Scramble

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The 4th Super Robot Wars Scramble Mini-FAQ Version 2.0

Here's the explanation or translation of most of the command in the game, as 
requested by someone. I didn't write a complete FAQ because 1) I need time 
2) I am not Japanese, so I need to know all the names and stuff. 3) Nobody 
seems to have this game....

This FAQ should work with the 4SRW for SFC, but the regular instructions are 
for the PS version, and the SFC version will be in (), so be careful!
(I write the regular instructions for the PS version because that's the 
version I have! But don't worry, I played and beat the SFC version too, so 
the instructions will be correct.)

If you feel or know that something is wrong in here, just E-mail me what's 
wrong and I will fix it. If you have any comment or criticism is welcomed. 
If you really want a full blown FAQ, just tell me and try to help me by 
translating some of the robots and pilots name and stuff....

Table of Content:

1) Command or menu lists.

2) Ability screen explanation.

3) Complete "Magic" list and brief description

4) Very brief Character's guide

5) All the crossroads and details on some hard-to-get robots and pilots

6) "Miracle" trick, hidden characters and some hints

7) Closing comments

1) Command or menu lists.

	When you first started up your game, after the CG intro, you are 
presented with 4 choices.

  Start	This will start the game at very beginning

  Load	This will start the game between stages. There are several (or 
		two if SFC version) spaces for you to save the games in.

  Continue	This will start the game during the stage you saved.

  Option	Go to the option screen.

			Option screen (from the main menu)

  Sound		pick from Stereo or Mono.

  Sound Test	listen to the various BGM from the game		

  Karoke Mode	Watch and listen to the various Music video of several 
			anime series.

  Demo mode		Watch the transformation/combination video from the 
			game. Only those you have seen (during the game) 
			will be presented.

  Delete		Delete one of the saves from storage.

  Format		Clear all the saves from storage.

  Deluxe Character
  Encyclopedia  	a brief character description on every character 
			that appears in game.

  Encyclopedia	a brief robot description on every robot (almost) that
 			appears in the game.In order for it to be shown, you 
			have to 1) have the robot appears on the map during 
			the game and 2) save either during the stage or 
			afterward. The percentage show the percent of robots 
			you have seen.

	After you start from beginning, you have a choice of editing "your" 
character in the game. If you decided to edit, keep in mind that only the 
birthday and bloodtype counts toward the "magics" that your character will 
have. Each sign and bloodtype will result in different sets of "magics" and 
some specific combination of bloodtype and birthday will yield 
special magic." You can edit the name, sex, face, personality, 

and pilot type.

	Personalities: (Starting from top left going across to the right)

1)  Hot Blooded with a strong sense of Justice
2)  Logical but has and affinity for the opposite sex
3)  A Little Weird
4)  Cool and nihilistic
Note: Personalities don't really change much in the game other then your 
characters dialogue (i.e. the way he or she talks and responds to other 
characters. But if you don't know how to read Japanese , then it doesn't 
really matter)
Choose Pilot Type:

Robot types determine which Final Robot Your Character will pilot eventually.
The robot you start with will also be different third weapon and minor HP, 
EN, etc. differences.

Real Robot pilot: will give you a mobile suit. It has a nice long range
weapon. You will start with "Cutting" special ability and gain Newtype about 
level 20. The robot you start with will have less HP, EN, but will have a 
long range weapon.

Super Robot Pilot:  will give you a huge transformable Robot with almost no 
manuverblity but powerful Ki/moral attacks. You will start with "Cutting" 
and Potential special ability. The robot you start with will have more HP, 
EN and have a pretty powerful close range weapon.
	Map Screen

	On the map screen, when you press the cancel botton on empty (without
robot) squares, you can see the dodging and aiming enhancement on the robot 
if a robot is there. When you press accept botton on empty squares, the main 
map screen will appear.

  Turn end	end your current turn and switch to enemy's turn.

  Team list	List your robots on map according to either level or HP (use 
		R to change). The bar in left indicate either EN or HP, with 
		default being EN. Use L to change from EN to HP. By selecting 
		from the list, your cursor will now point to the 
		corresponding robot. the E next to the bar indicate that the 
		robot has already used up all his movements point.

  Whole Map	Display the whole map with each robots being represented by a
		square according to if they're enemy or friends.

  "Magic"	List all the "Magic" that your pilots can use. The red ones 
		are those that you don't have the MP for. With your cursor 
		over the "Magic", you will get an explanation of what it does
		(except for one) on top. By selecting it, you will be 
		presented with the list of pilots that can use it and the 
		pilot's remaining SP.
		Selecting off that will lead you to his/her robot directly.

  Command	Change the commands issue during enemy's turn. The first 
		option is to change all pilot's command at once. Each pilot 
		is represented on menu except Non Player Characters(NPC). 
		First choice is user decide, second is as long as you won't 
		be killed, you will attack back. Third choice is always dodge
		or block (this decision is based on mobility) when your enemy
		is higher in levels,otherwise attack. The last option is 
		always block or dodge.


  Objective	The objective of completing this stage. Usually is the defeat
		of all enemy on screen or the destruction of the boss.

  Save		Save during this stage. You only get one spot. That means 
		that even if you save seperately on stage 2 and 3, you will 
		be brought back to the last save.

	If you let the cursor on robot and press cancel, you will be shown 
the enemy's HP, EN, Pilot's and robot's name, and moves remaining. The moves 
remaining is shown will a W. Each W represent a movement point. If you 
haven't use "Detection" or fight that robot yet, the HP, EN and moves won't 
be shown. If you press accept, a normal menu will appear if that robot have 
moves remaining or the ability screen will appear.

	Normal Menu ( since this menu's order and content is different  on
 			some robots, you have to test for which one is which)

  Move		move your robot.	


  Ability	go to ability screen

  Magic	use magic

		to land/air/underground/underwater

  Transform	To transform. Only a few robot can transform.  you will be 
		presented with list of option or just transform if there is 
		only one option.

  Separate	To separate. Only a few robots can separate. Robots like 
		GP03, Re-GZ cannot be combined after separation. 

  Combine	To combine. Only a few robots can combine. For two robot 
		combination, just move one over another. For more than two, 
		move them right next to each other.

  Item		If you have items, use it here.

  Launch	Battleship only. launch robots from battleship. Only shown if
		there's robot on ship.

  Convince	Certain pilots can convince enemy pilot to join them. You 
		have to know the storyline of the original show in order to 
		guess who can convice who. Remember that not all of them will
		join you right there, some will join you later or even needed
		to be convinced twice.

	After you beat the stage and intermission, you will be presented with
the rest menu.

  Save	Save current progress.

  Transform	To combine or transform robots.

  Upgrade	Upgrade the robots on HP, EN, armor, mobility and max output.
		You can only upgrade eight times on each stat and each 
		addition upgrade cause is doubled. The list is sorted 
		according to HP.

  Weapons 	to upgrade the weapons of robots. Can only upgrade 8 times.
		Some weapons cost more to upgrade than others. Each upgraded 
		weapons increase damage by 200.

  items		to put special items on robot to be either use in stage or 
		enhance performance. These can be found in the map or after 
		certain stages.

  Inspect	Check out the robot or pilot's ability. Robot is the first 
		choice while pilot the second. If you press accept during the
		robot's ability screen, you will go to its weapon's screen. 
		Robots are sorted according to HP, while pilots are sorted 
		according to level.

  change	to change 1)pilot or 2)faries. First pick your pilot then 
		pick the robot you want him/her to pilot. Pilots can only 
		goes to the robots in the series they are under. For example,
		Amuro can only pilot Real Robots. Note: Your starting robot 
		can only be piloted by either your character or your lover 
		or co-star.

  Sell	to sell unwanted robots. Not all robots can be sold.

  Next	go on to next stage.

2) Ability screen explanation

	The ability has three parts if you choose this option during map. The
first one is robot, second is pilot, and last is weapons.
	Here's the explanation of ability screen for:


  Upper-middle right	items equiped

  lower left		Robot's stat information.
    Area	The places the robot can go (except water, which is never 
		shown unless the robot is made for wate combat)

    # of S	The number of squares that the robot can travel during a 
		move. When on ground, hills and etc. cost additional squares.
		The robot's mobility.	

    Armor	The robot's armor.

    Stat	The max stat for robot.
  bottom center		the left one is telling whether the robot have a 
			the right one is telling the size of robot. Smaller 
			robot has dodging advantage.

  bottom-upper center	special ability of robots. Like Transform, combine,

    After-image	special features of Aura Battlers, F91 and the three 
		different Geta 2 that decrease enemy's hit percentage
		by half if pilot's morale is 130 or up.

    barrier	There are four types of beam barrier.

      1) Beam coating	good for against beam weapons with less than 1200

      2) I - Field	good for against beam weapons with less than 2000

      3) Aura barrier	good for 3000 or less.

      4) Beam barrier	unknown.

    HP recover	Percent of HP recovery after every turn.

  bottom right		The robot's grade at each terrain. Air, land, water 
			and space. A dash means it cannot go there. From A - 
			D. With A being the best and D being the worst. This 
			grade will be changed if the pilot's grade is 
			different at each terrain.

	Pilot's screen

  Top left		Character's name and below it, the robot 
			series that pilot can use.

  Top right 		level and moral. The higher the morale, the more 
			damage the robot can inflect and stand. Some weapons 
			require a certain level of morale.
      +1  after every attack connected on enemy or enemy connected on robot.
      +5  every enemy killed.
      +1  every team member kills an enemy.
      -1  every team member killed by enemy.
      -5  after boarding battleship.
      -10 after resupply either by "magic" or robot.

  Middle left		The amount of MP currently and max.
  Bottom left		The "Magic" the pilot can use. Each pilot has a max 
			of six.

  Bottom middle		Experience needed to advance to next level.

  Bottom-middle right	Number of enemy killed.
  Right bottom		The pilot's grade at each terrain.

  Middle		Pilot's ability
    top left	Close range attack. Pilot's rating at close range attack. 
		100 means normal.

    bottom left	Long range attack.

    middle up	Dodging ability. The mobility of the robot and the pilot's 
		rating is presented here. The rate of robot's dodge 
		depending on robot's size, pilot's dodging ability, 
		mobility and max. The max is the max number that the robot 
		can achieve. For example, even if Amuro has 180 dodge and 	
		robot has 50 mobility, but if the robot has only 220 max, 
		that's the level that the dodge rate will based on. The 
		over max stat will be shown in red.

    middle down	Aiming ability. Almost same as above except it's on 
		percentage of hitting your enemy.

    top right	Sense(?). Usually higher numbers means higher dodging 
		ability. When 130 or higher and max is 130 or higher, 
		pilot can move twice.

    right	Skill level. The higher the number, the higher chance of a  
		critical hit (double damage). Also used in with "mercy" 
		magic. Also the higher the skill, the less likely this 
		pilot will suffer a critical hit.

    Center 	The pilot's special ability. Not all pilots have special 

      Newtype	(all Japanese characters) Amuro, Char, and other pilots 
		from the Gundam Series (except for Kou) fit in this 
		catgory. Their Piloting skills are exceptional and they 
		have the ability to use Newtype weapons such as Funnels 
		and Fin Funnels. They were also able to move twice quicker, 
		as all Newtypes can move twice ranged from level 33 to 
		level 38 at the latest.

	Human	(4 Chinese character or Kanji) Like Four Murasame. An 
		Artificial Newtype. Same abilities as newtypes.Enhanced 
		Humans are normal Human beings that have been Genetically  
		altered so the human will have newtype abilities even 
		though that human is not a newtype.

	 	(with 2 Kanji at back) the number behind it indicate the 
		rate that shield (if any) be used to reduce damage by 

		(with 1 Kanji at front) the number behind it indicate the 	
		rate that sword be used (if any) to cut solid projectile 
		like missiles, funnels, incom, or clash sword. Receive no 
		damage after attack.

	Senshi	(3 kanji) Pilots like Shou in Aura Battler series. Ability 
		to use the Aura and Hyper Aura cut.

		(2 kanji) Founded in almost every Super Robot pilot. 
		Double the rate of critical hit if only 1/8 HP left.

	Weapons screen.

  top left	page number/max page
  middle left	Weapon's name.

      B		means beam type weapon.

      MAP	means can hit several enemy at once. (all the kills 
		won't increase morale).

      P		Can be used after movement. (after movement, only close 
		combat weapons can be used if next to enemy unless it's P 

  middle middle	Attack power

  middle-right	Range. All weapons with only 1 range is close range 

  middle right	+/- hit rate. Some weapons has a higher hit rate than 
		others. Range from -30 to +35.

  bottom three rows	weapon's usage.

      first row	left: ammo remaining. right the grade of weapons on each

	second row	left: morale requirement. right: EN consumption.

	last row	left: special ability requirement. right: +/- 
			critical hit rate. Range from -10 to +30.

3) Complete "magic" list and brief description

	I am listing the "magic" in the order they appear in the "magic" list
in the "magic" menu. It start from the top left and it goings down then to 
the right, until it reaches the bottom right. Note: "Miracle" does not have 
explanation in Japanese in the game since it is suppose to be a secret.

  HP1		Recover self HP by 1/3.

  HP2		Rcover self HP fully.

  Flash		100% dodge for one enemy attack.

  Speed Up  	+5 squares for current move.
  Hot Blood 	100% critical hit for one attack.

  Hit		100% hit for one turn.

  rate  	+30% dodge and aim for one turn.

  Trust		Recover one robot HP by 1/3.

  Pressure 	Stop one enemy that has a lower level from moving for 
		one turn.

  Mercy		If has HIGHER skill level than enemy, then the attack will 
		leave the enemy with 10 HP if that attack is enough to kill 
		the enemy. Useful for getting weak team member to level up.

  Motivate  	Increase self morale by 15.

  Lucky		Double amount of experience and money for one chance (means 
		one chance of pilot getting any experience. So if enemy 
		attack you and you block, the lucky will still be there but 
		if you attack and you miss, the lucky will be used up.)

  Resupply	Completely recover one of your team's EN and ammo.

  ship		Recover all team member HP by 1/2.

  Love		Recover all team member HP fully.

  Anger		Cause damage from 10 to 1000 on all enemy on map.

  Awaken	increase movement points by one. (move one more time during 
		your turn.)

  Rally		Increase morale of all robots standing on top, left, right 
		and bottom of the pilot that use "Rally" by 10.

  Again		Let one team member that's on top, left, right or bottom of 
		the pilot that uses it and that has already used up his/her 
		movement points to move again.
  rection	Let one dead team robot revived. Morale back to 100 and is 
		choosed among dead team robot.

  Invisible 	Let one's robot be invisible to enemy so enemy cannot attack 
		you but you still can attack enemy.

  Exhaust	Exact opposite of Rally. Decrease morale by 10.

  destruct  	To kill oneself. In process, inflict same amount of your HP 
		on robots on top, left, right, and bottom of your robot. For 
		example, if you have 4,000 HP and you use this "magic", all 
		four surrounding robot will suffer 4,000 damage, no matter 
		how thick their armor are.

  Detection 	To get information about the enemy without having to fight 
		it first.

  (?)		Cause all enemy on map at this moment to decrease their 
		hitting percentage by half.

  Search	To find one hidden item on map.

  move(?)	Cause all robots on its range to decrease their # of squares 
		of their current move by half.

  Wall		Double self armor for one turn.

  Spirit	Triple attack power for one attack.

  Miracle	See trick section.

4) Very brief Character's guide

	This section is designed to help people with no Gundam or Heavy 
Metal, etc. knowledge to know the different pilots by name. Some people might
know their name in languages other than Japanese or English, since shows like
Gundam is shown in Hong Kong and other places, so people their don't know 
their name in English, so I write this part and now they will be able to 
tell apart Amuro from Char.

		Gundam Series (Do I need to explain???)

  Amuro Rey		Pilot of Gundam, Nu (Greek letter that look like a V)
	This guy should need no introduction, since anybody that watches the 
show Gundam should know him by now. He is one of the quickest pilot to be 
able to move twice (level 33) and the quickest pilot to get "Spirit". This 
Newtype is the most balance of them all, but in this game he lack leadership 
and he is pretty indecisive since he still cannot choose between Chien and 

  Quattro Bajina	Pilot of Type 100 (The gold color MS with the MAP 

	This blond with the sunglasses is actually Char Aznable, so every 
Gundam fans should know him. He is pretty slow comparing him to Amuro, but 
he has the highest long range and skill stats among MS pilots. This newtype 
has leadership ability, that's why he might leave your team later.

  Camille Vidan	Pilot of Zeta Gundam
	The blue haired main character from Zeta Gundam is back, and he is 
still as good as ever, although he don't have "Lucky", he stats are still 
very high and he is able to move twice at level 33. His romance with the 
Enhanced Human Four will ultimately be decided in this game...

  Judo Ashita	Pilot of Double Zeta Gundam
	The always happy Newtype is back, and his attack power is still very 
high. He is also able to move twice at level 33. All of his friends won't be  
back as backup pilots, but Elpe Puru and Puru Two might make an appearance 
later on in the game...

  SeaBook Arno	Pilot of Gundam F91 (The F is pronounce formula)
	This guy is probably the worst among Newtype Gundam pilots, as he can
move twice at level 34 and his stats are pretty low, but with the power of 
F91, he is still one of your best pilots. His girlfriend Cecily Fairchild 
will make an appearance if you let somebody die...

  Kou Uraki		Pilot of Gundam GP01Fb and GP03 Dendrobium
	This non-Newtype is probably the best among regular MS pilots. He may
be shy around girls and dislike carrots, he still has a pretty high skill 
level and have "Spirit" and can move twice at level 41. If he could just 
have "Concentrate"....

  Anavel Gato	Pilot of Gundam GP02A Physalis and Neue Ziel
	The favorite villian from Gundam 0083 is back and he is as good as 
ever. The "Nightmare of Solomon" has the second highest skill and long range 
level among MS pilots. It will be a tough choice between Char and Gato, but 
with the prospect of getting the Atomic MAP weapon is too much to resists...

  Christina Mackenzie	Pilot of Gundam NT-1 Alex
	This lovely looking test pilot (at least to Bernie) is back and she 
is still as useless as she was in the 3rd Super Robot Wars. But with the 
Gundam and some pretty useful "magic", Chris might not be as useless as you 

  Bernard Wiseman	Pilot of Zaku
	That's right, this pilot uses a Zaku! This pilot is still pretty 
useless, but hey, Bernie comes with Chris, which means....

  Roux Rouka
	Roux is Judo's girlfriend, and she will be a backup pilot depending 
on one of the crossroad. Her stats might be low, but at least she has "Lucky"
and "Resupply", and afterall, she is still a Newtype...

  Katsu		Pilot of G-Defensor
	Another pretty useless Newtype, but the MA he pilot is extremely 
useful and he is the only one that can convice Sara to join your team if you 
are on the Real Robot side....

  Keyla Sue		Pilot of Jegan
	Keyla is back, depending on crossroad, and she is still just average 
among MS pilots. Well, at least he is better than Hathaway...

  Hathaway Noah	Pilot of Jegan
	Hathaway is back, just like Keyla, but at least he is a Newtype. Hope
he has gotten over his obession over Quess...

  Four Murasame	Pilot of Psycho Gundam
	The love interest of Camille is back. This Enhance Human don't have 
very high stat level, but she can move twice at level 35 and can be use as 
second class pilots...

  Rozamia Badam	Pilot of Psycho Gundam Mark II
	This emotionally unstable Enhance Human is back. She has less useful 
"magic" as Four, but some of her stats are higher and she does get your team 
more experience, just hope she don't cause too much trouble for Camille...

  Elpe Puru and
  Puru Two	Pilot of Quebeley Mark II
	These two asexually produced Enhance Human are back. Although their 
stats are not very high, but at least the Quebeley Mark II are quite useful. 
If only Judo can find them...

  Quess Pariah	Pilot of Jagd Doga or Jegan
	This girl is a pretty powerful Newtype, and her MS is very good. But 
how can we find her? Maybe Amuro can help....

		Heavy Metal Series (The series whose robots has P weapons, 
				    beam coating and beam weapons)

  Mylard	Pilot of L Gaim, L Gaim Mark II
	The major character of the series has finally make it to the Super 
Robot Wars series, and he is extremely useful because of his extremely high 
long range attack, move twice at level 36, and useful robots. Not to 
mention the fact that two girls are always fighting over him. I wonder where 
his cousin, the girl that Mylard was suppose to marry, is......

		Aura Battler Series (The series whose robots has after-image 
				     and Aura and Hyper Aura cuts)

  Shou		Pilot of Dunbine
	The major character from the series is back from Super Robot Wars EX,
and he is still extremely useful since he has a pretty good close range and 
long range stats, able to move twice at level 36, and some useful magic. If 
he could only have more SP ......


5) All the crossroads and details on some hard-to-get robots and pilots

	There are quite a few crossroads in this game. Even if you played the
two paths of your robot, you will still miss a few different stages and some 
robots and pilots, so this section will detail all the different crossroads 
and in the process, listing all the robots that you'll get in the different 
crossroad. In the end of each crossroad, I will add comments on whether you 
should pick this crossroad over the other one. I am excluding the 
differences in Super robot side and Real robot side because you should know 
them by now.

  1)  During second stage (or first stage for SFC version)

	If you finish this stage in double digit number of turns (or 8 if SFC
version), you will be sent to a different sequence of stages than if you 
finish in single digit number of turns. In the single digit number of turns, 
you will be presented will less enemy to fight, and you will have one 
additional robot to appear on Encyclopedia. You will have Hathaway as 
extra pilot after stage 7. If you finish second stage in double digit number 
of turns, you will have Keyla instead as extra pilot. You have more 
enemies to fight and Christ and Bernie will join you during stage 7.

Advice:	For this crossroad, you should choose the double digit crossroad 
		because it yield more experience and more robots, but it uses
		up more turns.

  2) Before stage 7 or stage 6 (or 6 and 5, respectively for SFC version)

	Depending on the 1) path, you will choose this path before different 
stages. Before the stage, someone will ask you whether you have a 
girlfriend/boyfriend (lover?) or not, and if you ask yes, he/she will start 
as a Titan and you will have to fight a sea monster in stage 8. You will be 
allowed to edit her name. If you want him/her to join you, you have to 
convice him/her to join you in stage 23(or 22 in SFC) if you choose to 
go to space while in stage 24 (or 22 in SFC) if you decide to stay on 
earth. If you say no, a co-star of the opposite sex will be choosen for you 
and will join you as extra pilot after this stage. You will instead be 
helping combattler V in stage 8. 

Advice:	Take your pick. Depend on whether or not you need the extra 
		pilot right now. The second pick (no girl/boy-friend) uses up
		more turns.

  3) After stage 10 (or stage 9 in SFC version)

	This crossroad asks you to whether to cross the Japanese ocean or 
Pacific ocean, with each one causes a different following stage. If you 
choose the Japanese ocean, you will get Katsu, but there's less items and 
experience. If you choose Pacific ocean, Roux will join you instead.

Advice:	Japanese ocean all the way because of the usefulness of G-
	Defensor (it can be combined with Gundam Mark II) and the 
	ability to convice Sara to join you in stage 21(20) if in 
	Real Robot side. But the other path yields more items and 
	more experiences and uses up a little less turn (but 
	Dancougar team cannot be used).

  4) After stage 12 ( or stage 11 in SFC version)

	This crossroad asks you whether you want to help one of your team 
member to find his lover. If you don't go with him, you will fight a boss 
and in the process decide a crossroad in stage 35 or 36. 

Advice:	Don't go with him. Since going with him uses up some turns and 
	that part of the team don't have "Search" so you will be missing 
	a lot of items, no to mention it also by default pick a worse 
	crossroad for you later on.

  5) During Stage 13 ( or stage 12 in SFC version)

	If you decided not to help find one of your team member's girlfriend,
you are presented with two choices at this stage. If you manage to kill the 
boss within 8 turns, you will be in a different stage 35(34) than if you 
didn't kill the boss.

Advice:	Kill him. By killing him, you will be able to get the I-Field 
	generator at stage 35(34) and more items. But the other path 
	yields a better storyline.

  6) During Stage 14 (or stage 14 in SFC version)

	This crossroad will decide which Aura Battler battleship you're going
to get in stage 18(17). If Shou don't fight the woman in 3 rounds, she will 
then join you and you will get the battleship with no MAP weapons and two 
faries, along with the woman (she does have Aura Senshi skill at level 15). 
If you fight her, you will get a battleship with MAP weapons and two pilots 
along with two extra robots. 

Advice:	Kill her. The battleship with MAP is more useful and one of the 
	extra pilot can be used in stage 34(33) (the one which Four is 
	in your team) to get an extra pilot and robot that has Rally. 
	She is extremely useful near the end of game because you will 
	have to split up in two teams and she is one of the only four 
	member in one team that has Rally, so take your pick carefully.

  7) After stage 18 (or stage 17 in SFC version) 

	Before stage 19, you will be asked which way should you go to invade 
enemy's base. For the first choice, the map is longer, and the second choice 
is shorter.

Advice:	Second one all the way. The items and amount of enemies are the 
	same, so why bother go the longer way!

  8) After stage 23 (or stage 22 in SFC version)

	After the stage, Bright will ask you whether you want to go to space 
or stay on earth. If you go to space, you go along with Amuro, Fa, Kou, 
Keith, Dancougar team, Jumbo3 team, Raideen team and Heavy Metal members. 
If you stay on earth, you go with the rest of the team. The following four 
stages is different depending on which way you pick.

Advice:	Space is a must for Real Robot side because it's the only way 
	to convice Mylard's cousin to join you by letting him attack 
	her. However, on earth you can see the new Geta and your robot 
	if you're on Super Robot side transform.

P.S. After stage 30 (or 29 in SFC), if you're on the Super Robot side, your 
stage number will be increase by one because stage 30(29) has two parts but 
the game still counts as two stages. Make sure to minus 1 from the stage 
number from that on so the stage number will be the same as mine.

  9) During Stage 32 and stage 33 (or 31 and 32 in SFC)

	In these two stages, you are presented with a tough choice. If you 
convice Four to join you, you will have a chance at convicing an additional 
AB pilot and less enemy to fight later on. If you killed her, you can get 
the EX-Superior Gundam (if you have Superior Gundam. Note: Remember, in SFC 
version, you have to have the Guntank and in Real Robot side to get Superior 
Gundam while in PS version, you only have to be in Real Robot side.) and a 
chance to convice Rozamia to join you at stage 34 and 38. In stage 38, you 
have to kill the Alpha Aziel (the hugh MA with funnels) first before using 
Camille to convice Rozamia to join you. After the stage, the doctor will ask 
you whether you want her to be one of your backup pilots.

Advice:	If you're in Super Robot side, convice Four because you will 
	need the extra MS pilot and the extra AB pilot. If you're in 
	Real Robot side, you might want the EX-S Gundam and more enemies 
	to fight.

  10) During Stage 33 (or 32 in SFC)

	Before this stage, Char will ask you whether you want to help out 
protecting General Brex Forra. Make sure to say yes (the first 
option) because I personally like to make my own decision instead of letting 
the computer doing it for me. During turn 3, the computer will ask you 
whether you want to escape to the right or the left. If you choose left  
 (the second option), Brex will be killed and Char will leave your team. 
This will also decide which stage 40 you are going. Without Char, Cecily and 
her MS will join you, and you have a chance of convicing Gato to join you if 
he survive until stage end. With Char, if you protect the NPC until the end, 
you will get a Sazabi instead (Char's MS with funnel).

Advice:	This one is really up to you. I personally like to let Char go 
	because GP02A has an Atomic weapon, and using it to finish the 
	game is much easier for the PS version. 
Note:	I am not sure if PS version is the same but in order to get the 
	Atomic weapon in the SFC version, you have to convice Hamaan 
	Khan with Judo later, which can only happens if you're on Real 
	Robot side.

  11) During Stage 39 (or 38 in SFC)

	This crossroad is pretty hard to get to. If you're on Super Robot 
side, just go on to the next because it's not possible to choose unless you 
are on Real Robot side. About turn 3 or 4, there will be some Heavy Metal 
enemies appears, and Mylard's cousin is among them. If you use Mylard to 
atttack her in stage 27(26), use him to convice her in stage 30(29), and 
use him again to convice her in this stage, she will join you. After you 
convice her, you can then convice the purple hair guy to join you with 
Mylard. By convicing him to join you, you will be going to a different 
stage 41(40). With him, you can then convice Puru and Puru Two to join you 
with Judo.

Advice:	Go with it if you're on Real Robot side. This way is much faster 
	and easier than without him. Also one of the only ways to get 
	Atomic weapon for GP02A.

  PS) During stage 40 (does not really apply to SFC version)

	During this stage, a girl will attack you and one of your team member
(the one that can transform) will recognize her and say something must be 
wrong. If you convice her, then this stage will end after you kill the three 
bosses, and you will have an extra stage to fight with just him, her, and 
one other girl. 
	In SFC version, convicing her will add the other two pilots that 
help you but didn't join you in stage 35.
Note: If you does go to the extra stage, make sure to minus 1 to follow 
	my stage numbering system.

Advice:	This stage is pretty useless but it does gave them some 
	experiences and you don't have to fight three more battleship 
	and enemies during stage 40 so it would be easier to protect 
	the NPC.

  12) During stage 41 (or 40 in SFC)

	This crossroad lead to another crossroad, but only accessible in Real
Robot side. If you convice Puru and Puru Two (only need to convice one of 
them), after the stage is complete, they will ask you whether or not you 
want to go with them to get a little girl. By going with him, you have a 
chance of convicing Hamaan with Judo. In that stage, you have to use Judo 
to convice Hamaan before attacking any of the enemies. After that, kill as 
many as you want without killing Hamaan. With only four enemy remaining, 
Hamaan will retreat and you will get the Atomic weapon in stage 44(43). If 
you don't follow Judo and Puru, you will go to the moon and fight the Heavy 
Metal boss, but it is not very hard. If you don't convice Puru to join you 
at all or if you're on Super Robot side, you will be sent to the hardest 
stage 43(42) of the possible 3.
Note:	If you decide to follow Judo, your stage number will increase by 1, 
	so make sure to minus 1 afterward to follow my stage numbering 

Advice:	Follow them at all cost because it's much easier, not to mention 
	able to use atomic weapon. But you might not want to follow them 
	if you just want to cross all crossroads.

  13) After stage 44 (or stage 43 in SFC version)

	If you finish stage 44 with a total of 326 turns(?) or less (319 for 
SFC version), three new pilots will join you (some of your team member will 
leave) and you won't be given a choice to fight these guys in stage 45. If 
you finish with more than 326, during stage 45(44), the woman will ask you 
whether you want to fight them. By saying yes (first option) both times, you 
will fight them instead of the last boss. This option will result in a bad 
ending. The stage 45 with less than 326 turns is harder in PS version 
because the enemies are very spread out and you have to kill them all before 
the last boss will appear on the map. For SFC version, the boss will always 
be there so it's a piece of cake. 

Advice:	Depending on your mood. In order to make it in less than 326
	turns, it takes practice and lose some items and enemies in the 
	process, not to mention it was a lot harder. Unless you have 
	GP02A and its atomic weapon and some experience with this game, 
	I strongly discourage choosing that. Note: By choosing to 
	fight the guy with two girls instead of fighting the last boss, you 
	will have two more robots appear in the Encyclopedia.

6) "Miracle" trick, hidden characters and some hints
	Miracle. This is the ultimate "magic". It increase morale by 30, 
100% hit, flash, lucky, spirit(triple damage), speed up and complete HP 
recover for only 40 MP. Only the AB farie for Shou and your character can 
have this magic. For the AB farie, she has to reach level 56. For your 
character, you have to input a special birthday and bloodtype. Even "Spirit" 
require special birthday. The easiest to get is 9/2, O, which gives miracle 
at level 25, but you will have no "magic" before level 25 and when you do, 
some of your "magic" is pretty useless, but "Miracle" is all that matters.
note: 	This only applies to PS version. In SFC version, you will have speed
	up, flash, concentrate, lucky, spirit and Miracle. You get spirit at 
	around level 20 and miracle at level 24.

	There are two hidden characters (well, if you looked at Deluxe 
Character Encyclopedia, you should know them by now) in the game (maybe more 
in PS, but I didn't heard there's more). One is Quess and other is a farie 
for AB series. In order to get them, you have to get a certain pilot on 
certain square of a certain stage.
note:	Since these hidden characters doesn't effect storyline at all, make 
	sure to get them, especially the AB farie

	AB farie	stage 17, Shou has to be in square 40 down and 2 
		to the right from the upper left hand corner of map. She will
		present three choices for you after the stage:
		first and second choice yields a replacement for Dunbine, 
		while the last one is leave Dunbine alone. The first and 
		second choice AB don't have any long range weapons, but they 
		have pretty high mobility, HP, EN and 10% HP recovery. The 
		first one is a little more agile while the other has higher 
		armor and HP.
	advice:	Take the first one. Since it has higher mobility, you can let
		the weaker pilots use it and still manage to get to 255.

	Quess:		Stage 30, Amuro has to be in square 6 down and 8 to 
		the right from the upper left hand corner of the map. She 
		will give you two choices after the stage:
		First one is Dera Joga(?) (The MS with funnel) and the second
		one is just Jeagon (GM). The choice is pretty obvious. 
	note: 	This stage is only accessible if you follow the real robot 
	Some hints:

	1) If you lost a stage without saving at all, you will have to be 
back at that stage again, but all the experience and money will be intact,
but the hidden items won't be there. If you are low in money and experience, 
you can use this to grab some money and experience, but it still counts 
toward the total turn counts.

	2) Always, I mean always kill a battleship with "Lucky", even if it's
piloted by a nobody because it yields lots of money.

	3) There are two planes in the game that is mainly used for resupply,
and you can choose from the few pilots. Both planes should be piloted by the 
girls because they have the most useful magic. For the one in Radieen, pick 
the girl with the lowest level because she has lucky, resupply and love, not 
to mention that she can move twice at level 38. As for the other plane, the 
girl has rally, which is extremely useful in later stages, but she has to be 
at level 32.

	4) If you press the top buttons and select and start together, the 
game will be rebooted to the main menu. Useful if you don't want to press 
reset all the time, especially in PS version.

7) Closing comments
	Finally, I would like to thank Phillip L Yee([email protected]) for 
helping me translate some of the names and stuff and for correcting some of 
my mistakes in the first version. I also need use thank the guys from the 
Gundam Project( since I use many of the name 
translation for the Gundam series from there. 
	For those of you that only played the SFC version and really like 
the old anime shows, make sure to at least borrow the PS version because 
those original voice actors and actoresses really make a difference. Did you 
know that Inoue Kikuko, the voice actresses for Belldandy and Tendo Kasumi, 
is actually doing the voice of one character in the game! 
	I know this FAQ really sucks, but this is my very first attempt at 
writing one, so bare with me. As I said before, E-mail me any comments or 
suggestions to me. See you (maybe) later!

-Edmund Chiu
[email protected]

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