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Abalaburn Story Mode Mini FAQ V0.1
Written by Winston Avalon

Updated FAQ can be found at :
PSX Cheat Station

Abalaburn Story Mode
I did not finished with all the characters in the game, but I suppose
there is not too much differences in them, except than the story.
This is my second FAQ for PSX and this is not a COMPLETE giude, just
a simple FAQ with tips.

Story Mode Basics
This is more like a small dungeon type of game like Tobal. There are
altogether 12 Stages, but true dungeon only 8 stages as the last few
as just boss-fighting. Here are some hints :

- You can make use of a complete map by accessing the option menu. The
  map can be a great help as you will know where you are suppose to go
  as indicated by a circle usually.

- Don't even think about short cuts. You usually have to visit most of
  the area in the stage as they don't design it just for fun.

- When struck on a level, you can check the help option in the option
  menu and see if you need to do anything in particular to proceed.

- Usually you will need to get a key to pass through a certain door
  and in this game once you enter through a door, there will not be a
  need to go back out so each stage is subdivided into sections
  seperated by door. The key are sometimes found by killing an enemy.
  You will know an enemy holds a key when you see a yellow flashes
  above the character. The enemy is usually a big boss type or
  something special.

- In the forest stage, you will need to get a fairy item at a great
  tree guard by an enemy. Then you will need to go back to an area in
  the SW with a pond and you will be able to proceed from there.

- In the tunnel region, you will need to go into a tunnel underground
  which will eventually lead you to get a bomb and then you will drop
  down back to where you started. You will need to go to the hill
  blocking the train route and blast it apart. Climb on the mine train
  and you will be able to proceed.

- In the volcanic region, you will be able to get a pair of special
  boots that enable you to walk on the lava to finish the stage.

- In the last stage on the machine age, you will need to go into a
  small room and turn on a furnace which power a machine stamper. You
  will need to get a goldbar by defeating a creature and going to the
  stamper will mould you goldbar into a goldkey for you to enter the
  final door.

- There are some pads in the machine age and other similar region in
  which you can jump on it and it open a bridge. There are other boxes
  that are actually bombs. When you appoarch them, they flashes and blow
  up. At some point, you may think you can actually jump over a fence or
  something, well, you can't. There is another way around it. There are
  also floating platform in which you will need to aim and jump onto.
  There are the stationary gear looking ones and the golden moving one.
  You will need to jump from one to another to get pass some area. On a
  platform, don't try to move after landing as you are quite likely to
  fall off as your movement is too big. On the first level, the plank
  behave differently. They fall down after you land on it, so make a run
  for it. There is also one similar one in one of the level with a death
  character in the center. It spin around and once you land on it, you
  will have to run and jump onto the center and kill death before you
  can use it properly. You will not make it in time to run across. There
  are many houses in the game that you can enter and obtain powerup.
  Simply go to the door.

Action Replay Codes
You will be able to get the codes from PSX Cheat Station. URL above.
however be warned, on some level it does not work, particularly the last
2 levels. But they will work on the final round on each stage at least.
To beat some of the bosses on such level, you will need to block after
you learn its attack pattern and attack. This is particularly true for
a Scorpion robot on the last level, where you will need to block 3
attack at close range before you can throw in a kick and you will need to
repeat that pattern again and again. Other than that, the gameshark code
works in general. You may also need to lock you level so that it does
flow back to 1 after going over the maximum. But what is important is the
stats of your character.

There are 8 standard stages in which you will fight 7 other characters as
bosses in the first 7, and a wingged girl in the 8th. After that, you will
continuously fight the armor and the big guy with the wingged girl and
finally the trapped demon himself so be prepared.

That's all for this FAQ as I did not planned to write one during play and
was not able to capture a lot of stuff. Sorry about that. You want to mail
me about comments, correction etc, you can reach me at the below email.

This FAQ is free ( who would want to pay anyway? ) and you are allow to
distribute it freely through email / webpage etc, but please do not modify
it and also please mail me to let me know where my FAQ is going. I may be
able to include your site on the next version. If there are correction,
feel free to let me know first.

Winston Avalon
Stationmaster of PSX Cheat Station
Email : [email protected]

Yours Truly,
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