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=                 FORMULA 1 (PlayStation) Mini-FAQ                  =
=                  Version 1.40 (1 February 1997)                   =
=             By Klaus Timmermann ([email protected])             =

  1. Introduction
  2. What's New
  3. Tracks
  4. High Scores
  5. Save Games
  6. In-Game Options
  7. Replay Race
  8. Bonus Track
  9. Cheats And Secrets
 10. Music
 11. Wanted
 12. Credits

1. Introduction 
  Do you think the manual for this otherwise exellent game is very
  poor ? (the danish manual even congratulates you for the purchase
  of Chronicles Of The Sword !) or do you just want some cheats or
  info ?... Well this Mini-FAQ might help you. It basicly contains
  some various info about the game, cheats/secrets, a description
  of the different in-game options and information about the tracks
  including the bonus track.

  I hope to include some more information and cheats/secrets in the
  future when (and if) they come available.

  If you find any errors or have additions to the Mini-FAQ, please 
  feel free to e-mail them to me at :
    [email protected]
  All help will be credited.

  The latest version of this Mini-FAQ can found at my PSX page :

					Klaus Timmermann
					The Beanest PlayStation Page

2. What's New 
  v1.40 : Spanish Mode added to Cheats And Secrets section.
          Various sections updated.
  v1.35 : Game Shark codes added to Cheats And Secrets section.
          Music section improved.
          Wanted section updated.
          Minor corrections.
  v1.3  : More info about Surface Smoothing (In-Game Options).
          Music section added.
          Number of laps in Track table corrected.
          WALTER.DAT info added to Wanted section.
  v1.2  : In-Game Options section added.
          Wanted section added.	
          Track table improved.
          Various sections improved.
  v1.1  : German Mode added to Cheats And Secrets section.
          Content, What's New, High Scores, Save Games, Replay Race
          and Credits sections added. Various improvements made.
  v1.0  : Initial release.

3. Tracks 
  The different tracks in the game are not described in the manual
  and when playing a Grand Prix game it would be nice to know some-
  thing about the track you are about to race, specially how many
  laps you have to go when planning pit stops.
  Note the number of laps specified are when playing a track as 100%
  length and in Grand Prix mode only.
  The number of laps to race in Arcade mode is always 5.

  The following table lists the tracks in 1995 championship order. 

  | Race | Track                       |   Lap    |    Full Race    |
  |  No  | Location And Name           |  Length  |  Laps / Length  |
  |   1  | Brazil: Interlagos          | 4.325 km | 71 / 307.075 km |
  |   2  | Argentina: Buenos Aires     | 4.259 km | 71 / 302.389 km |
  |   3  | San Marino: Imola           | 4.895 km | 63 / 308.385 km |
  |   4  | Spain: Catalunya            | 4.727 km | 65 / 307.255 km |
  |   5  | Monaco: Monte Carlo         | 3.328 km | 78 / 259.584 km |
  |   6  | Canada: Montreal            | 4.430 km | 69 / 305.670 km |
  |   7  | France: Magny-Cours         | 4.250 km | 72 / 306.000 km |
  |   8  | Great Britain: Silverstone  | 5.057 km | 61 / 308.477 km |
  |   9  | Germany: Hockenheim         | 6.815 km | 45 / 306.675 km |
  |  10  | Hungary: Hungaroring        | 3.968 km | 77 / 305.536 km |
  |  11  | Belgium: Spa-Francorchamps  | 6.974 km | 44 / 306.856 km |
  |  12  | Italy: Monza                | 5.800 km | 53 / 307.400 km |
  |  13  | Portugal: Estoril           | 4.360 km | 71 / 309.560 km |
  |  14  | Europe: Nürburgring         | 4.542 km | 67 / 304.314 km |
  |  15  | Pacific: Aida               | 3.702 km | 83 / 307.266 km |
  |  16  | Japan: Suzuka               | 5.859 km | 53 / 310.527 km |
  |  17  | Australia: Adelaide         | 3.778 km | 81 / 306.018 km |
  |      | Bonus Track: Frameout City  | 6.000 km | 75 / 450.000 km |

4. High Scores
  The high scores are separated into three : Best lap times for
  Single Race game, best results for Championship games and best
  positions for Ladder games. This means that if a lap time is
  beaten in a Championship or Ladder game it will not be recorded
  in the best lap times table. Only lap times achived during a
  Single Race game are recorded in the best lap times table.

  All high scores can be saved to memory card. Please read the
  section below for further info.

5. Save Games
  When saving a game to memory card all high scores and options are
  saved with the game. This is good but it also makes it possible to
  overwrite old high scores by accident. An example: Let's say you
  have a save game with a Championship game in progress and in the
  meantime you have made some good lap times in Single Race and saved
  these high scores to the DEFAULT save game. Now you load the
  Championship game and finishes it as number one. Saving your new
  Championship high score to the DEFAULT save game will of course
  overwrite the existing Single Race lap times. In other words it's
  not possible to merge the high scores. A way to avoid overwriting
  high scores by accident is to have only one save game at a time.
  Of course this means you must finish a Championship game before
  trying to beat the lap times in a Single Race game.

  Saving a game as DEFAULT will make this game load automaticly when
  the game boots, although it will not be possible to Resume a game
  without loading the same game manually (bah!!).

6. In-Game Options
  During a race it's possible to pause the game by pressing the
  SELECT button and change some options without returning to the
  frontend. These are the options which are described below.

  Screen Options
  Screen Mode (Normal/Wide Screen/Hires) :
    You can change the screen resolution with this option, but it's
    pretty much useless. The Wide Screen setting just squizes every-
    thing flat to fit a wide screen tv. The Hires setting changes
    the screen to high resolution making the actual picture tiny.
    Only the Normal setting, which is the default, is usefull.

  Camera (Locked/Unlocked) :
    When the camera is locked (default) the view allways follow the
    car's heading even when turning. If the camera is unlocked the
    view follows the direction the car is turning just like when you
    turn your head when driving a real car.
    This option is most apparent when using the nose or cockpit
    views and making hard turns. 

  Screen Tilt (On/Off) :
    When the Screen Tilt is off (default) the view is allways hori-
    zontal even when turning. If the Screen Tilt is on, the screen
    tilts sideways when making turns, just like when you tilt your
    head and/or body sideways when turning a car in real life.
    This option is most also apparent when using the nose or cockpit
    views and making hard turns or spinning on grass.

  Surface Smoothing (On/Off) :
    The Surface Smoothing option determines whether or not the screen
    is cleared before the next frame is drawn. If Surface Smoothing
    is turned off, cracks may appear in the track surface. (Cracks
    are gaps between the polygons making up the track. This is also 
    called polygon seams). This is most noticeable on the highest
    external view. Tap the power slightly and as the car gently rolls
    forward, black cracks appear in the road or grass. When Surface
    Smoothing is turned on, the screen is not cleared before the next
    frame is drawn and therefore as the new track is drawn over the
    old track of the previous frame, black cracks are less likely to
    appear as the old track shows through.
    This option doesn't seem to affect the framerate noticeably.

  Display Options
  Speed (Kph/Mph) :
    Use this option to switch the speed display between Kph (kilo-
    meters per hour) or Mph (miles per hour).

  Player Arrow (On/Off) :
    This option can be used to turn the big green arrow, which is
    displayed over you opponent car in ladder or link game, on and

  Racing Line (On/Off) :
    With this option you can turn the racing line on and off.
    The racing line is the dark area on the road which is the best
    route to follow through turns and bends.
    Turning the racing line off will improve the framerate slightly.
    The computer controlled cars mostly follow this racing line.
    TIP :
      You can often use the racing line to predict upcoming turns
      and bends before they are in sight.

  Display (Dim/Bright/Solid) :
    This option decides how to display the speed and gear shift in
    the top of the screen when playing in Grand Prix mode only.
    The Dim (default) option makes the text transparent, the Bright
    makes the text bright but still transparent and Solid option
    makes the test solid and not transparent.

  Sound Options
  CD Volume (0-100) :
    This is the volume of the music or commetary depending on what's
    selected in the frontend option menu.

  In-Car Volume (0-100) :
    This is the volume of the in-car sound effects such as engine,
    tire, collision sounds etc.

  Ambient Volume (0-100) : 
    This is the volume of the out-of-car sound effects such as
    crowds, public announcers (not Murray), other cars etc.

  NOTE :
    These Sound options are identical with the settings in the
    frontend option menu. Changing the sound settings in the in-game
    menu will also cause the settings to be changed in the frontend
    option menu.

7. Replay Race
  Many people complain about the disabled Replay Race option when
  using an analog controller (NegCon or Mad Catz Steering Wheel).
  The reason for this limitation is an analog controller generates
  much more control data (up to 255 times as many) than an digital
  controller (the JoyPad) and the game doesn't have enough available
  memory to store all these data. Although some games, like Burning
  Road and The Need For Speed, makes it possible to replay even with
  an analog controller but they don't have the memory filled with
  detailed track data as Formula 1 does.

  TIP :
    When replaying a race it's possible to "fast forward" the replay
    by holding down the X button.    

8. Bonus Track
  Play an Arcade or Grand Prix Mode Championship and finish as
  number one. Now you can select a car shaped bonus track called
  Frameout City, this track is really nice and long (6 km).
  Remember to save your game to memory card to keep the bonus track
  selectable. See the cheat below how to enable this track without
  having to win a Championship game.

9. Cheats And Secrets
  To use the cheats and secrets below you must enter the Race Qualify
  screen (the last selection screen before racing where you choose
  between Practice, Qualify and Race).
  It's possible to combine the cheats: Try to use the Bike Mode and
  the Lava Mode together...  Burn Baby, Burn !!!

  T      : Triangle button.
  S      : Square button.
  O      : Circle button.
  X      : X button.
  UP     : Direction pad up/forward.
  DOWN   : Direction pad down/backward.
  LEFT   : Direction pad left.
  RIGHT  : Direction pad right.
  SELECT : The select button.

  Buggy Mode
  - Hold down the SELECT button.
  - Tap the following buttons fast : RIGHT,UP,T,LEFT,UP,S,T.
  - Now you should see the message : "Buggy Mode Activated".
  - This cheat will turn your car into a small buggy.

  Bike Mode
  - Hold down the SELECT button.
  - Tap the following buttons fast : DOWN,UP,O,T,RIGHT,UP,S,T.
  - Now you should see the message : "Bike Mode Activated".
  - This cheat will turn your car into a tiny bike.

  Lava Mode
  - Hold down the SELECT button.
  - Tap the following buttons fast : S,O,UP,RIGHT,RIGHT,O,X.
  - Now you should see the message : "Lava Mode Activated".
  - This cheat will turn all roads into lava and the rest into gray.

  Gibberish Mode
  - Hold down the SELECT button.
  - Tap the following buttons fast : LEFT,O,U,DOWN,DOWN,RIGHT,O,S,S.
  - Now you should see the message : "Gibberish Mode Activated".
  - This cheat make Murray talk totally gibberish.

  Bonus Track    
  - Hold down the SELECT button.
  - Tap the following buttons fast : LEFT,O,O,T,T,O,UP,RIGHT.
  - Now you should see the message : "Bonus Track Activated".
  - This will make the bonus track selectable next time you start a
    new Single Race game. 

  German Mode
  - Hold down the SELECT button.
  - Tap the following buttons fast : DOWN,UP,LEFT,LEFT,S,O,X.
  - Now you should see the message : "German Mode Activated".
  - This will use the German commentary regardless of the selected
    language. Note that commentary must be enabled in Sound Options
    to hear the German commentary.

  Spanish Mode
  - Hold down the SELECT button.
  - Tap the following buttons fast : T,O,RIGHT,O,T,O,RIGHT,O.
  - Now you should see the message : "Spanish Mode Activated".
  - This will use the Spanish commentary regardless of the selected
    language. Note that commentary must be enabled in Sound Options
    to hear the Spanish commentary.

  Game Shark/Pro Action Replay Codes 
  The following codes can only be used if you own a Game Shark or
  Pro Action Replay device. Note that some of these codes are unique
  to this section and the conventional codes are not yet available.

    Buggy Mode                     8009DC02 0001
    Bike Mode                      8009DC02 0100
    Lava Mode                      8009DC04 0001
    Gibberish Mode                 8009DC04 0100
    Bonus Track                    8009DC06 0001
    German Mode                    8009DC08 0100
    Spanish Mode                   8009DC0A 0001
    French Mode                    8009DC08 0001
    Italian Mode                   8009DC0A 0100
    English Mode                   8009DC06 0100
    Roving Camera (*)              8009DC0C 0001
    Freeze countdown timer (**)    800CE750 1248

    (*)  Allows you to use additional views.
    (**) For Arcade Mode only.

10. Music
  Formula 1 is set up to use commentary as default and it's quite
  entertaining to listen to Murray Walker's comments for a while, but
  it soon becomes boring. I highly recommend to set up the game to
  use the music instead. The soundtrack is great and adds well to
  the atmosphere of the game. The soundtrack contains great tunes
  by top artists Joe Satriani and Steve Vai among with songs by
  Psygnosis in-house composer Overdrive.

  The table below lists the songs by artist, title and length.

  | Song # | Artist and Title                         |  Length  |
  |        | Steve Vai: Juice                         |          |
  |        | Joe Satriani: Back To Shalla-bal         |          |
  |        | Joe Satriani: Summer Song                |          |
  |    2   | Overdrive: Heat Haze                     | 3.14 min |
  |    3   | Overdrive: Flat Out                      | 2.37 min |
  |    4   | Overdrive: Motion Blur                   | 2.32 min |
  |    5   | Overdrive: Chain Reaction                | 2.52 min |
  |    6   | Overdrive: Upping Gear                   | 2.46 min |
  |    7   | Overdrive: Stateside                     | 2.50 min |
  |    8   | Overdrive: Epic                          | 2.49 min |
  |    9   | Overdrive: Adrenaline Rush               | 2.52 min |
  |   10   | Overdrive: Teutonic Stomp                | 3.11 min |
  |   11   | Overdrive: Vai-lent Vengeance            | 2.46 min |
  |   12   | Overdrive: Pulling G's                   | 2.58 min |
  |   13   | Overdrive: Funked Up                     | 3.07 min |
  NOTE: Songs by Steve Vai and Joe Satriani cannot be played back on
        a normal CD-player, use the game's own CD-player in the Audio
        menu for these three tracks.

11. Wanted
  Some codes in the Cheats And Secrets section requres a Game Shark
  or Pro Action Replay device to activate them. These are Roving
  Camera and the English, Italian and French Mode codes.
  If you have the conventional codes (series of button presses) for
  any of these modes, please e-mail them to me.

  On the bonus track (Frameout City) a billboard mentions
  "WALTER.DAT", is this a hint to another secret ?... or is
  Walter someone who worked on the DAT recordings for the game ?

  If you have any new codes or additional information, please e-mail
  them to me. All help will be credited.

12. Credits
  Thanks to...
    Jan Karjalainen
    Paul `Mclane` Irvine
    Pete Doel (for info on Surface Smoothing)
    RAYSURX (for the Game Shark codes)
    Gavin Richardson (for the Spanish Mode code)
  ...and various people on the PlayStation newsgroups.

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