Mini-Walkthrough Of Street Level (After Den Of Iniquity) - Guide for Dead to Rights

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Instanly jump towards the three thugs and go into slow-mo mode. Target the first 
thug, shoot him, target the second, shoot him and target the third, and finish 
him off. If you are fast and using the double pistols, they'll all be dead by the 
time you land. There will be one or more thugs coming from the alleyway to the 
left. Immediately grab the first thug that runs out of the alley and use him as a 
human shield. If you back yourself down the alley, this will eliminate any other 
thugs coming out from there. Back your way down the alley, taking the human 
shield with you and grab the Health if you need it. If you are attacked by more 
thugs on the street, the shield will come in handy. If it's pretty quiet, put a 
bullet in the shield and let him go. When you exit the alley, there is a Health 
pickup in the doorway of the Den of Iniquity to the Right (on the main street 
area where you started), once you exit the alley. Make your way up the left side 
of the street and be cautious near the phone booth. You will see a cutscene and 
once it ends, more thugs will be on you. Grab the thug on the ground in front of 
you and let him play Human Shield. Take out the thugs on the canopies above you 
and the one on the truck, then focus on any others. If your shield expires, duck 
in front of a vehicle and get ready to let Shadow loose on a nearby thug (he 
needs to be Target Red for Shadow to be used). A few thugs will appear just past 
the truck that one of the thugs was on. Use fast pistols and maybe slow-mo mode 
to take them out. Once they are vanquished head up the right hand side of the 
street, towards the other phone booth. There is a Health pickup in there. Before 
you get to the phone booth, a cutscene will play out. Many thugs will appear 
across the street. Use the vehicles on the side of the street with the phone 
booth as shelter. As they are far away, you might have to go into slow-mo mode 
and attack them head on. Remember to grab one as a human shield. More thugs will 
usually appear just when you thought it was safe. Only one more cutscene and more 
thugs to go. Look for health in the nooks and crannies on the left side of the 
street. There aren't many. 

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