Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

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Mirra & other GS Codes

All Cheats Unlocked 19945CB1000000FF 
All Characters Unlocked 76ADD92200000C03 
Dave Mirra Movie Unlocked 917840D70000007F 
Ryan Nyquist Movie Unlocked A3131BAE0000007F 
Amish Boy Movie Unlocked 80B3C73D0000007F 
All Levels Unlocked - Dave Mirra 6DDB21C20000000C 
All Bikes Unlocked - Dave Mirra 292729C600000005 
All Outfits Unlocked - Dave Mirra FFCDDCA600000005 
Gold Medal Sleepy's Ditch - Dave Mirra 9CBC40C800000003 
Gold Medal Eastwood - Dave Mirra A2AB1BAE00000003 
Gold Medal San Jose - Dave Mirra C307ADC700000003 
Gold Medal Dirt - Dave Mirra 8853C73F00000003 
Gold Medal Street - Dave Mirra A3571BAE00000003 
Gold Medal Vert - Dave Mirra B3CE70B200000003 

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