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                         Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
                           Miscellanous info FAQ v1.5

I    .- Disclaimer
II   .- Version History
III  .- Affinity Table
IV   .- Item Return Table
V    .- Aromatherapy
VI   .- Treatment Courses
VII  .- Q&A
VIII .- Credits

                     D I S C L A I M E R
This document was made to share the info found while playing
the game and get some recognition within the gaming comunity.
Feel free to post this document in your homepage as long
as it is not edited in any way without my permission,
and if you mail me about its usefulness it will make me feel
a lot whole better about this work ^_^.

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[THIS FAQ IS NOT A WALKTHROUGH]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

It is merely an in-depth look at some aspects of the game.
If you NEED some help passing some section of the game, 
I recommend getting help here:


My e-mail: [email protected]

                      Version History
Version 1.0:
*-> Had several sections but decided to stick with only
the affinity table because the rest could be found in
other faqs.
Version 1.1:
*-> Updated the Q&A at the end.

Version 1.2:[2/13/01]
*-> Added Aromatherapy and Treatment Courses started
with Item Return table again with Archaeopteryx permission.

Version 1.3:[2/18/01]
*-> Got to the point where I found the rumor about
the genie gaining "affinity reading power" and I
made a second affinity table with it.. Interesting!
The return table list is a pain and still under
construction but I've added some more.

I finally finished the game at lvl 61,55:51:44 hours
and with the legendary personas...awesome fight.
Its 2:05AM and am enjoying the credits...it was all worth it.
One word..Excellent.
Now...to play it again..*snicker*
I want to see the Ex-dungeon.

Version 1.4:[8/02/01]
*->Well, its been some months since I moved on from playing
the game to another games, I was half-way through this version
in May but due to school I had to postpone it until now, so
I added a item return table from Archaeopteryx's FAQ and 
updated my email since @usa.net stopped giving free service.

Version 1.5:[1/08/02]
*->Noticed gamfaqs had version 1.3 instead of 1.4, so I 
added a little introduction explaining this FAQ IS NOT a 
walkthrough(I got some mails about it).
                      Affinity Table
How this works:
When you aquire certain rumor, you are able to get affinity
readings with the Sumaru Genie for 5000 yen, the genie tells
you about the affinity you have with a certain character 
depending on the answer you give her to the 6 questions she
asks you. For example giving her 6 "Yes" answers will give you
the Eldest Satomi Sister as your affinity character and thus
she will give you discounts in her store! (Magazines cost
400 yen instead of 500 yen, useful when you wanna buy 99 to have
a chance to win something in those sweepstakes). Now, I made a table
with all 64 possible answers to the 6 questions the Genie asks you,
it works like binary code(because of the Yes or No choices), if
you dont know binary I'll explain after the table.

1 = "Yes"
0 = "No"

|00|2nd Sister  |20|7th Sister  |40|7th Sister          
|01|Katsuya     |21|5th Sister  |41|Tony's
|02|RosaCandida |22|7th Sister  |42|2nd Sister          
|03|Eldest Sis  |23|6th Sister  |43|Eldest Sister               
|04|6th Sister  |24|5th Sister  |44|Nate                
|05|Peace Diner |25|Parabellum  |45|Eldest Sister               
|06|H. Therapy  |26|Police Chief|46|5th Sister          
|07|Barkeeper   |27|Toa Armory  |47|Parabellum          
|08|Tony's      |28|Eldest Sis  |48|Baofu               
|09|Etheria     |29|Ellen       |49|Sugimoto    
|10|Goldfinger  |30|5th Sister  |50|Bikini Lane
|11|Eldest Sis  |31|Jeweler     |51|Tatsuy Sudou(1st Joker)
|12|2xSlash     |32|7th Sister  |52|2xSlash
|13|7th Sister  |33|6th Sister  |53|Ginji(Record Producer)
|14|Ebony       |34|Etheria     |54|Hiragi Therapy
|15|Shiraishi   |35|Shiraishi   |55|Sushi Gatten
|16|ClaireDeLuna|36|RosaCandida |56|Eldest Sis  
|17|Kaori       |37|6th Sister  |57|Sumaru Genie
|18|TimeCastle  |38|Mu Casino   |58|Wang Long Shizuru
|19|Eldest Sis  |39|5th Sister  |59|2nd Sister

|60|Goldfinger  |62|TimeCastle
|61|Ulala       |63|Eldest Sis

After a while, you get a rumor about the genie
getting "more powerful" affinity readings
I checked some of the numbers above, and some
indeed change. The new list is below.

Mainly ALL of the Sister's affinities changed.
|00|Belladona   |20|Eikichi***  |40|Brad                
|01|Katsuya     |21|Meepo       |41|Tony's
|02|RosaCandida |22|Yung Pao    |42|Trish (Fountain Faerie)
|03|Assachi     |23|R.Chunky    |43|Ken(Eikichi's friend)               
|04|Jun         |24|Guido!      |44|Nate                
|05|Peace Diner |25|Parabellum  |45|Chief Todoroki*?*           
|06|H. Therapy  |26|Police Chief|46|Mary                
|07|R.Barkeeper |27|Toa Armory  |47|Parabellum          
|08|Tony's      |28|Igor        |48|Baofu               
|09|Etheria     |29|Ellen       |49|Sugimoto    
|10|Goldfinger  |30|Chris*_*    |50|Bikini Lane
|11|IRQUIC**    |31|Jeweler*!*  |51|Tatsuy Sudou(1st Joker)
|12|2xSlash     |32|Yuki        |52|2xSlash
|13|Ms. Smith   |33|Nameless    |53|Ginji(Record Producer)
|14|R.Ebony     |34|Etheria     |54|Hiragi Therapy
|15|Shiraishi   |35|Shiraishi   |55|Sushi Gatten
|16|ClaireDeLuna|36|RosaCandida |56|Miyabi(Eikichi's Gf)
|17|Kaori       |37|Lisa        |57|Sumaru Genie
|18|TimeCastle  |38|Mu Casino   |58|Wang Long Shizuru
|19|R.Toku      |39|Tammy       |59|R.Chikalin

|60|Goldfinger  |62|TimeCastle
|61|Ulala       |63|Tatsuya
Questions I have regarding the comments made by
the characters of the reading.
**Irquic calls herself Akari? WTH? Im Irgri?
***The password is lovely?
*_*Huh? Knife seller?
*?*Makes every two-sided rumor the good one?
*!*This one is a MUST before you go shopping there..REALLY!(Padaparcha Store)

Rumors about Affinities with non-store-owners 
characters found on the board or emailed to me:

From Tainted Beef:
the only thing that happens when you get affinity with party members
(aside from warm fuzzies) is that the damage during fusion spells between maya
and that person increases slightly. no changes in storyline or dialogue, etc. 

How binary code works:

Its all in the sum.
We give a value to each position: 32,16,8,4,2,1
We multiply the value with the number(either 0 or 1)
if its 0, the result is going to be 0        (32x0 = 0 )
if its 1, the result is going to be the value(32x1 = 32)

|0 0 0 0 0 0| = 0
They are all 0's so we ignore them and add nothing to nothing.
(0 = 2nd Satomi Sister/Belladona)
|1 1 1 1 1 1| = 63
They are all 1's so we start to add giving each position its value. 
From left to right:
32+16+8+4+2+1 = 63
(63 = Eldest Satomi Sister/Tatsuya)

|1 0 1 0 1 0| = 42
From left to right:
32+0+8+0+2+0 = 42
(42 = 2nd Satomi Sister/Trish)

|0 1 0 0 1 1| = 19
From left to right:
0+16+0+0+2+1 = 19
(19 = Eldest Satomi Sister/R.Toku)

If you still dont get it...bummer..lots of books about
the binary code in yer library and plenty of info in the net.
                      Item Return Table
***In progress (There's a lot of em, and would like to
update the FAQ ASAP)****

When you return a Persona in the velvet room, and if your
Persona is level 8 in ranking you will get an Item in return.
The following is a table about them. Credits go to 
Archaeopteryx for the info.

Arianrhod       ->Damascus Steel
Agrippa         ->Maha Agionn Card
Abe no Seimei   ->Agidyne Card
Airget Lam      ->Soldier's Manual
Aizen Myouou    ->Maha Magnus Card
Adramelech      ->Dream Droplet
Alfred          ->Recovery card
Alice           ->Annihilation card
Amurtart        ->Ice Card
Ankou           ->Obsidian
Apollo          ->Freila Card
Ares            ->Agidyne Card
Artemis         ->Sacrifice Card+
Arthur          ->Orihalchon
Armati          ->Megidola Card
Astria          ->Me Patria Card
Azazel          ->ALL Card
Baal            ->Recarm Card
Bacchus         ->Bacchus Drink
Barbatos        ->Pulinpa Card
Beelzebub       ->Megidola Card
Bishamonten     ->Agidyne Card
Brahma          ->Flame Card
Byakko          ->Do or Die
Callisto        ->AGI Incense
Cerberus        ->Recovery Card
Chu Chulainn    ->Shockwave Card
Charon          ->Shockwave Card
Dagda           ->Earthquake Card
Demeter         ->Anti-Force Card
Fariedone       ->Lightning card
Fenrir          ->Anihilattion Card
Fearal          ->Maha Garu Card
Futsono Mitama  ->Anti-Force Card
Fukurokuju      ->LUC Source*
Fuuma Kotarou   ->TEC Source
Gaia            ->Divine Light Card
Galahad         ->ALL Incense
Gandharva       ->Agilao Card
Gabriel         ->Sacrifice Card
Genjo           ->Mafui card
Genbu           ->Hiranya
Grinbulsti      ->Noatun
Gundari Myouou  ->Megidola Card
Gyokukoujoutei  ->Tetraja Card
Harpie          ->Free Tarot x 10
Hathor          ->Parta Card
Hastur          ->All Incense
Hanuman         ->Obsidian
Heinir          ->Obsidian
Helios          ->STR Incense
Hel             ->TEC Card
Heimdal         ->Suku Kaja Card
Hurakan         ->Sacrifice card
Hotei           ->ALL Card
Hunab Ku        ->Bersac Card
Hyperion        ->Flame Card
Indra           ->Soma x 10
Il-Dana         ->Flame Card
Isis            ->Megidola Card
Iris            ->Magnus Card
Izanami         ->Sacrifice Card
Jack Frost      ->Bufula card
Jack O' Lantern ->Maha Agionn Card
Junnosuke Kuroda->Karma Ring
Kabanda         ->Maha Aques Card
Kali            ->Hurricane Card
Kanaloa         ->Media Card
Kanshou         ->Taru Kaja Card
Kerepres        ->VIT Card
Kinichi Ahau    ->Sacrifice Card
Kinichi Kakmo   ->Anti-Force Card
Kimnra          ->Escape Card
Kenren Taishou  ->Meteorite S*
Lakshmi         ->Avatarah
Loki            ->ALL Card
Lucifer         ->Gun Of Night*
Lugh            ->De Kaja Card
Mananan         ->Maka Kaja Card
Marduk          ->Agility Source*
Mars            ->STR Source*
Mahakala        ->Growth Hammer*
Matsuo-Sama     ->De Kaja Card
Maihime Amano   ->TEC Card
Maia            ->VIT Incense
Maya Custom     ->VIT Card
Melchisedec     ->Me Patra Card
Mithra          ->Maha Agionn Card
Minotaur        ->Warlord's Manual
Michael         ->Annihilation Card
Mot             ->Annihilation Card
Mucalinda       ->Divine Light Card*
Nata            ->Akashic Ring*
Nankyoku Roujin ->Maha Agionn Card
Nannar          ->Blessing Card
Nemesis         ->Aques card
Nekomata        ->Meow Claw
Nike            ->Raku Kaja Card
Nodens          ->Soul Forever
Njord           ->Me Partra Card
Odin            ->Pressure Card
Odysseus        ->TEC Intense
Otohime         ->Diarama card
Pariker         ->Obsidian
Pallas Athena   ->Anti-Force Card
Parvati         ->Hit Point Source *
Peri            ->SP Source*
Pixie           ->Dia Card
Phaleg          ->Dia Card x 2
Phoenix         ->Eternal Desire
Poltergeist     ->Posumdi Card
Prometheus      ->Shockwave Card
Quetzalcoatl    ->Limitless Soul
Ranga           ->Sacrifice Card
Rinok           ->Str Card
Robin Goodfellow->Maha Magna Card
Ryume           ->STR Card
Satan           ->Guzei Armor*
Sarasvati       ->Hiranya
Sarutobi Sasuke ->Run Away
Scathach        ->Garudyne Card
Seiryu          ->Hurricane Card
Seioubo         ->Mystic Peach
Seiten Taisei   ->Megido Card
Seker           ->Earthquake Card
Seth            ->Lightning Card
Sif             ->Medirama Card
Shaka           ->Recarm Card
Shax            ->Hp Incense x 2
Shokuin         ->ALL Card
Siva            ->Lightning Card
Susano-o        ->Taru Kaja Card
Skuld           ->Kotouldi Card
Skanda          ->Maximum Tempest
Stuparideth     ->Gryva Card
Succubus        ->Marin Karin Card
Surt            ->War God's Manual
Surya           ->Maha Agi Card
Suzaku          ->Legenbright*
Taranis         ->Garula Card
Takshaka        ->Pressure Card
Tatsunoshin Suou->ALL Card
Tenjiku Tokubei ->Free Catch
Tengu           ->Maha Garu Card
Tenses Nyan Nyan->Medirama Card
Tenhou Gensui   ->Raku Kaja Card
Tishtoriya      ->Aquadyne Card
Tobi Katou      ->Book of Fuuma
Tsukuyomi       ->Moon of Ur
Umayado no Ouji ->LUC Card
Urd             ->Blessing Card
Uroboros        ->Torrent Card
Varuna          ->Agidyne card
Valkyrie        ->Meteorite S*
Verdandi        ->Pressure Card
Vishnu          ->Soma x 10
Vivian          ->Torrent Card
Virocana        ->Akashic Ring*
Vritra          ->Lightning Card
Wong Long       ->Tetraja Card
Yama            ->Maha Aques Card
Yebisu          ->VIT Source*

*These items are very useful, recommed you pick up this persona
and rank it up to get the item when returned.
When you give 100,000 yen to the luck cat in the detective
agency you meet a rumonger demon, from her you can get a
rumor about the new service Kaori's is giving: Aromatherapy

Basically, it lowers or increases your chance of
random encounters with the demon types displayed

Scent        Encounter %        Type

Basil           low             Death
Geranium        up              Strenght
Coriander       up              Star
Rosewood        up              Temperance
Lemongrass      up              Death
Clary Sage      low             Magician
Rosemary        up              Devil
Cypress         up              Lovers
Sweet Orange    low             Chariot
Lavender        low             Hanged Man
Sandal Wood     low             Star
Eucalyptus      up              Hanged Man
Carrot Seed     up              Tower
Peppermint      low             Hermit
GermanChamomile low             Temperance
Ylang Ylang     up              Magician
Juniter Berry   up              Chariot
Neroli          up              Hermit
Laurel          low             Moon
Jasmine         low             Tower
Clove           low             Devil
Tea Tree        low             Strenght
Mallow          low             Lovers
Cinnamon        up              Moon

I had to save and load over and over again to make 
this one *pouts* took me 18 minutes.
                    Treatment Courses    
When you give 100,000 yen to the luck cat in the detective
agency you meet a rumonger demon, from her you can get a
rumor about the new service Etheria is giving: Treatments.

The treatment will make demons more "maleable" to your
charm when contacting them, on the left, the course
and in the right the type of demon the course makes you
more effective with.

Gold    Childish Demons
Silver  Young Demons
Iron    Well-Manered Demons (heh, right)
Mercury Wise Demons
Credits go to the Board at gamefaqs.
1.-What is the luck cat statue at the Detective Agency for? 
A.-When you donate 100,000 yen, it gives you acess to the backroom
where a demon Rumormonger resides.
2.-How about the Dog statue at the Police HQ?
A.-It gives you the Hihi-Irokane metal when you give him 10,000yen.
3.-When you are in the trail to the Sanitarium, there is a small
   shrine, what is it for?
A.-It is said you can unlock a special persona with it.
4.-In the Laboratory Complex, how do you use the Elevator?
A.-You need to ask a demon for info about it, then get the key.
5.-What do you get when you have a certain affinity with a main
   character. I.e an affinity with Sugimoto will let you save him?
A.-See the other Affinity FAQ for the answer.
6.-Whats up with all the bulletin boards and letters in the bomb shelter?
7.-In 2xSlash..there is a girl who reads fortunes..anything special
   with her?
A.-She gives you a material card of a lvl 62 Persona, also it is
   rumored that she "sets" your tarot reading with the Genie, this
   last one has not be proven yet..maybe I should try it out when
   I have time.
8.-In order to make Legendary weapons you need LegenBright and an
   Akashic Ring, where do I find them?
A.-See the Item List FAQ. ^_^

Random babbling:

Thou shalt Carry thy feet in the sequence of:
Dubha  -> P
Alioth -> E
Phelpa -> R
Mergez -> S
Merak  -> E
Mizar  -> U
Alkaid -> S

Personal Questions about the storyline:

Who is Maya Okamura?History teacher?

At the end..if Maya remembered the other side..
why didnt she forgot about the other side too? Isnt
that gonna affect "This Side"?

The following was sent to me to my email..I just copy-pasted it =)

  When the girl at 2xSlash asks you what month you were born, tell her
  "HASTURCOMEFORTH". Then go to Maya's desk at Kismet Pub., and open the box
  next to it. It contains the King In Yellow material card.

  Also, the donation box on the Mifune trail must be full to get the secret
  Persona Junnosuke Kuroda. If you get Tatsunoshin Suou, another secret
  Persona, and filled up the donation box on the trail, Junnosuke
  automatically comes along.

Submitted by James Barnett.

To the guys at the gamfaqs bulletin board for some answers to
the questions above. Specially to Archaeopteryx for letting me
use his FAQ to make the item return table(For easy reference).

Well, I hope you send me some good emails about this great game =)

[email protected]

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