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Missing No. Guide
By Jessica B.
[email protected]

WARNING!!!! Missing No. can create a major glitch in your game and make the 
cartridge unplayable.

                 ***********    ( this is what Missing No. looks like)

	Missing No. is not really a pokemon. It is a glitch in the game created by 
many errors in programming and attempting to access a pokemon database that does not 
exist. Data from other elements of the game are forced onto the template creating 
what appears to be a pokemon. Most people think as long as you don’t capture it, 
there is no corruption to the game.  This is false because the game saves on its own 
before Missing No. appears. By the time its on the screen the damage is done. 

        However, there are many advantages to owning a Missing No. It multiplies the 
sixth item in your pack by 150, which works good for master balls, and can be done 
more than once. It is important that if you want to catch it DO NOT catch a level 0 
one. This will freeze your game. You can catch a level 80 or above Missing No. and 
use a rare candy on it and it evolves into a Kangaskan or a Chansey. DO NOT battle 
with a Missing No. It messes up your graphics, but you can battle with it after it 
turns into a Kangaskan or Chansey. 

Way to Catch/Encounter a Missing No., Multiply Items

Cinnibar Island
       -To multiply sixth item: Make sure the item is sixth in your pack. Fly to 
viridian city and talk to the old man. When he asks if you’re busy say “No”. When he 
is finished fly to Cinnibar island. Surf up and down the East coast until you 
encounter a pokemon battle. If the screen stays black longer than usual it is a 
Missing No. When the battle starts RUN AWAY. If you catch it, the cheat will not 
work. Check your items. Next to the sixth item there should be a symbol next to the 
quantity. You can now use this over and over. HOWEVER, they will eventually run out, 
so store one in your PC and when you run out withdraw it and move it to your sixth 
spot and do it again.

     -To catch a Missing No.: Forget the beginning of multiplying items and surf 
along the east coast of Cinnibar. You will eventually encounter a Missing No. Use a 
master ball or wittle it’s HP down to zero and catch it. After you catch it, the 
battle will continue, so run away. Check your party or your PC and you’ll have one. 
Feed it rare candy to evolve it and make it OK to battle with. DO NOT, DO NOT catch 
a level zero Missing No. It will freeze your game. Just run away.

NOTE: most of the time Missing No.’s name will appear as ###’M***

And a note on the East coast of Cinnibar: The pokemon appear along the east coast 
are from the last patch of grass you were in. So if you want a Chansey but it won’t 
stay in Safari Balls, go to the safari zone and as soon as you see a chansey leave 
and fly to Cinnibar. Surf along the east coast and you’ll eventually encounter a 
chansey. Now you can catch it with a master ball or ultra ball.

Note: Missing No. is NOT a pokegod.

Copyright Info:
        Copyright 2006 Jessica B. 

No part of this may be copied or used in another F.A.Q. without my permission. To 
ask e-mail me at the above address.

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