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1~About Them
1.0: Why are they here?
1.1: Missingno
1.2: 'M': The Cousin of Missingno

2~The Glitches, and You.
2.0: Obtaining them
2.1: Consequences
2.2: Missingno's Glitch City




  This FAQ is all about Pokemon R&B's most dangerous glitch: Missingno. If you 
attemp this cheat, you might be facing very serious problems with running the game. 
The consequences will be mentioned later, but for now, USE THIS CHEAT AT YOUR OWN 



1.0: Why Are They Here?

   Missingno and 'M' are very dangerous glitches. They look like bar codes of some-
sort. But they didn't just appear in the game for no reason. They were believed to 
be jokes that the creators put in just for fun. Some think that they were the bits 
in pieces of pokemon that were taken out of the game, and some of them got left 
behind. Some think that they're screwed up pictures of powerful pokemon which 
people called "pokegods", but Missingno wasn't even near powerful. 
   This is my theory. Me and other people think that they were beta testers that 
were used to test the game, and the creators of the game might've forgotten to take 
it out before releasing the game to the public. But why would a beta tester have a 
name? Perhaps the information is unknown (for now)

1.1 Missingno
   The grandaddy of all game messer -uppers. He's found on the coasts of cinnibar 
island. Many people know about him, but many were too afraid to catch him. Many 
did, but suffered consequences, but othere just caught him, saw him, then let him 
go. I caught Missingno once, and these are his stats:

ATK:442   DEF:50
SPD:102   SCL:66


Sky attack
watergun (yeah...he has two watergun attacks)

Missingno is found on levels exceeding lv 148, but the level depends on the game 

1.2: 'M': the Cousin of Missingno

   'M' is a bigger mystery. He looks just like Missingno, has the same attacks, but 
far worse stats. Dispite the fact that he is weaker than his cousin ('M's on either 
lv 0 of 80, depending on the game pak) 'M' is far more dangerous. if caught, there 
is a giant chance that he will erase your game forever, so CATCH HIM AT YOUR OWN 

   'M', like Missingno, is also found on the coast of Cinnibar.



2.0: Obtaining them
   If you want your own glitchy friend, follow these simple steps:

1. Talk to the coffe guy in Varidian city 9the guy that won't let you pass without 
a pokedex) ONCE and say "no"

2. Fly to Cinnibar and surf on the eastern edge of cinnibar (looks like mud)

3. You'll find over lv 100 pokemon, but eventually, you'll find Missingno or 'M'(if 
the scree is black for 4 seconds, you'll know you've found the glitch)

4. Run, if you want to duplicate the 6th item you're carrying, or catch it witha 
master ball. 


Enjoy you new pokemon!!!

2.1: Consequences

   If you see Missingno or 'M', your Hall of Fame will be screwed 9it's actually 
cool) if you caught him, then the following problems might occur:

1.you game will be deleted

2.you can't save

3.your pokemon will face the wrong way during battle

4.the sound will be gone

5.you pokemon will look wierd

6. 9's and 6's will suddenly appears in certain areas (i call it 969 curse)

2.2: Missingno's Glitch City (just a rumor)

   A new discovery has been made about the "969" curse. It's rather quite 
interesting, although this rarely happens to anyone. 
   This rather interesting curse happened after one of my friends caught Missingno. 
Then, she decided to go to the safari zone, and then in Fuschia City, 6's and 9's 
started appearing untill she left the city. 
   If you want this to happen to you, catch missingno, and go to Fuschia City. 
You'll land somewhere other than the pokemon center, and 6's and 9's will appear.
(it rarely happens..)

Now, for the theory...
    Fuschia City glitches up only if missingno is caught. And when Missingno is 
caught, his icon is an "evolving" person. during 969, missingno's icon makes up the 
people in fuschia, so it must be Glitch City.
    As for the 969's it is rumored that in glitch city, people swap some powerful 
pokemon called pokegods. they're just rumors, but people think they exist in the 
game. My friend's theory, the 9's and 6's are parts of the pokegods roaming the 
city.(the rumors of glitch city say that if it is possible to catch pokegods in 
Glitch city) 
    So, try it out, and see what happens.

Remember, this theory is just a rumor...(for now)


Thanks to my best friend for telling me about Missingno, and all the people who 
enjoyed my first ever FAQ

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