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                         Syphon Filter 2: Mission 04 Walkthrough
                                 Platform: PlayStation
                                     Version 1.00     
                               Brett "Nemesis" Franklin
                            E-Mail: [email protected]
                          My website: http://faqdomain.cjb.net



                           T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
                        01. INTRODUCTION
                        02. LEGAL STUFF
                        03. UPDATES/REVISION HISTORY
                        04. Mission 04 Walkthrough
                        05. Credits
                        06. Contact Info




This walkthrough only covers Mission 04: I-70 Mountain Bridge. It only
covers this level, and only this level. If you need help with any other
mission, check out my other seperate mission walkthroughs (1-4), or
the other great FAQs by David Blake, and Magus.


02. Legal Stuff


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Version 1.0 (09/19/00)

• First non-beta version of the FAQ, first released version.


04. Level 04 Walkthrough


Mission 04: I-70 Mountain Bridge
Operative: Gabe Logan

Mission Objectives:
- Find a silenced weapon
- Quietly eliminate Commandar
- Disarm Four C-4 charges
- Reach Plane Crash site
- Rescue captured GIs

Mission Parameters:
- Protect all GIs
- Do not get discovered on bridge before C-4 is disarmed
- Eliminate the commander before he detonates the C-4

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
You only have 2:00 to complete the first objective, so you'll have to be quick. 
You'll need to find a silenced weapon first, so crouch-walk past the right side 
of the Weight Limit sign, and walk towards the edge of the bridge. Hold forward 
and Gabe will lower himself down the the side of the bridge and you'll need to 
go across the bridge hand by hand. Do this until the Commander and the other guy 
are off your radar, then pull yourself back up to the bridge. Now crouch-walk 
along the side of the bridge. When you reach the first truck, wait until the 
guards are on the other side of the truck, then hop over the other side of the 
bridge, and run to the back of the truck and grab the equipment.

Now run back to the truck near the commander, and hide next to the truck so that 
they don't see you, and toss a tear gas grenade at them. If you did it right, 
your first objective will be completed and the timer will stop.

Now take their ammo, and go backwards to the side of the bridge, and lower 
yourself again. Now shimmy over left a little bit, then lower yourself down the 
the next catwalk, and use the knife to kill the guard here. Now disarm the 
explosive. 3 more left. Pull yourself back up to the upper catwalk, then move 
your way down the bridge until you can't go any further. Now pull yourself back 
up again, so that you are hanging off the side of the bridge, and move across 
the side until you see two flashing squares on your radar, and a catwalk below 
you. Now drop yourself down, and disarm this C-4 explosive. Now pull yourself 
back up to the side of the bridge again, and start going left again. Keep on 
going left until you pass the guard below you, and until you get to the next 
single guard above you and a catwalk below you. Once there, lower yourself down, 
and then get into the crouch position. Equip the Sniper Rifle, and take out the 
guard that's to your lower left quickly before he spots you. Now lower yourself 
down twice, and onto the lowest portion of the catwalk.

Once you are at the lowest point, walk along the catwalk forward, then to the 
left, then to the right side of the bridge, and pull yourself up twice to get to 
the thrid C-4 charge. Disarm it, then face the front of the bridge (the 
direction from where you started from), and use the Sniper Rifle to kill the 
guard who's wandering around the catwalk. Now stay to the right side of the 
bridge, and drop yourself down to the last set of beams. Now take the middle set 
of beams up, then back over to the right side of the bridge (your left). Now 
pull yourself up twice, then run up the middle set of beams. Once at the top of 
these beams, drop Gabe down, and when his shadow is over the catwalk below, drop 
down. Now run up the bridge to the last C-4 explosive to your right.

Now head back to the center of the catwalk where you just dropped down from, and 
pull yourself back up one level. Now run forward, then go left and up, then pull 
yourself up to the next set of beams. Now pull yourself back up to the bridge, 
and back onto the main street on the bridge. A good thing is that now you don't 
have to be stealthy anymore. Go on and kill some guards. When you're ready, go 
into the tunnel at the end of the bridge.

Stay to the right side of the tunnel, and equip the Sniper Rifle. Now when you 
see the two guards on your radar, get them in your sites with the sniper rifle. 
Wait for the guard who's walking around to walk in front of the other guard, and 
when their heads are lined up, shoot them both with one shot. Now run towards 
the GI's.

After talking with Teresa, walk forward and have your M-16 equipped and ready. 
When you see the trucks, and stop. All of the incoming guards have flak jackets 
on, so you'll need to kill them with head shots. Watch out for the guards with 
Shotguns, because they seem to kill the GI's the easiest. After clearing out all 
three trucks, run out of the tunnel to exit the mission.




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One final word:

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