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                         Mission 1[Subway Station]
                         Walkthrough by Covenant Killa

Subway Station

Description: Taking place in London, UK, the Subway Station is an easy beginning 
level. If you play Halo alot and use the Default pitch in Halo, this is basically 
the same thing and is easier. If you play Halo like me and use the Inverted pitch, 
you will have to get used to looking up and down the opposite way, so practice! 
Anyway, you will encounter several enemies along your trail and one has a Rocket 
launcher, so watch out for those terrorist.

Rescue Hostages
Defuse Bomb

You are Ding Chavez in this game and have 3 men to support you. Ok, start going 
straight with your men, Eddie Price, Louis Loiselle, and Dieter Weber, and turn 
along the hall to the left. This part is linear, so it shouldn't be hard to find 
your way. Follow the path into a room that is small and has a pillar-like thing in 
the middle. Run past that and take out the man nearby. (NOTE: If you decide to hide 
from him, he will throw a smoke grenade and you will not be able to see when 
fighting him, making it harder for you and your men to kill him.) Take him out and 
advance once again. You will enter a large room with multiple terrorists shooting at 
you, so take them out while hiding behind something or retreat back to the hall way 
you were just in. Once you've killed them all with whatever weapon you wish, go past 
those stands and a smoke grenade comes near you. It was throw by someone near the 
corner of the wall, so take him out and go down the escalator that doesn't move. 
Sometimes there is a man located on the escalator or next to the bottom, so he is 
harder to aim at as I've noticed. If he's not near the escalator, you will soon 
notice about halfway down where he is. He throws a smoke grenade that you have to 
walk into, but hopefully you have the gas mask which will make smoke grenades not 
appear threatening. Kill that guy and advance into another large room, not similar 
to the last one. In this room if you turn directly to the right there will be a 
terrorist carrying a gun. It sounds stupid saying that, so what I meant to say was 
that he has a Rocket Launcher. Yes, you heard me. I've been playing this game alot 
recently and have been killed many times by this terrorists wonderful aim.Take him 
out first and hopefully you won't die. There are many more enemies in here, so use 
the scope to find them easier as I've learned. Once they are done with, there is a 
room straight ahead with an entrance to the right of it. Near the entrance you have 
2 choices of where to go. Don't worry, they lead to the same place. You can follow 
the hall or go into the room and at the end go through that door. You will hear 
someone say that the terrorists are waiting at the subway, so this area is extremely 
tough, at least so far. There are enemies in the train and on the walkway. the first 
one you meet will be on the train directly in front of you. He will shoot at you if 
you can't find him, so that should make things easier. The next guy is over a little 
bit to tyhe right, also on the train. Take him out and kill the next train guy so 
noone is shooting at you. Go out of the tunnel and onto the walkway, where there is 
a man on the right shooting at you. take him out and advance past where he was at. 
Go down the ramp at the end and to the right into a dark hallway. No enemies are 
here so things are not as crazy at the moment. Follow the path until you reach a 
door. Press A to open it and kill the men in there. There will be someone sitting on 
the ground, but DO NOT kill her. She is the first hostage of the 2 you need to find. 
Once you take out the enemies, go up to her and hold down A. A circular thing will 
appear and if you keep holding A, the things making the circle will appear to 
highlight. Keep holding A until they have all highlighted and then you've 
successfully rescued the first hostage! Your next order will be to exit this area, 
go to where the stairs are, go down again and through the maintainence ways. It is a 
straight path and is dark not to mention narrow, so turn on your night vision and 
kill the enemy at the end of the hallway. Go to where he was, but before that. kill 
the enemy terrorist on the other side of the platform. take him out under the train 
and go to the end of the path. Cross over the tracks and onto the other side in 
which you killed the terrorist. Go along this path and take out every enemy you see. 
A good strategy is to use the night vision as long as you can and scope alot. Soon 
there will be a path containing a terrorist on the opposite side of you and a oath 
in the middle on the left side. Go through that path and you will arrive at an 
escalator. You NEED thermal vision on to see where you're going or else you cannot 
see anything. Put it on and go up the escalator. there are about 3 enemies at the top
(didn't have time to count because I killed them too fast), so take them out by 
sniping or take them out at the top of the escalator. Go through the next door and 
take out the new set of enemies. Go through the door on the opposite side of where 
you entered and turn to the right. Go down the hall and then to the left. There will 
be a guy behind a chain-link fence, so kill him through the holes. Continue to the 
end of the hall and turn right at the last hall you spot. Do not enter the room 
though. There are enemies in here, so the best course of action is to snipe them 
with your current weapon's scope. If you can't find the enemies here, they are on 
the top floor and are sometimes hiding behind those pillars, so find a clear shot. 
Once you looked to the right and left and are sure they are killed. Advance but once 
you get towards the end, look to the left into a chain-link fence. If the terrorist 
isn't there yet, he will be in a couple seconds, so wait and take him out. Go under 
that dome/bridge(I call it both of those names) call your troops over and look to 
the right and up. There will be a window with 2 men(I'm pretty sure it's 2)in it. 
Take them out or let your team do it if you don't have much health. Go down the 
escalator without calling your team to follow. Near the bottom of this escalator a 
frag grenade will be throw. Backtrack so you are not affected by it and then go down 
and call your team to follow. There is an open door a little to the right, so 
advance through. If you don't have much health, let your team eliminate the 
terrorist threats in the room. Go in and straight(maybe a little to the left). On 
the right side is a door that you will have to open. Take out the terrorist and go 
to the right. There is another hostage, so hold A when next to him to free him. Now 
comes the interesting part, defusing the bomb. It's not hard at all once you learn 
what to do. Exit the door you were just in as fast as you can and go to the door on 
the other side of this. Remain at full speed throughout the whole part. A clock will 
start counting down from 1:15, which when it hits 0:00, the bomb will explode. 
Follow the stairs down to the same platform you've been at at the beginning of the 
level before the first hostage. Go down those stairs you've gone down, but not the 
second pair of them. Instead, go down the first set of stairs, turn left and go 
through that area. Turn left again and you'll enter the train. The train actually 
holds the bomb at the front of it, so move fast. Go along and take out the terrorist 
you come across. Go to the front and look at the red lights. Yes, they are part of 
the bomb. Hold A to start defusing the bomb and once it's finished defusing, you've 
completed the first level of the game!

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