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                         Mission 3[Back Alleys]
                         Walkthrough by Covenant Killa

Back Alleys

Description: In Pavia, Italy, Colonel Shamil Magomedov is hiding out. He is the main 
reason of your problems. He has tried to kidnap a telemetry scientist. Fortunately, 
the scientist got away and the police quickly responded, barricading the area off. 
The terrorist were left with some heavy firepower, so be patient and this will be 
easier than the Hotel. You'll be fighting some crowds of terrorists, so be careful 
where you go and take cover always.

Nuetralize terrorists
Eliminate Colonel Shamil Magomedov

Walkthrough: From the start of the level, follow the alley straight then go to the 
archway on the left. Bring up your scope, creeping through the archway. Aim to the 
left, with your scope on. Get out of there and aim towards the enemy waiting for you 
behind a dumpster. Take him down with a piece of that Ding Chavez power. Keep your 
scope on and take out the enemy investigating from the left. Go to where the dead 
bodies were once alive, but remember that enemies can always come out of nowhere and 
take you down. Up ahead is a man already on his knees ready to surrender. An unknown 
attacker lights him on fire as you close in, so watch out. So now you know that 
there is trouble around this next corner, so be prepared with your firearm. Use the 
scope and move around the corner, preparing to drop the terrorist right where he 
stands. Go down the next alley, which is very long. There is a group of friends, 
waiting for you to kill them. One of them might die, so keep that in mind as you 
share some bullets with these guys. Send the guys(in your squad) to the next alley's 
corner, so they can shoot anything that moves while you come for support. Keep the 
scope up and eliminate the terrorist on the balcony, who sometimes isn't alive. 
Aproach the balcony and look down the next alley to the left. Do you see the window 
with a red curtain fluttering in the wind? Keep focused on that until a gunman 
appears, then take him down. Once he is another corpse, turn your aim to the right, 
looking at the walkway. Another terrorist with try to get you, so a bullet should 
send him to another world. To be safe, have your men go through the walkway and 
sweep the enemies off their feet with some automatic gun lead. Of course you will 
have to follow them, but be careful of some enemy snipers waiting for you on the 
balconies. Go to your men and open the door into a no-enemies room! Hallelujah! 
Finally a break from this level, but it won't last too long. There is only one way 
out, which is the other closed door. Bring your men with you in case they will need 
to help you with terrorists. Crouch down to save life and open the door, then focuse 
your gun on the guard patrolling the area. Kill him and then kill the guard who 
decides to rush at you. Order your men and they will move to a ramp, but don't 
follow them. Instead, move right and then look left down the hallway, where there 
will be a guard with his back to you. He will be an easy target, so take him down 
and meet your men at the ramp. Make your way up the series of ramps until you reach 
an open door, but do not enter it. Instead, peek your head in and take out the 
terrorist on the left. Once again, don't enter, but take out the enemies on the 
floor below you with thermal vision. Continue through the room concentrating on the 
floor below you. When the room is definitely clear, go out the next door into a 
long, wide alley. Tell your men to take cover and go through the alley. Point your 
gun to the left and shoot down the terrorist that tries to burn you from the balcony
(he's on it, not you). At the end of the alley are several terrorists that start 
shooting at you, so cover would be best. Kill them by sniping them from afar. Either 
that or your friends. After the terrorists at the end of the alley are killed, 
return to the corner where you took out the guy on the balcony. Two more enemy 
terrorists will be there waiting for you, so take them out and continue down the 
long alley. Enter the slightly open door to the left and murder the terrorist hiding 
there. Return to the alley of doom and make your way to the corner on the right. 
Around this corner will be several enemies. Ease around the corner and shoot the 
first person you see. Most enemies here will be on the same floor as you, but there 
will also be some snipers on the roofs in the distance. Just to be safe, peek out 
from behind the corner and look on the roofs and ground floor and shoot anyone you 
see. Make sure you stick close to the wall and duck behind it after you make each 
kill to aviod getting shot. So when it looks like the coast is clear, make your way 
to the next area and down the ramp to the left side. Follow the hall to the first 
corner on the right, then bring up your scope. Shoot the guard up ahead on the 
balcony, he's somewhat far away. Move in further and shoot the terrorists you come 
across in the next area. When you have cleared the area out, go to the door on the 
left. Open the door, but don't rush in because there is a heavily armed terrorist 
that might shoot you. So, bring up your scope, peek into the room, and bring down 
the terrorist on the other side of the room. If the room gets smoky, turn on your 
thermal vision and take him down if you didn't already. With his death, you have won 
the mission.

>>More on the way someday... when I remember to stop acting lazy. :)

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