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                         Mission 4 [Streets of Milan]
                         Walkthrough by Covenant Killa

Streets of Milan

Description: You are taken to the city streets of Milan, Italy. Colonel Magomedov 
has friends who carefully planned out their rescue, and they sealed off the convoy 
with vehichles while they extracted friends. The police were outmatched by 
terrorists, but called in for reinforcements just in time to seal the terrorists in 
the center city. Unlucky for you, the terorists took hostages with them, and put 
some explosives in barricades. The streets of Milan are urban and hold many good 
hiding places like rooftops and balconies where snipers could take your flesh out. 
So watch the ground forces as well as the sky forces.

Eliminate terrorists
Free hostages

Walkthrough: When you start out, approach the right side corner and bring your scope 
up. High above the streets is a sniper standing in front of a glowing sign. Walk 
down the road with your little 3 man crew and take out the terrorists up ahead. 
Don't go too far around the corner near the white van, because a sniper is awaiting 
your arrival from a balcony. Peek around the corner and take him out.

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