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Hi! I made a short FAQ about raising money in Animal Crossing. There are quite a few 
ways, and I will name all that I know of. 

1)Sell anything you can find in your house, or antwhere. But remember, things will 
sell for less than you bought them for. So if you bought something for 4,000 bells, 
don't walk in the store thinking you will get 4,000 bells! 

2)When you are walking in the neighborhood, when you walk past a tree, go back and 
shake it. Sometimes money bags will fall out of the tree, but it will only have 100 
bells in it.

3)Another way is hitting rocks. When you walk past a rock, get out your shovel and 
hit the rock with it. Sometimes, a money bag will come out, and if it does, keep 
hotting the rock with your shovel until money stops coming out. These bags can have 
100 or 1,000 bells in it. 

4)Sometimes when you do jobs for people, they will give you money, but not usually a 

5)Cheating. Go to Tom Nook and say "Other things" then say "Say code". After that, 
say the Jingle Dresser code. the code is:

11AcKGI9JE#[email protected]

Repeat 2 more times. After that, sell all of them, and you will make 36,720 bells!

6)Another cheat! Go to Tom Nook, say other things, say say code, and say this code:


After you do the code, you will get 30,000 bells, and if you do it 2 more times, you 
will have 90,000 bells!

I hope you like it. It isn't much, but if you need money, it's kinda worth it!

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