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3.Small Shadow
3.Large Shadow
4.Meduim Shadow
5.Large Shadow Bat
6.Goblin Boarmen
7.Goblin bowman
8.Iron Knuckle
9.Stone Hand
10.Zant hologram
11.Zant head
12.Chu jellies
13.Laser Head
16.Giant Clam
17.Ice Chunk
18.Ice wolf
19.Land spider
20.Water spider
22.Bomb Spider
23.Undead Dog
27.Undead footsoldier
Okay let's get started!Note to all:If I miss something email it to me at 
[email protected]

Wiki:Back from OoC and Ww,these are preety easy to beat.Normally found in many 
places.Use all the sword moves that you know.
Hook Bats:Found in caves and sometimes in woods.Use your slingshot or sword to 
dispatch them easily.
Small Shadow:Found only in Twilight.One attack should be able to kill it.
Large Shadow:Found only in Twilight,one time near upper zora's river and near 
bridge.Wolf:Get all the Shadow's close to use and hold down B.A large red 
circle will appear around you and the Shado's inside it will be 
targeted.Release B to attack very quickly.This works on all monsters.
Human:Get all the Shadows close to you and use your spin attack to kill them 
Meduim Shadow:Only found in Wolf form near Kakariko Gorge.Use all the attacks 
on them that you know.Must attack 2 times.(2 times means they get up 2 times.)
Large Shadow Bat:Found in nearly a lot of Twilight,this monster gets up two 
times so you must attack it 2 times.
Goblin Boarmen:Found in Lardunyu Providence,these are my favorite.You must 
attack them on your horse.Either use your bow and shoot them or use your sword 
and kill them.SOmetimes they"ll get up two times so turn around and make sure 
they are dead.
Goblin Bowman:Found near Hyrule castle and other places.You can block off the 
arrows with your shield and attack them head to head.Or use your arrows.Either 
Iron Knuckle:Another one of my favorates.FOund 1 time at the Temple of time and 
another in Hyrule Castle.If there is one:When the Iron Knuckle attacks, dodge 
or it'll take a few hearts away.When however it does attack,you can dodge and 
use the special attack that the ghostly knight taught you.Keep doing this 
repeatly until all his armour is off.Then comes the hard part.When you see the 
Iron Knuckle about to attack,which means he is rasing his sword,dodge quickly 
and attack.Keep doing this and he will die.
When there is two:When one attacks,attack him,then switch to the other one and 
attack him the same way shown up the there^.When unarmoured quickly kill him 
first and then the other one.DOn't worry,the other one won't bother you!
Stone Hand:Found only in Twilight Palace,the Stone hand protects the Orb of 
light.make sure he does not get the orb.Attach him 3 times while he his on the 
ground with your sword.This will leave him stunned for about 10 seconds.
Zant Hologram:Found only in Twilight Palace,holograms make balls that summon 
creatures.Attack when he is about to summon more and watch him while he is 
teleporting.He will appear 2 times in Twilight Palace.
Zant Head:Found only in Twilight Palace,arrow or sword,both will work on 
them.Use either two times.
Chu jellies:Found almost eveywhere,each Chu jelly can do something to improve 
you.Put the contents in a bottle when you kill it.
Laser Head:Foundin aribiters grounds and goron mines,aim for the place where 
the lasers come from,the eye.
Armourdillo:Found in Hyrule field and water temple,use clawshot on it to take 
of the armour,if you don not have it doge it and attack in the back.
Jellyfish:Found only in water temple,use clawshot to kill it and watch out for 
Giant clam:Found only in water temple,use your clawshot while it's mouth is 
Ice Chunk:Found in the Yeti's mansion,make suer you attack them before they 
attack you.If they do get you you will be frozen and will take one heart away.
Ice Wolf:found in Yeti's mansion,attack normally,use Frail if you do have it 
and swing it around and the wolfs will still get you.(Those stupid,tiny brains 
of them wolves!
Land spider:Found in many places,attack normally.
Water spider:Found in water regions,attack with bow and arrow or clawshot.
Goron:Found on Death Moutain,when they come near you,make sure you have your 
iron boots on and get like the goats at the ranch.
Bomb spider:Found in some places,attack one time to make it into a bomb,pick up 
and throw it before it explodes.
Undead dog:Found only at night in Hyrule field,attack normally.
Pterolydactal:Found at Hyrule Field,attack with bow and arrow or with sword if 
Gargoyle:Found at Air Palace and Hyrule Castle,use your clawshot to bring them 
down and attack them.Do not use arrows because he will block them off easily 
with his shield.
Piranna:Found only at water temple,you can't really attack them and i would not 
Undead footsoldier:Found at Abiter's ground,attack them with any move.
Raven:Found at night,kill them all with arrows or clawshot.Kill all of them for 
a rupee prize!
Questions?Comments?Mistakes I made? email me at [email protected] you 
for checking this out!

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