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dungeon dice monsters  

1a.version history

2.learning your crests

3.monsters and their effects number


1a.version history
version 1......started 3/5/03

2.getting to know your crests\

movement crest, an arrow, allows a monster 1 space of movement
attack crest, 2 criss-crossing swords,allows a monster an attack and is used for 
attack effects

defence crests, a sheild, allows a monster to defend and is used for denfending 

magic crest, a star of david, activates most effects

trap crest, a circle with dividing lines, activates reaction and trap effects

summoning crests,stars with 1-4 in the middle

 3.monsters and their effects\ number eyes white dragon 40atk 30def 50hp [dragon]{fly} lv.4

2.mystical elf 10atk 20def 20hp [spellcaster] lv.1
restores one heart to all of your monsters

3.hitotsu-me giant 20atk 10def 10hp [beast] lv.2 dragon 10atk 10def 10hp [dragon] {fly} lv.1

5.ryu kishin 10atk 10def 10hp [spellcaster] lv.2

4. contribution
sadly I have no one who has contributed to this faq exept for me e-mail me at 
dueling [email protected] to tell me something 

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