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Ok so I don't know the actual terms of the monsters... but I'll try!

Imps- This is not a very difficult enemy to kill. Just unload about 15 machine gun 
bullets, a shotgun shell or two, or about 1 second of chainsaw action on hom and 
he'll shrivel and burn up. 
Description: About 7 feet tall, 10 eyes, pale blue-gray skin. Usually walks short 
distances but will attack on all fours if nessecary. Shoots fireballs that cause 
about 2 damage, but it's got bad aim.

Hellknight- He's a strong fella and a bit of a threat. You should probably use the 
machine gun on him. But you dont have to fight him until you reach the portal to 
Description: About 9 feet tall, extremely muscular, and he's the guy on the cover 
of the box. Nice smile, huh? Slow moving but overwhelmingly huge. Shoots strong 
fireballs but has TERRIBLE aim.

Skeleton Dudes (Derrogatory term)- He's the hardest enemy I've encountered so far. 
You'll know him when you see him. Dont attempt to kill him with a chainsaw or a 
shotgun, he'll scratch about 25 points off your health.
Description: Looks to be a human skeleton... but mounted with rockets. Yay :). You 
can shoot the rockets before they get to you though.

Zombies- A pathetic attempt at an enemy. Just use 6 pistol bullets on him... or hit 
him with your flashlight a few times. 
Description: Just a dead guy that walks. Some even are headless. The fat ones make 
a nice mess when you chainsaw them.

Military zombies- You may remember these guys from previous Doom games. They are 
much faster than Zombies but are pretty stupid. Just shoot them with whatever.
Description: Zombies with armor and weapons.

Bee/Babies (Derrogatory term)- These guys are killer and scary. They attack in 
deadly groups but alone, they are harmless. They only take two pitol bullets in the 
head to die.
Description: Half bee, half baby. They even cry like babies. The little tykes will 
even bite you if they get close enough.

Spiders- I HATE these things. They attack in groups and are even dangerous alone. 
Your best bet would be to hold out your chainsaw and close your eyes. But if you 
dont have a chain saw, they are kind of fun to punch.
Description: Little spiders with upside-down human faces. They lunge at you and 
give you a bite that knocks off about 5 to 10 hp.

Evil-crawly-speedy-thingies (Derrogatory term)- You only fight these a few times, 
but they still are mean. Use a shotgun when they jump at you, other than that, 
stick with a machine gun.
Description: About 3 feet in length and with bat-wing like arms, these guys are 
speedy and strong. They attack as soon as they see you and they don't seem to care 
about self-preservation.

FleshMechs (Derrogatory Term)- Not as threatening as they seem. They have about the 
same health as an Imp but are much fatter. A shotgun does nicely on them.
Description: They remind me of Baby Aliens (Ya know from the movie serieis with 
Sigourney Weaver?) But they are huge and have a robotic set of back legs.

Flying faces (Derrogatory term)- Fast but weak, takes two pistol rounds.
Description: Just as the name implies, they are flying faces.

Wraiths (I don't know if it's the real name)- One of the most threatening demons in 
the game. They look like you could pop them with a needle, but they are much more 
difficult than that. You need about two shotgun shells to kill them.
Description: They are the ugliest ballons you have ever seen. They shoot yellow 
means from their mouths and those HURT.

Tentacle Soldiers (Derrogatory term)- Mid-speed, strong, long distant attacks. 
Eep... Not a fun guy to run into, you need a machine gun or chain gun to take him 
Description: Ugly! About 8 feet tall, buff, wears pants... Has a tentacle for a 
right arm. You'll know it when you see it. That tentacle can go farther than you'd 
expect too. He caught me clear across the room.

Sumo Demon! (Deroggatory term)- Slow but with laser guns for arms. Most effective 
weapon is the chain gun.
Description: He's so fat, he doesn't need clothes to cover his... undead goodies. 
He's got a squid-like face and he's got laserguns for arms... that he likes to beat 
you with.

Spider-Centaur thing (Derrogatory term): There's only one that I can see. She's 
phsycic too. I used a chain gun and she died pretty fast.
Description: A woman with spiderlegs for a lower body. Kind of a zombie-alien body. 
But on her... tail... there is a glass ball. Why? Who knows? But she jumps at you 
and uses telekenesis to throw rocks at you. She's a meanie.

All the monsters you find in Hell that fit these descriptions but are all gored, 
are the same thing but stronger.

NOTE: I have not completed the game yet... Shut Up! I just haven't gotten around to 
it yet. I will add stuff once I'm done.

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