Monsters - Guide for Duke Nukem 64

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There are alot of different monsters so i'll tell yah how to beat them.

Monster: first enemy you see, a few pistol shot shoulds do the trick.

Monster soldier: These monsters can fly with a jetpack!

Monster Generals: These monsters can teleport closer to you.

Lard pigs: these have shotguns, so use shotguns back!

Gun turrents: these have the same weapons as monsters, shoot them to kill them.

octobrains: Big octopuses, shoot every thing you got to kill.

acid crawlers: these things will eat just about any monster that walks on the 
ground, they can also crawl on the roof so watch out and shoot once with a pistol to 

alien: these things can shoot shrink rays at you so they can squish you, along with 
deadly scratching, shoot you big guns at it to kill them.

drones: these robotic creatures will fly at you, then self destruct to damage you.

jump shooters: these have chainsaw guns and can spit acid, kill just like lard pigs.

battle lords: these have large chainsaw guns with a grenade launcher, if they back 
you into a corner your toast, shoot with big guns to kill.

over lords: thses shoot rockets from their guns, kill like battle lords.


Battle lord: kill just like a regular battle lord, only problem, 5 times bigger.

Over Lord: same like battle lord, exept you must kill 70 acid crawlers first.

Death lord: the big dude, he first attacks with missles, and octo blasts, shoot with 
every thing you got at him, then he'll change his missles with plasma blasts killing 
you in one shot, really hard to kill, so try as much as possible.

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