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                                           War of the Monsters
VS.Togera then Robo-47
VS.Metal Congar and Preytor
VS.Two Raptros
VS.Boss 2
VS.Two Robo-47
VS.Magmo and Agamo
VS.Two Ultra-Vs
VS.Three Zorgulon
VS.Boss 3
                                                  VS. Congar
                                          This level is easy just look for ever 
special you 
                                           can then use them on Congar
                                                    VS. Togera Then Robo-47
                                         First you have to fight Togera which is like
                                         Congar but when you beat him you have to 
                                         face Robo-47 and he comes with a bunch
                                          tanks and Helicopters watch out.
                                                   VS.Boss 1
                                          This is your first boss fight against a 
giant robot
                                          first throw his bombs at him until he 
falls off the 
                                          building ten attack him.
                                           VS.Metal Congar and Preytor
                                   This is a hard level but it wonÂ’t be if you just 
keep your eyes on 
                                    Metal Congar then beat up Preytor.
                                           VS. Two Raptros
                                  This is kinda hard just keep in the water and 
                                          VS.Boss 2
                                    This is the second boss fight you can only hurt 
him by 
                                throwing items in his mouth.
                                                VS.Magmo and Agamo
                                   This is hard cause sometimes Agamo and Magmo will 
double team
                                you and there are space ship I would throw items at 
                                                   VS.two Ultra-Vs 
                                  This level is easy if you if you can get the Ultra-
Vs on the ground  
                                  and hit the giant space ship and a wave will hit 
                                           VS.three Zorgulon
                             This level is easy the way to win is toget them when 
they are alone.
                                           VS.Boss 3
                  This is the last boss fight first hide behind the pillars when he 
shoots the laser
                   then when he puts the shield down attack him.Next he will change 
and just

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