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Hi i'm HAC!
This is for people who read my FAQ for beginners and are wondering:
"what's next?"

                          1. More on transformations
                          2. Racing and Karate basics
                          3. Cool actions for your chao 


                          1. More on Transformations

   If you read my first FAQ, you might need to know more on transformations.  "I 
still don't like how my chao looks!!!"
Whatever.  Personally, I don't care about mine.  But if you do, I'll tell you about 
some chao I know about, + how 2 get them.

NOTE:  You get the hero garden when you get a hero and a dark garden when you get a 
dark chao.  Each comes with 1 egg.

1. cute green chao
This chao is cute with a huge grin or a tiny smile with happy eyes.  First of all, 
let the hero and dark sides take turns giving the chao yellow chaos drives and 
swimming animals (like seal + otter).  Do this until chao transforms.  It is now 
green + yellow W/ red marks on its face.  But your still not done!!!  OK keep giving 
it swimmy stuff till it has long ears and the yellow turns blue.  NOW your done.

2. NiGHTS chao
u might know about that SEGA character named nights.  Well u can make a chao like 
her!  Note: This works with hero dark and normal chao, but the dark ones look 
AWESOME!!!  OK this is simple just give it fly stuff till it transforms.

3. Sonic/Shadow chao 
this is cool!  OK you basicly do the same thing, just with sonic make it hero(it 
might also work with normal, i'm not sure) and with shadow make it dark.  Give it 
run stuff till it transforms.  When they transforms sonic is green instead of blue 
and shadow's stripes are green instead of red.  Give it more run stuff to make it 
normal color.

OK is that enough cuz i wanna move on!


                         2. Racing and Karate basics

Now that your chao are stronger you can have a chance to win those races and 
karates.  races are more complex so lets start with that.

OK so go under the waterfall and chose chao race and chose a strong chao.  But first 
see what point your chao is strongest in.  No go to a course and the bottom of the 
screen says what you compete in.  Chose the one with your chao's strongest point.  

NOTE: Pay attention to chao's stamina (stamina not used in climbing, swimming and 
flying).  Press "A" to make your chao go faster for a sec but be careful cuz this 
uses a bunch o' stamina.  Chao goes real slow w/out stamina.

If you complete all the levels of a course, you get a prize.  If you complete every 
level of every course, you get new races:

-Jewel race:
I think you get jewels 4 winning. Longer version of beginner race w/ cooler chao.

-Challenge race:
Races w/ unique chao. I think you get a TV if u win all of them.

-Hero race:
Dark chao aren't allowed. Get a ball 4 winning 1 of the levels.

-Dark race:
Opposite of hero race. U get a ball here, 2.


Chose a powerful chao!  First u should do beginner 2 test your skills.

Has really boring chao who can't walk.

Has lots of dark chao wearing hats.

If you got through Standard easily, it shouldn't be all that hard.  The only thing 
to worry about is Wacky at the end.

Pretty tough! u can only do this when u beat Expert.

                          3. Cool Actions 4 your chao      

   Your chao does more than walk and talk.  By giving chao animals, they will do a 
new acion.  Here are some of those.

Dragon        =      Breathes fire
Skunk         =      Farts
Otter         =      backflips when swims
Seal          =      rolls
Gorilla       =      pounds chest                
Penguin       =      Slides around
Boar          =      dashes
Skeleton dog  =      able to use headgear

Also your chao can use actions in gardens from abilities.  Chao need to be at least 
where the bigger number says 100 (usually on level 5 or 6).

Put a chao that can fly in a high place.  It might fly off!  Try being Tails and fly 
with it.  Don't touch it or it might get hurt!

Put chao in water.  The higher the level the faster it swims.

Walk (run):
When on 100 it can walk.  It has to be really high to run!

In a garden looks like slo-mo.  Fast in races.

Doesn't really do anything in the garden.

Did you like it?  When I learn more (and feel like it) i'll make an expert one!!! 


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