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Step One: Gather the Materials: 

If you buy one of those "best light saber resources to spawn on server" packs.
This will usually include the 5 resource types you need AND a lightsaber crafting
tool (unless you got duped, make sure the pack has 5-6 items in it, BUT BEWARE, as
you cannot see the pack contents beforehand, you might get sold a pack of junk
loot or some-such, if so, tell as many people as you can and that shop will get
boycotted! ) (NOTE: don't give in to exploitation, 1 million credits for 500 of
one resource is NOT an acceptable price, take your business elsewhere! )

For the best resources, you need a high conductivity and high overall quality.
Maximum Damage depends on 33% conductivity and 66% overall quality (this means
that if you want a really good maximum damage, and have two resources types, where
one has max conductivity, and one has max overall quality, the one with the max
overall quality should be used for better maximum damage). The Minimum Damage
depends on 66% conductivity and 33% overall quality. (this is not bad, this will
mean that instead of having a capped max damage, you will have a minimum damage
very close to the highest possible max damage, but the max damage using these
resources will only be about 10 points above the min. In other words, if you want
a Lightsaber that ALWAYS hits for a decent amount of damage, aim for the best
minimum damage, Where if you want a Lightsaber that can do crazy amounts of damage
every few hits, aim for the best maximum damage. )

Step Two: Get the Right Tools for the Job: 
To make a Lightsaber You will need a "Lightsaber Crafting Kit", which is buy-able,
or make-able with a "Generic Crafting Kit". You should probably plan on buying a
kit (for about 20k-40k credits depending on server and market), just know that you
want one with a rating of +14. 00 or more (max is 15. 00) 

Step Three: Create it! 
If you are close enough to the crafting station you should have the option to
experiment. Experiment until you are out of experimentation points. This will
increase the Min/Max damage on your Lightsaber Hilt. Click Next. Now select a hilt
appearance from the top right corner of the crafting window and THEN name it.
(Select its appearance first because when you do the lightsaber is automatically
named "Lightsaber Style 3" or some such, erasing your custom name. )

Step Four: Deciding on the Color of your Lightsaber Blade 
To get a color crystal, you could try and loot it from high end Mob’s like force
sensitive NPCs on Dantooine and such. Color crystals should NOT be more then 75k,
don't give in to exploitation. 

Step Five: Adding Damage to your Lightsaber 
Power Crystals and Krayt Pearls are the key here. To increase the power behind a
Lightsaber, you need to Find, Tune and insert Power Crystals OR Krayt Dragon
Pearls into your lightsaber. Each Crystal or Pearl has a rating, which are Poor,
Fair, Good, Great, Quality, **Premium**. The better the rating, the more damage
will be done! Lightsaber power Crystals, drop from high end MOB’s like: Force
Sensitive NPCs on Dantooine, Canyon Corsairs on Lok, and such and such. Krayt
Dragon pearls, Which in my experience usually tune better then crystals and drop
much more frequently off of Krayt Dragon: Ancients, Juveniles, and Giant Canyon
Krayts, found at the Krayt Graveyard POI on Tatooine. You will need a pretty good
group including a medic or two to take down these CL79-90 monsters, but the drop
rate is much better, and kind of fun. Just keep searching for these crystals and
Pearls, and keep swapping them in and out of your Lightsaber whenever you find a
better one to put in (1st gens, can have 1, 2nd gens can have two, 3rd gens can
have three and 4th Gens can contain FOUR power crystals/pearls). 

Step Six: Advanced Crafting Techniques 
To make a truly great Lightsaber you will require a few things. 
Perfect Resources (or as close to perfect as you can get) for a 4th Gen Lightsaber

Good quality Pearls/Crystals

A private "Weapon, Droid, and general Item" crafting station with a rating of
above 44. 00 (out of 45. 00)

A Lightsaber Crafting tool with a Rating of above 14. 90

Some Good Pyollion Cake (food) gives crafting bonus

Some Good Bespin Port (drink) gives crafting bonus

A Lightsaber Crafting suit (a suit of socketed clothes with +’s to lightsaber
Experimentation and Lightsaber Assembly" (hella expensive, can usually borrow from
guild, or a guild friendly to your guild, as they were worth over 100million pre-nge

A friendly entertainer to give you a crafting buff

A city designated as a Research Center. It adds a bonus to your success rate while

look for the highest "Overall Quality".

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